Breathing In Snowflakes

Its been a month since Eleanor Calder has broken up with Louis Tomlinson, so why is he still upset? When Louis meets 20 year old Melanie Chambers, will he finally be able to get over Eleanor?


1. BIS: Chapter 1

Louis Tomlinson placed the ring box into his jacket. He was planning to propose to his long time girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. 

"Lou? Can you meet me at the park please?" the sound of his girlfriend's voice rang out through his iPhone.

"Sure babe," he chirped. It was the perfect time for him to propose. Its snowing, so it could be more romantic.

He slipped on his shoes, and walked out of the house. He saw the familiar head of his girlfriend, and she turned around and waved at him.

"Hey," he breathed. 

"Hi," she replied.  

"Are you okay?" he asked, knowing that his girlfriend was currently looked depressed, and upset.

"Louis I think we should breakup," she stuttered, a tear rolling down her cheek.

"What? Why?!" He asked, standing up from the bench.

"I-I just don't love you anymore, Lou. I found someone else," she explained, looking down and playing with her fingers. Louis' eyes flashed red in anger. He'd given everything to Eleanor, he gave him clothes, love, and even a place to live. 

"Well here's something to remember me by," he spat, shoving the ring box and her hand and storming away. 

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