It all started with twitcam

This story is about a girl " katie " an she's a fan of one direction but not huge an she goes on twitcam an watches them live when one of the boys gets her comment on their video an mentions her to the whole world watching it ? Will he get her phone number? Will he even get a chance to meet her ?!


3. Finally meeting you !!!!

Harrys POV
I got to school an looked all around finally I asked somone were she was they replied with " wait ur looking for katie the freak show !!???!!! If so she's right I've there with her group of friends "! I looked as he pointed they were the girls from her photo I went over the one of ten fainted and the other gasped accept one I said " can I see Katie plz"? Sh stepped out from the other girls and her beautiful red curly hair flowed in front of her green eyes and pearly white smile plus what made he cute was her freckles all over her face I said wow u look better than in the photos she giggled an blushed
Katies POV
I saw him an his curly hair his green eyes like mine it was ADORIBLE I said hello he said hello too then I checked my classes he wa in all of them 4 boys came up behind him they told me their names and I introduced the girls .....
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