Breathing In Snowflakes

Its been a month since Eleanor Calder has broken up with Louis Tomlinson, so why is he still upset? When Louis meets 20 year old Melanie Chambers, will he finally be able to get over Eleanor?


3. BIS: Chapter 3

The pounding of the loud music, the stench of alcohol and sweat and the sight of people grinding was visible to the eyes of Louis Tomlinson.

In all honesty, he wasn't quite in the mood, but he didn't want to ruin his band mates' fun. He sighed, before walking to the bar. He needed a shot right now. A pair of warm brown eyes, much like Eleanor's made contact with him immediately. As he approached the bar, the girl was more visible.

She was clearly not Eleanor Calder. She was even more stunning. Two toned milk chocolate hair that traveled down her back in curls, warm, chocolate eyes, her strawberry red lips in a natural pout, and her tanned skin glowed against the strobe lights of the club. Her golden sequin dress hugged her body perfectly, showing her killer curves.

"Hi," he said, showing his charming smile. 

"Hey," the girl responded, the voice of something so innocent, yet dangerous. 

"I'm Louis," he stated, as he ordered a shot. 

"I'm Melanie," the girl replied, taking a sip of her coke. 

"Your not drinking?" questioned Louis, raising an eyebrow. Melanie shook her head, her curls framing her face. 

"I don't drink much. I'm here for my best friend," she replied. 

"Its nice to meet you Melanie," stated Louis, smiling softly at her. Melanie replied with a gorgeous smile, and they continued their conversation. 


From the other other end of the room, Harry's eyes averted from a blonde he was talking to, and smiled as he saw the girl and Louis talking, and giggling lightly. 


"It's been nice talking to you Louis," Melanie said, standing up, as her friend Rebecca climbed onto the chair, giggling wildly.

"You too, Mel." replied Louis. They exchanged numbers, and walked out of the club, Rebecca hanging on Melanie's arm. 


Sorry for this very.. weird chapter. I was kinda brainstorming, and going with the flow. Thanks for reading, and fan me, I do automatic fan backs. Bye~ 

- Mikki xox

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