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Nellie King is your normal 18 soon to be 19 normal young adult. Besides her mysterious scare that behind her left calf that only Louis knows about. Also her cousin Louis happens to be Louis Tomlinson one of the members of One Direction. She and louis have always been so close they have been together since birth and nothing nor no one can tear their bond apart. One summer when Nellie was with Louis and meeting his new friends she and Zayn share a kiss. They never spoke about the kiss, but they have kept in contact through the years. What will happen when they see each other again. Will Louis allow for this relashinship to continue? Or will someonee else fall for Nellie?


2. Please accept

**NELLIES POV** He said it. i didnt say anything instead i smashed my lips on to his and we shared a long passionate kiss. it was one of the best kisses we ever shared. " I'm gonna take that as a yes?" Zayn said while gigling a little. I decided that i will have a litte fun with him. "I dont know your gonna have to catch me to find out" with that i started to run. i was running and laughing trying not fall, i herd footsteps behind me and an adorable britsh accent saying my name. I hid behind a pole, but i felt hands grab around my waste and pick me uo and spin me around. I was laughing so hard because i knew it was Zayn. " Ill let you go once you give me what i want" Zayn said jokingly. " okay! okay! okay! yes! of course i will be your girlfriend!" i said as Zayn put me down i gave him a quick peck on the lips. We walked back to the rest of the boys with our hand intertwined." Hey there are the two love birds" Harry said being his plain old Harry. " Whats going on here?" Louis said trying to sound all tuff and protective. "This beautiful girl right here is my girlfriend" Zayn said with that cheeky smile of his, he is so cute his smile just blows me away. " what?!" Louis seemed shocked and mad which kinda hurt becasue he is dating my best friend so i dont see what the problem is. " Louis whats the problem? Its Zayn. dont you trust me?" i said leting go of Zayn's hand and walking closer to Louis. " I trust you and Zayn but i dont want to see you get hurt again like what Bryan did. I will never forget that Nel he hurt you. mentaly and physically." i see where Louis is coming from. Bryan was my ex boyfriend who caused the scar on the back of my left calf. I really love how protective Louis is of me but sometimes i want a little freedom from him. " Nellie whose Bryan?" Zayn asked me looking worried and a little jealous. " Hes's just some guy who wasnt the best boyfriend, but if you dont mind i really am not ready to talk about him yet. The memories still hurt. I'm sorry." i said seeing flahsbacks in my head. "Babe, dont be sorry this Bryan guy was obvisouly a real jerk, but Nellie i would never hurt you in any which way. I care for you so much you have know idea. and Louis i hope you know that i would nevrer hurt Nellie" Zayn said and i could tell he meant every word he said. " I know you wont mate. But i swear if you hurt her you are gonna have to deal with me." Louis said being serious. " Whoah Louis I never seen you so serious! its scary!" Niall said laughing. Niall can always break the tension in a room with a goof laugh. " well how about we grab all of the bags put them in my car and then head of to i dont know Nandos?!" i said knowing Niall will agree with me. "YESS! OKAY BOYS LETS GET THE BAGS AND HEAD FOR NANDOS!" niall said grabing 5 bags and running toward the doors. Boy did he want Nandos. I tried grabing a bag but Zayn wouldnt let me. I had my purse in one hand and my other hand in Zayn's hand. when we walked out if the airport the paps were taking pictures and asking so many questions. " Zayn?! is this your new girlfriend?! or is she a one night stand?!" Me and the rest of the boys just kept walking with our heads down until we reached my car. The boys put their bags in the truk then piled into car. i sat in the drivers seat and Zayn sat in the passengers seat. " I texted Eleaour and she said that she will be meeting us at the beach house tomorrow, but there is just one thing we have to do." i said hoping the boys wont mind what im gonna say. " what is it?" Liam asked." well a while back when me and El were at a photo shoot the people said that they are going to be needing models for the new swimwear. me and El said we would do it, but they didnt have a location so i offered the beach wear the beach house is on since there is a private beack nerby that they can rent. They called me up and said that they will be doing the shoot tomorrow. so me and El have to work tomorrow." i said feeling bad that i have to work. " aweee" the boys said in unison. " wait! you didnt let me finish! they also know that Louis here is my cousin and asked if you guys could model off their guy swimwear. and i said sure?!" i said with a smile hoping they wouldnt be to mad. Harry spoke up " so your telling me that we guys get to model with your hot model friends in bikinies tomorrow?!" " if you put it that way then.. yes?" i said awkwardly. " so...." i said carrying out the o/ "yes!" they all said in unison.


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