Kiss You

14 Year old Grace has a terrible life. Her mom and dad are divorced and she lives with her mom. Her mom is always drunk with her boyfriend Tyler. The only thing that makes her happy is One Direction. One day she decides to write a letter to them, about her life. How she is bullied, and beaten. Will they toss her fanmail aside? Or read it? Will she finally escape from home?


2. The Letter Back

Liam's POV: Us boys had the week off, and today was fanmail day. We usually just skim thorugh and sign our names, but there was this one that caught my eye. I read it. It made me teary. I knew us boys had to get her away from her home. So I started writing back, and I mailed it as soon as I finished. She doesn't deserve that life. Poor Grace. Wow, Grace is a lovely name. Very, graceful, ha.


Grace's POV: I walked to the post office everyday. I knew I couldn't trust it coming home. My mom of course would rip it up. I hurried up to the post office today, since it was raining. The mail place knew you pretty well. I run in soaked. "Grace! Letter for you!" Cindie the mail woman said. "Thanks! Have a nice day!" I say and slip it in my sweatshirt. I made it home. My mom was home. "Where have you been? Huh?" Mom said. "I was at the post office, Mom." I say. "Sure you were. ALL OF YOUR LIES!" Mom said yelling at me and throwing me to the ground. I ran to my room. I closed the door and locked it. I read the letter, it said,

      "To: Grace

I read your letter. Very sad. I would like to know if you want to come with us on tour? We got you a plane ticket. Pack up your stuff, Grace. And I can't wait to meet you!"

I also saw a plane ticket. First class? Cool! I better start packing! And the plane leaves, TOMORROW MORNING? Am I gonna be ready?

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