Love Never Fails

Kelsey finally had the chance to go to a One Direction concert, and she couldn't wait to meet the boys. When she met them she caught a certain member's eye. Will this relationship work out or will there be...complications?

This was written by one of my best friends! Hope you like it xx



1. The Concert

Today, finally.  Today was finally the day I have been waiting for years.  A One Direction concert and the best part...I was going to meet person.

I spent all day making sure I looked perfect.  After I was done, I headed for the concert.  I finally arrived and when I got there I started fangirling like crazy.  I was in front of the five most beautiful boys in the whole world, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan.  I couldn't wait to actually meet them!

"Hello, babe!" said Louis.

"Nice to meet you," said Liam.

"I love your curly locks," said Harry cheekily with a wink.

"And what would your name be, love?" asked Zayn.

I looked around at the beautiful boys and saw Niall looking at the ground.  I was curious as to why he hadn't said anything.  "Hi, I'm Kelsey," I smiled.

They all smiled back and we hit it off.  We talked for a good hour and then I had to leave them.  We all exchanged numbers and I left.  When I got home I checked my phone and I had texts from the lads.  I smiled to myself thinking that I'm actually friends with One Direction.

About an hour later Louis called and asked if he and the boys could come over.  Of course I said yes; I gave them my address and about half an hour later there was a knock at the door.  I open to find all the boys except for Niall.

"Vas Happenin', Kelsey?" yelled Zayn.  Harry, Liam and Louis all greeted me with hugs as they came inside.

"Hey you guys!  Where's Niall?" I asked.

"Umm...he's busy," replied Liam.  I shrugged it of, thinking nothing of it, and proceeded with the night.  I microwaved some popcorn and we all sat in the living room and watched movies.

"Alright, movie number three is over.  How about we do something else?" said Louis.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Oh, the truth game."

"What's the truth game?"

"It's where we ask each other questions and answer them with only the truth," he explained.

Later that night, after the game, I felt like I had known the boys my whole life.  I knew them like the back of my hand.

"So...," started Harry.  "Who's your favorite of all of us?"

"Well...," I started.

"Come on.  Fine let's put it this way, who are you most interested in?" asked Zayn.

"Niall," I blurted out.  I felt so embarrassed .  I threw my hands over my mouth and felt a blush run through me. The boys just looked at all of them grinning. "What?"

"Oh nothing," they chanted.  The boys soon left after all that.  Which meant I was left home, alone, just soaking in the whole night.  I couldn't get over about how they reacted about Niall.  They all got goofy when I told them I'm kind of interested in him.  I wondered why he didn't come with them, it seemed really weird that he didn't come.  I hope the lads wouldn't tell him much.  I shrugged it off and eventually fell asleep.


so...what do yall think?? ~KJ

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