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Nellie King is your normal 18 soon to be 19 normal young adult. Besides her mysterious scare that behind her left calf that only Louis knows about. Also her cousin Louis happens to be Louis Tomlinson one of the members of One Direction. She and louis have always been so close they have been together since birth and nothing nor no one can tear their bond apart. One summer when Nellie was with Louis and meeting his new friends she and Zayn share a kiss. They never spoke about the kiss, but they have kept in contact through the years. What will happen when they see each other again. Will Louis allow for this relashinship to continue? Or will someonee else fall for Nellie?


6. ariving

***ZAYNS POV*** It was Nellies turn to drive, but she was still sleeping so i decided to take her shift. Louis came and sat where i was sitting becasue i dont want any of the other lads to steel my girl. ***LOUIS POV*** I switched spots with Zayn and having Nellie sleep on top of my lap. I missed my little cousin so much. She and I have always had a close relashinship we are like brother and sister even though i have 4 sisters and she has an older brother and sister. I am very protective of her, when her brother left for college in America he asked me to promise him that i will always protect her when he cant. I already broke that promise, but im not going to let that ever happen again. Shes may seem that nothing hurts her but things do hurt her i have seen people and things hurt her. But the one thing i neve rhave ever seen her do is cry. Nellie doesnt want anyone to see her soft side because she then feels superior to everyone else and she feels like that people can then walk all over her. It toom forever for me, her mom, dad, brother, sister, my mom, and my sisters to help her bost her confidence. She has always been insecure about herself. Thats why when we found out she was going to be a model we were all shocked, but in the same breathe proud she got her coonfidence back. When she was 5 and I was 7 me an her always performed together, but she dropped singing at the age of 10 becasue these girls stared to make fun of her. I continued singing (obvisouly) and when i auditioned for the X factor i asked her to audition with me, but she refused. I do have some tricks up my sleve for her and i know she might get mad at me, but she will thank me later I know her. We are about 5 mintues away from the beach house I think it would be a good time to wake Nellie up and I know the perfect way on how to do so! Me and Nellie used to always have tickle fights and one time i found her tickle spot and know one has ever found it and me her mom and her brother are the only ones who know how to do it right. i start to slowly tickle her then i really start to tickle her and she lets out a little scream and a laugh. " LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON I AM GOING TO KILLL YOU STOPP!!" Nellie screamed/laughed. " NEVER ANTONELLA CLARE KING!" we always use our full names as jokes when it comes to our tickle fights. by now all of the boys were staring at us and laughing at us. " hey! dont judge our crazyness!" Nellie protested. " well while you guys were having a tickle fight we arived!" Zayn said with happeniness in his voice. ***NELLIES POV*** Wow i sleept the entire car ride, but i feel bad because i missed my shift to drive. " who took my shift to drive?" i asked fluttering my eyes. " I did, I didnt want to wake you" zayn said giving me a kiss on my forehead " thanks babe" i said giving him a proper kiss on the cheek.

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