Candles light the way and shine so deep. Let you see your love so true. Walk on by.


1. Candles

I see candles

Burning at night

Kisses so sweet

Candle light so bright


I hear your voice

While thinking of you

My thoughts of you so tender

You beside me filling my soul


The sky is raining like dew

Your voice so sweet

Colors so bright like the rainbows

You make me whole


With your heart so tender

You are so close to me

Every waking morning

Through my soul you flow


When you look at me

To me it means the world

We have laughter like the sun

Rainbows of promises


In the wee hours of morning

Our candles of love

Surrounds  our every dream

You holding me


We are dancing to the tune

While swaying in the breeze

You lean me back

And kiss me light.


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