Meeting One Direction

The random story about One Direction <3 Please read, you wont reret it! :)





Before I was ready to go over to Harry’s, I looked in the mirror at myself, I looked normal. My hair long brown hair was curly, my eyes were their natural color of brown, and I was wearing a different sweater, this one was blue and it had “ DIRECTIONER FOR EVER <3 “ on it. My skinny jeans were black, and I was wearing my favorite shoes, my blue sparkly toms. “Where do you think you’re going?” my mom asked me. “Over to Bella’s house” I lied. (Bella is my best friend) “Okay, be home before late.” she said, believing my lie. * I walk over to the address Harry gave me and I ring the door bell*


I heard the door bell ring and I rushed over to answer it.  When I opened the door I saw Hailee. She was gorgeous; her perfect curly hair fell down her shoulders so perfectly. She must have noticed me staring at her because she said “Harry?”  “Oh, sorry. I was just…um…looking at you…” I replied to her. “Can I come in? It’s cold out here.” She asked me in a sweet voice. “Oh yeah! Sorry.” I said as I let her in to our house. Niall came running down the stairs holding a bag of potato chips and Hailee giggled. Her giggle was so damn cute. I loved it, I loved everything about her. “You guys have a huge house,” she thought out loud. “Haha thanks,” I murmured. “Want to go into the living room?” I asked Hailee. “Yeah, where is it? Don’t get us lost.” She pleaded. “I won’t.”  I promised her.



Once we were in the living room Harry asked me to sit down, so I did. “Hailee,” he began, “look, I have to ask you something.” He told me. “Okay, what is it?” I wondered. “I need to ask you…will…will you…be…um…my…girlfriend?” Harry asked me. “Are you kidding me? Yeah!” I was practically screaming. Niall was already down stairs in the kitchen and he ran over to Harry and whispered something in his ear. Whatever it was it made Harry smile. Then Liam, Louis, and Zayn came down stairs and saw me. Zayn was almost naked, wearing nothing but a pair of blue and black striped boxers. Liam was fully dressed, but Louis was wearing a beanie and some sweat pants. “Zayn, Louis go get dressed! We have company!” Harry ordered the two boys. “Hi! My name is Liam! What’s your name?” Liam asked me. “Hailee, nice to meet you Liam.” I said to him as I shook his hand. “Liam, this is my girlfriend!” Harry told Liam proudly. “Oh, so this is the girl you wouldn’t stop talking about last night,” Liam said to Harry. “Harry said he loved you last night on our way back home from the concert.” Liam told me. Harry and I both blushed, and he kissed me on the nose. Fireworks exploded in my body, I had never felt like this before, and it must have showed because Liam told me I looked like a tomato.

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