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Nellie King is your normal 18 soon to be 19 normal young adult. Besides her mysterious scare that behind her left calf that only Louis knows about. Also her cousin Louis happens to be Louis Tomlinson one of the members of One Direction. She and louis have always been so close they have been together since birth and nothing nor no one can tear their bond apart. One summer when Nellie was with Louis and meeting his new friends she and Zayn share a kiss. They never spoke about the kiss, but they have kept in contact through the years. What will happen when they see each other again. Will Louis allow for this relashinship to continue? Or will someonee else fall for Nellie?


10. Photo Shoot

****AUTHORS NOTE*** Hey lovelies! So how are you guys liking the story so far? chapter 11 is gonna get itense and this whole story is gonna have twist to it. Something you wont expect is gonna happen you will be actually really shocked!  okay back to the story!

***NELLIES POV*** I woke up cuddled next to Zayn, my face buried in his chest. "
morning babe" Zayn said his morning voice was so sexy. " had a goodnight sleep?"
Zayn asked me putting a strand of my hair behind my ear. " I had an even better
sleep because you slept right next to me." I said. Wow cheesy Nellie. We lied
there for a couple of minutes when Louis started to call me. " Nellie! Lottie is
on the phone she wants to talk to you!" Louis said  shouting. I got up and I
went into the kitchen where everyone was awake. I was still in my sweatpants and
tank top and the boys started to laugh because my tank top was low and part of
my bra was showing. They were all giggling except for Louis " oh grow up" I said
rolling my eyes. I took the phone out of Louis hand and herd Lottie starting to
**phone call**
" Nellie!"
" Lottie!"
" I miss you!"
" haha I miss you too!"
" can I please some to the beach house?! Pleaseeee! You said I come this year!"
" mmhmm idk you gonna have to talk to your mum about it. But how about I come
visit you before the summer is over and we will spend the entire day shopping
and everything?!"
" yes! Oh my gosh! I have to tell you the latest update!"
" okay talk!"
" ok! So remember that guy Jake I told you about? Well on the last day of school
he asked me out and I said yes and now we are dating!"
" oh my gosh lot! That's crazy! Does Louis know?"
" want me to talk to him?"
" would you?!"
" of course! Oh and while we are on the subject of boyfriends..."
" oh my god! Who is it?!"
Just as I was about to say Zayn, Zayn comes and wraps his arms around my waist
and kisses my neck. I giggle.
" ew Nellie please not on the phone."
" hahah sorry I can't help it.. Zayn stop!" I protested to Zayn
" oh my gosh! It's Zayn! I knew it!!!"
" how?"
" in twitter there's picture of you two but you can barely see your face."
" oh.. Well lot I got to go I will talk to you later and you will tell me more
about jake!"
" okay! And don't forget to talk to lou"
" I promise ill talk to him right now"
" thank you! Love you!"
" love you to!"
**end of phone call"
" who was that?" Zayn asked curiously " it was Lottie I have to go talk to Louis
for her be right back" I said starting to leave the kitchen when Zayn grabs my
hand and spins me so my body is inches apart. " I never got my good morning
kiss" Zayn said giving me a pouty face. " well let me fix that" I said closing
the gab between us. " better?" I asked gazing up into his brown sparkling eyes.
" much" Zayn said giving me a peck in the lips, with that I went to go talk to
Louis.  "Knock knock" I said giggling as I walked into Louis room.
" oh hey nel!" Louis said making room in his bed " come sit" " don't mind if I
do" I said taking a seat on his bed. " what did Lottie want to talk to you
about?" Louis asked me.  " nothing really she wants to come to the beach house
but I told her that she has to talk to your mom first.. And she wanted me to
talk to you about something" I said " sure what is it?" Louis asked " Lottie has
a boyfriend ...jake" I said hoping his reaction would not be as bad as it was
between me and Zayn. Before Louis could respond Liam came int the door saying "
Eleanor and dani are here and so are all of the models and camera crew.. You
better get down before Harry has a little too much fun" " okay!" I said getting
up from the bed and following Liam " we will finish our conversation later"
