It all started with twitcam

This story is about a girl " katie " an she's a fan of one direction but not huge an she goes on twitcam an watches them live when one of the boys gets her comment on their video an mentions her to the whole world watching it ? Will he get her phone number? Will he even get a chance to meet her ?!


4. rude class!

katies pov

the bell rang took my things said goodbye to the boys an my bffs did too as we started walking down the hall to our class but the 2 of the boys niall an harry followed us he must have  had the same classes ! (niall) then louis stopped rolled his eyes an started to follow harry an niall when we got in the teacher said " late AGAIN i see....". lorena spoke up an said " an excasactly whats the problem again?" ..... an we sat down she gave us a quiz apperently the boys were REALLY  late the teacher said " kids we have some  new students boys dont be late again "! i giggled an whispered im shure they will to lorena the teacher turned around an said " why do i hear talking?" i replied  loudly " because U HAVE EARS !!!"  she got mad an made me sit in the corner as she said GO SIT IN THE CORNER  i said " i hope you know were not kindergardeners!!!" an i sat down at the most gross desk ever they never clean it in the corner they are scared to i think there is even mold on it! it should be inspected by the health inspectors!!!

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