Love Never Fails

Kelsey finally had the chance to go to a One Direction concert, and she couldn't wait to meet the boys. When she met them she caught a certain member's eye. Will this relationship work out or will there be...complications?

This was written by one of my best friends! Hope you like it xx



9. Chad


“What?  You can?” asked Danielle surprised.

“But how?” asked Eleanor.

I was just staring into space, with tears streaming down my face.  Eleanor and Danielle came to comfort me, but that didn’t stop my memories from pouring back in.  Memories I didn’t want to remember.  Memories that made me slam on the breaks.  “Chad,” I whispered, emotionless.

“What?” both girls asked.

“Chad,” I smiled humorlessly, “the first person I ever loved.”  Both girls looked at me, still confused.  “Chad had been my best friend since we were little,” I started explaining.  “We were like two peas in a pod.”  I smiled at the sweet memories we shared when we were younger.  “Time passed, and we began to have feelings for each other, but we never actually dated until later, so we wouldn’t ruin our friendship.  One day Chad decided that the friend zone was enough, so we started dating.  We were pretty happy, for a good year, but then he began to change.  He became possessive of me.  Chad wouldn’t let me out anywhere without him, he was worse than a bodyguard.  He seemed like a stalker.  I finally got fed up with it, and confronted him about it, but when I told him-” my voice cracked.  “I don’t know if I can go on,” I said strained.

“Just tell us what you can.  Don’t make this hard on yourself.  You don’t have to tell us,” Eleanor assured me.  Danielle placed her hand on my shoulder.  I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and continued.

“Chad, he- he hit me, across the face, then threatened me,” both girls threw their hands up to their mouths.  “So that evening, when he left for work, I packed my bags and never looked back,” I finished.

“Your stories actually sound alike,” Eleanor said.

“I know.  I just have no idea how I could have forgotten about Chad.  He’s the reason I’ve been running for years, watching everyone move on, and taking my next step, but with Niall, and you all, I forget everything I want to forget,” I said.  Danielle and Eleanor both looked at me softly.  I didn’t know what to say, so I waited for them to say something first.

“Are you afraid?” asked Eleanor.  I shook my head.

“No, I know Niall couldn’t hurt anyone, and try not to ever think about Chad.  It’s been for years since that happened.  I’m not afraid.  The only thing I could ever be afraid of is hurting Niall, or losing any of you guys.”  Eleanor and Danielle nodded their heads.

“At least you two really like each other!” said Danielle.  She seemed to be in a lighter mood.  I was glad that we were changing the subject.

“Let’s go to Starbucks!” interjected Eleanor.

“How about after we sleep?” I asked.

“Fine,” pouted Eleanor.  Danielle and I laughed at her, and then we all went to bed.  I fell asleep thinking about Chad.  I hadn’t thought of him in forever.  I wonder what he has been up to….

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