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Nellie King is your normal 18 soon to be 19 normal young adult. Besides her mysterious scare that behind her left calf that only Louis knows about. Also her cousin Louis happens to be Louis Tomlinson one of the members of One Direction. She and louis have always been so close they have been together since birth and nothing nor no one can tear their bond apart. One summer when Nellie was with Louis and meeting his new friends she and Zayn share a kiss. They never spoke about the kiss, but they have kept in contact through the years. What will happen when they see each other again. Will Louis allow for this relashinship to continue? Or will someonee else fall for Nellie?


4. Like Old Times

Once the boys were finished paying we were getting out if the booth when these 5
girls they looked about 16, came up to the boys screaming. " Oh My God it's one
direction!" The girls said screaming. They all were really pretty and each of
them had a shirt on with their favorite boy on the shirt. The boys tools picture
with the girls and gave them autographs. But then the girl with Zayn in her
shirt came up to me and him she said something very disturbing " ew Zayn this is
your new girlfriend?" " why yes isn't she beautiful" he said giving me a peck on
the lips. " okay sure but Zayn tonight when u break her heart call me ill be
waiting" the girl said giving Zayn a wink and her number. She then walked away
screaming with her friends. Zayn took the number the girl gave her and ripped it
up, then intertwined out fingers and we started walking back to the car. I just
smiled at Zayn like an idiot because he just proved that he is an amazing
boyfriend not because he's famous but because he's just him. " what are you
starting at?" Zayn said with a smile " nothing. It's just you ripped that
beautiful girls phone number but she's beautiful and I'm -" I got cut off by
Zayn kissing me in the lips passionately. " Nellie your beautiful none of those
other girls are as a beautiful as you nobody compares to you." Zayn said
flashing is gorgeous smile. We all piled in the car and I got in the drivers
seat. I put the radio On and Taylor swift starlight came on. I love Taylor swift
so much, she's one of my idols. I start to sing along: " It was the best night,
never would forget how we moved
The whole place was dressed to the nines, and we were dancing, dancing
Like we're made of starlight
Like we're made of starlight
I met Bobby on the boardwalk, summer of '45
Picks me up, play one night at the window
He was 17 and crazy, running wild, wild
Can't remember what song it was playing when we walked in
The night we snuck into a yacht club party
Pretending to be a duchess and a prince
I said oh my, what a marvellous tune
It was the best night, never would forget how we moved
The whole place was dressed to the nines, and we were dancing dancing
Like we're made of starlight, starlight
Like we're made of starlight, starlight
He said look at you worrying so much about things you can't change
You'll spend your whole life singing the blues if you keep thinking that way
He was trying to skip rocks on the ocean saying to me
Don't you see the starlight, starlight?
Don't you dream impossible things?
Oh my, what a marvellous tune
It was the best night, never would forget how we moved
The whole place was dressed to the nines, and we were dancing, dancing
Like we're made of starlight, starlight
Like we're made of starlight, starlight
Ooh ooh he's talking crazy
Ooh ooh dancing with me
Ooh ooh we could get married
Have ten kids and teach them how to dream" once the song finished I realized all
of the boys except for Lou were staring at me. " sorry I just love that song I
couldn't resist" I said feeling my face turn red. I always loved to sing me and
Lou every Christmas Eve/ his birthday would perform a song. We haven't done that
in such a long time maybe we will do it this year. " no! Don't apologize your
amazing! Why haven't you ever told us that your could sing?! Louis did you know
that she could sing?!" Liam said shocked. " yes I did I tried convincing her to
audition for the X factor with but she refused" Louis said giving me a stare. I
couldn't help but smile. We arrived at my house shortly after the whole I can
sing fiasco thing happend. " why are we at your flat?" Louis asked while getting
out of e car.  " I forgot my luggage so let me just get that and then we can
head out. Make your self at home" I said walking into my flat while taking off
my shoes and putting my keys down. " I'll be up stairs doing some last minute
packing please try not to break anything" I said running up the stairs. When I
got into my room I got my huge zebra print suit case out and started to throw
things in. " hey do you need any help?" Zayn asked walking in my room looking
around. " um it's alright but your welcome to stay you can sit on my bed over
there or on the chair in the corner." I said pointing to the chair and bed, he
decided to take a seat on my bed. I opened my draws and threw in 10 of my
bikinis because we're at the beach house for the entire summer. Plus the photo
shoot, but they have bikinis for us to wear and sometimes we get to keep them! I
walked into my walk in closet with Zayn following behind me. " wow. You sure do
have a lot of cloths" Zayn said while skimming his fingers threw all my cloths.
" I guess you can say that, but I get a lot from y job sometimes they let us
keep the cloths we wear which is really good." I said grabbing my shorts, tank
tops, tee-shirts, and a sweatshirt. I put all of those cloths into my suitcase
then went back into my costs to find some fancy outfits to wear. I finally
finished packing everything and I was just about to bring my stuff down when
Zayn said
" you play the guitar?!"
" yea but I'm not as good as Niall"
" I'll see about that" Zayn said grabbing my guitar and bringing it down stairs.
Oh god what is he going to do?! " mates Nellie here can bring the guitar, but
says she's not as good as Niall" Zayn said staring at me. I felt my face turn
bright red. " we'll be the judge of that" Harry says grabbing the guitar out of
Zayns hands and shoving the guitar into my hands. These boys are not going to
give up. " what song" I said walking over to the couch where the rest of the
boys were sitting. " band meeting!" Liam screamed and they all went into a
huddle, I wonder what they are going to make me sing. " okay so we just so
happen to have the lyrics and notes to our new song over again and we will like
you to play the guitar and sing it with us" Louis said handing me papers. "
what?! Know know I can't do that." I said. There's know way I'm gonna do that
what if I mess up on their song! Maybe it will be good why not. " please babe
for me" Zayn said sticking out his bottem lip. " how can I say no to that." I
said giggling. I look over the sheets of papers and pick up my guitar and start
to strum the notes. Then Liam starts to sing
"Said i’d never leave her cause her hands fit like my tshirt,Tongue tied over
three words, cursed.Running over thoughts that make my feet hurt,Bodies
intertwined with her lips"
Then Niall

"Now she’s feeling so low since she went soloHole in the middle of my heart like
a polo
And it’s no joke to meSo we can we do it all over again"

Then they all joind in to sing as well as me

"If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me
And I can lend you broken parts
That might fit like this
And I will give you all my heart
So we can start it all over again
It was so much fun to sing with all the boys specially Louis because I have
missed him so much.  " babe your amazing!" Zayn said giving me a kiss in the
cheek. " Nellie I relized how long it's been since we did this. We are doing it
for Christmas Eve again right?! Louis said getting all excited! " of course! I
said giving Louis a big hug. " well enough of all of this lets head to the
beach" and with that we all ran out the door and into the car.


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