It all started with twitcam

This story is about a girl " katie " an she's a fan of one direction but not huge an she goes on twitcam an watches them live when one of the boys gets her comment on their video an mentions her to the whole world watching it ? Will he get her phone number? Will he even get a chance to meet her ?!


2. Can't wait !!

Katie's POV
I posted my number to him then got off all the girls stayed up an talked about one direction I fell fast asleep
I got a txt MSG from Harry it read : hey do you have school still an I looked at ur profile pic an how can I tell which one is u dont take me the wrong wat though plz I'm not a stalker
Omg Harry I can't belive u I TXTED him :ULL have to see when we meet I don't think ur a stalker and I do have school I live in england !
He TXTED : oh yah me an the boys are on break so were in england too I'm honing to school so I might be t URS can't wait till we goto school today to see if your going there too or in my classes !!!!
I couldent wait etheir I hope Harry went to my school I took a shower brushed my long red curly hair I put mascara on my eye lids my eyes were a bright green the eye shadow was green too do it matched well an my nails were already green if u DIDENT notice I love green an orange plus blue an I got dressed I wore a hot pink an green t shirt that ha a British flag on it an tight ripped skinny jeans with all star shoes that were black an white then a pink head band then I headed off to school I couldent wait !!!!.....
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