Breathing In Snowflakes

Its been a month since Eleanor Calder has broken up with Louis Tomlinson, so why is he still upset? When Louis meets 20 year old Melanie Chambers, will he finally be able to get over Eleanor?


2. BIS: Chapter 2

"C'mon Lou, its been a month, you have to come out of there sometime," the low voice of Louis' best friend, Harry said, knocking on his door. 

"Go away!" Louis shouted through the wooden door. Harry sighed, leaning against it. He hated seeing his best friend like this, he was the closest thing to home.

"Louis please come out, the fans, me, the boys and Simon are worried about you. Eleanor just wasn't the right one for you," Liam said, joining Harry in knocking the door.

"She was the one! Was I not good enough for her?!" Louis sobbed. Liam looked at Harry, who nodded.

"5..4..3..2," they mouthed, before kicking the door repeatedly, until it banged open. 

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Shrieked Louis.

"We're going out," Harry said simply, before grasping the older boy's arm, and dragged him out, to the club.

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