Louis said a little annoyed. We walked down stairs and saw everyone talking and
laughing. " Nellie! Louis!" Eleanor screamed running into Louis arms. I said hi
to her but slowly walked away so they could catch up and have some alone time. I
went to find my boss and find out all the details. " hey bobby so what's the
plan for today?" I asked him " hello Nellie s we have everyone's swimsuits here
and were thinking that we would do some individual shots, groups shots, couple
shots, and action shots. We are going to partner everyone up so you and Zayn,
Eleanor and Louis, Danielle and Liam, Sabrina and Harry, and Amanda and Niall.
Sounds good?" Bobby asked me. " yea sounds good and I didn't know dani was
coming?" I said surprised and happy. " oh yea well we figured if we are gonna
have the girlfriends why not have them all so we called her up and she said
yes." Bobby explained, he stood up on a chair and put a blow horn to his mouth
and spoke " okay hello everyone so we pared everyone yo Dan your partners have
the same kind of bath suit color theme to go with everything so the partners are
Nellie and Zayn, Eleanor and Louis, Danielle and Liam, Sabrina and Harry, and
Amanda and Niall. So everyone lets head out!" Bobby got off the chair and had
everyone follow him down to the beach including hair, makeup, dress, camera
crew, and everyone else.  Me and Zayn walk hand and hand down to the beach, I
was giving him a heads up and how everything works. He basically knew because of
the photo shoots he does, I have to admit I kind forgot he was famous because he
really doesn't act like it and that's how I like it. When we get to the beach
everything is already set up so all we have to do is change into the swimsuits.
There is like a pop up dressing room for the girls and another one for the guys.
The girls go and start to change into our bikinis when we walk out the guys are
all ready dressed and start to drool over us. Zayn was just starring at me like
you wouldn't believe Louis was doing the same to Eleanor and Liam the same for
dani. And Harry and Niall well lets say they'd erect really looking more like
making out. Boys. " you like?" I say walking over to Zayn, " you look fit" Zayn
said smiling a me ( fit means hoy in British terms). " okay enough staring lets
get this going Nellie your up first!" Bobby said showing me where to go. Zayn
and Louis choose to come and watch me while Eleanor got her hair and makeup
done. " okay Nellie you know what to do" bobby said giving me the signal to
start. I started to do my usual poses then decide to give them some new kind of
stuff.  I really just go with the flow and do what ever comes to jme. I did a
little wink to Zayn making it look sexy. ***ZAYNS POV***  I was watching Nellie
doing her modeling and damn did she look good doing what she does. I couldn't
keep my eyes off of her , then she gives me a wink and damn did she look sexy
doing it. She was turning me on but in the same way it was awkward because her
cousin and my best friend was watching too and it was a little weird. I guess
it's just one of those things I'm gonna have to get used to. Once Nellie
finished they called me over to take my pictures. " hey you did great! And look
amazing!" I said kissing her passionately. I think one of the camera guys took a
picture if us because I herd a snap and saw a flash. " thanks babe, now you go
and look sexy like you always do." She said giving me that sexy wink of hers. As
I was waking I felt someone slap my ass, I turn around and see Nellie smirk at
me over her shoulder. Ill get her later. For now I'm just gonna tease her, and
that's exactually what I I did. Once I finished getting my self pictures it was
time for both me and Nellie to take pictures. She whispered in my ear on some
things to do so for some of the pictures we look like one of the those tumbler
couples. I kissed her on the cheek and she kissed me on the cheek, we also took
some picture on the sand and in the water. We even took a picture underwater
kissing I want to get a copy if that picture. Once all of the other coupler were
finished we started to do group pictures  those were a lot of fun to do. We all were running around and chasing each other. Me, Zayn, Niall,and Harry were having a water fight. we made a lot og memories that day. Until he had to ruin it.....


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