Love Never Fails

Kelsey finally had the chance to go to a One Direction concert, and she couldn't wait to meet the boys. When she met them she caught a certain member's eye. Will this relationship work out or will there be...complications?

This was written by one of my best friends! Hope you like it xx



8. Anna


“We’re here Kelsey,” Danielle shook me to wake me up.  We were already at my apartment, which was pretty surprising since it felt like an hour long drive.  I opened the door, with the girls following me.  I was welcomed with a breath of home.

“You guys, I’m going to wash all this food off of me,” I laughed, “make yourselves at home.”  I walked into my bathroom, and got ready to take a shower.  I heard low voices coming from Eleanor and Danielle, but I ignored them because I had my own thoughts to think about.

I stepped into the hot water and the whole night came flooding back.  I really hoped that Niall was fine.

After my shower, I threw on some sweats, a t-shirt and a hoodie.  I felt great and I walked back into the living room where I found Eleanor and Danielle clean and fresh.  “How-“ I began to say but Eleanor cut me off.

“There was another bathroom, and we kind of took some of your clothes from your room,” Eleanor said apologetically.

“No worries,” I smiled, “who actually wants to eat instead of having it thrown in your hair?”  Both girls raised their hands and I went to the kitchen to get food.  I grabbed pretty much everything that was in the cabinets.

“Yum!” said Eleanor, and I just laughed.


All three of us ate all of the food.  We talked and talked and I was starting to feel as if they were actually my sisters.  Eleanor was mischievous, sneaky, but only for good reasons, funny and a “in the moment” type of girl.  Danielle was an absolute sweetheart, and the complete opposite of Eleanor, that’s what I loved about them.

“Can you please tell me what’s the matter with Niall?” I finally asked.  Eleanor and Danielle looked at each other in doubt.

“Well, it’s not really story to tell,” Danielle sympathized.

But, I’ll tell you anyways,” said Eleanor.  Danielle shot her a dirty look.  “What?  I think she deserves to know!”  I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to sound nosey.

“Well…here goes nothing,” began Danielle, taking a long deep breath.  “Niall was in love once, truly in love.  Her name was Anna.  They were both in love.  If you were looking for Niall, most likely, he’d be with Anna.  The same goes for her.  They went everywhere together.  They were beyond the cutest thing you could think of.  Niall was the sweetest when he was with her, he was so protective of her, and made sure she was always okay.  He tried making everything perfect for her.  One day, after dating for about six months, Niall was convinced she was the one.  The one for him, so he proposed, and, of course, she said yes.  They were planning to get secretly married, so the press or management wouldn’t know.”

“You still with us?” asked Eleanor, and I simply nodded.


 “Anyways,” continued Danielle, “things started to turn bad for them.  All of a sudden Anna stopped being around Niall so much.  Some nights, she wouldn’t even come home.  This started to make Niall suspect her to be up to something, so he followed her one night.  When she said she was going out with some friends, Niall realized she wasn’t.”

“Anna was-” I said, but Danielle continued anyways.

“Anna was cheating on Niall…for two months.”  I hear myself gasp.

“This broke Niall, but what really tore him up was the fact she three engagement ring at him, left him, and was never heard from again,” finished Danielle.  I was left speechless.  “That’s why Niall is afraid to love again.  He’s scared.  Anna left him afraid of ever loving again.  It’s been about a year since she left, and he still hasn’t been the same,” Danielle said softly.  “He really likes you, he really does, but he’s afraid.”  Eleanor placed her hand on min.  “Can you understand what he’s feeling?” Danielle asked softly.

“Yeah, actually I can,” I choked out with tears forming in my eyes.

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