It all started with twitcam

This story is about a girl " katie " an she's a fan of one direction but not huge an she goes on twitcam an watches them live when one of the boys gets her comment on their video an mentions her to the whole world watching it ? Will he get her phone number? Will he even get a chance to meet her ?!


5. after school

katies pov

when  we got on the bus  i was alone  in my seat i didnt talk when i got home i rested the next morning i got a txt it read  : from harry,

hey beautiful <3 good morning

i put my phone down my head hurt horribly  i was getting a huge cramp i didnt go to school i couldnt even get up lorena txted me : girlfriend were are you. i didnt answer when it got to the time ppl were going home  i got bunches of texts from friends i just felt horrible so i didnt pay any attention. when one caught my eye from skyler :

hey twirp whats wrong cat got ur tongue ?! HA loser

i got so furious ! i never texted her back or she would just insult me i turned my phone all the way off an cried myself to sleep....

harrys pov

i didnt know what happened she didnt answer my texts she wasnt answering anybody she didnt come to school i asked a girl named skyler  if she knew she said she texted her an that katie said
: my cuts on my arms hurt too bad its bleeding horribly im gonna die dont tell anyone i dont want them to know i especially dont want harry i hate him he thinks he owns me!

i was upset she was dieing an hated me !  i ran as fast as i could to the boys an told them what skyler told me niall was pretty upset about the dieing thing an so was louis but the other boys were stuck at the fact she hated me....

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