Love Never Fails

Kelsey finally had the chance to go to a One Direction concert, and she couldn't wait to meet the boys. When she met them she caught a certain member's eye. Will this relationship work out or will there be...complications?

This was written by one of my best friends! Hope you like it xx



6. The Park


After what seemed like hours, we finally got to where we were going.  It was a park.  I had to admit though; the park looked beautiful at night.  It was a full moon, and it was enough light to see everything perfectly.  “Why the park?” asked Niall.  This was the first time I heard him talk all night.


“Because it looks pretty at night!  Doesn’t it?” said Danielle and Niall just shrugged.  We all started walking through the park, and started talking.  The night was turning out better than I thought.  “Liam, will you come with me to drop off my shoes?  My feet are starting to hurt,” she interrupted.  Liam nodded and the left and we continued without them.

Louis and Eleanor began to play around.  He started chasing her, and Eleanor ran giggling.  They ran behind a bush and disappeared.


“Weirdos,” said Harry.  Liam, Danielle, Eleanor, and Louis weren’t coming back and I was starting to get worried.

“I think we should look for them, would if they got hurt?” I said.

“I’ll go look for Liam and Danielle,” said Zayn.


 “And I’ll check for Louis and Eleanor,” said Harry.  Niall and I were left alone.  We kept walking and then I saw a light in the distance.

“Do you see that?” I asked Niall.  He nodded and I decided to follow the light.

“What are you doing?” I heard Niall call from behind me.  I ignored him and ran to the light.  When I got there a whole picnic was set up, and there were candles lit up all around the picnic.  I heard someone come up behind me, I turned around and it was Niall.

“I think they set all this up,” I said.

“I know they did,” smiled Niall.  He sat down on the blanket and patted the ground next to him.  “Well?  We can’t just let all this food go to waste!” he said looking at me.  I smiled and sat down beside him.  We ate all the food and talked endlessly, it was so amazing.

We both started to get really tired and decided to lay down.  The wind started to blow and I began to get really cold.  I started shivering.  “Are you cold?” Niall asked, and I nodded.  “Here,” he said pulling me into his chest and covered us with his jacket.  “Better?” he asked and I nodded once again.

We were both still looking at each other and I got lost in his beautiful blue eyes.  I got lost in his smile; his lips.  I was starting to fall for Niall Horan.

I felt a blush start and Niall saw it.  He smiled and kissed me, but that intensified the blush deeper.  Niall put his hands on my cheeks to hold me, and I ran my fingers through his hair.  Niall let out a moan and I smiled against his lips.  I started to feel lightheaded and the butterflies in my stomach were getting out of hand, but I didn’t want to stop.  He finally pulled away. We were both out of breath and smiling.  Niall laid my head on his chest and stroked my hair.  I eventually fell asleep, wrapped in his arms, smiling like an idiot.

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