Kiss You

14 Year old Grace has a terrible life. Her mom and dad are divorced and she lives with her mom. Her mom is always drunk with her boyfriend Tyler. The only thing that makes her happy is One Direction. One day she decides to write a letter to them, about her life. How she is bullied, and beaten. Will they toss her fanmail aside? Or read it? Will she finally escape from home?


1. How Come?

Grace's POV:

I walked to 8th period, alone. Along the way, look who shows up. The popular girls Miah, Holly, and Ariana. "Look who is looking ugly as ever today" Miah says pushing me into the wall. The others snickered and walked away. I made it to Spanish just as the bell rang. I sat in the way back alone. After Spanish, I went to my locker to get my stuff and go home. And look who shows up, the Populars. "Hey loser, every try and brush your hair? I mean you never do. Probably because your poor!" Ariana says. "Leave me alone" You say grabbing your things, locking your locker and walking down the hall. "Oh your not going anywhere." Holly says slamming me into the wall. She slapped the back of my head and walked away. How come they didn't like me? I never bothered them. Oh well, time to go home to my drunk mom and her boyfriend.


~~~~At Home~~~~

I walked in to beer cans all around and the living room a mess. Luckily my mom wasnt home so I don't get my daily beating yet. I went up to my room and closed the door. I decided to write to One Direction. Just let everything spill out on the paper.

"Hi boys! Or whoever reads these. This is Grace Anderson here. I would like to start off to say that I love you guys. Your the only reason I live. I have tried to kill myself plenty of times. You see, I get bullied at school, and I have no friends. My only friend moved away when I was 9, and I'm 14 now. I have to cook for myself clean and everything. My mom is a druggie, and beats me along with her boyfriend who also beats me. I'm sorry for you guys having to read this, but I really appreciate it. I have dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. I wear red glasses. I am really short, and fat. I love carrots, dogs, pizza. I dislike brocoli and basketball. I LOVE to swim. I am actually pretty good. I love breaststroke and freestyle. I tend to be quite boring. I will admit it. I am a poor beaten up girl, who deserves to die. I wish I could. You guys are the only reason I live. I have nothing else to live for.


                                                ~Grace :)"



I went down to the post office and mailed it. Do you think they would see it?




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