It all started with twitcam

This story is about a girl " katie " an she's a fan of one direction but not huge an she goes on twitcam an watches them live when one of the boys gets her comment on their video an mentions her to the whole world watching it ? Will he get her phone number? Will he even get a chance to meet her ?!


1. The beginning

Katies POV
I was bullied pretty much all my life and my parents were out on vacation a lot an DIDENT care about my life :( but I have to live on my own my BFF Lorena comes over a lot an hangs my b day was come ing up an my parents weren't gonna be here it's in two days an their gonna be gone for. 5 months !!! Do Lorena , Emma , Shelby , Tyler, racheal, Loren, jason , Nate, Doug, Alec, and Luke came over to celebrate we played games joked drank ate became lazy then the boys left to go home all the girls got out sleeping bags an makeup items like thet we watched scary movies then I got on the computer for one directions live video on twitcam and the girls surrounded me 1D was JOKEING around I posted below the video on feedback
: hey its Katie i have to say I can't get enough an I may have a lil crush .
Then suddenly Harry looked on the computer then said " shout out to Katie thx I think we have a crush on u too "! Liam cut in an said WE HAVE A CRUSH ON ALL FANS !!! I laughed the girls say in shock that out of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 people I was the one they picked out to shout out for I was in shock too but happily in shock I had an account on twitcam an it was of me and the girls at my sleepover Harry said " Katie can u post ur number on chat to me " I totally flipped out !
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