Moonlight Dance

This story is practically a clash of two tales (The twilight saga and the hunger games trilogy) but with different characters and a bent storyline.
This story is about Sarah and Collin. Sarah is a human that loves playing hockey and music on her double bass in her school Rosedale Hights School of the Arts. When Collin moves to her city (Toronto) as a vampire who found Sarah as a grade 6 a little while before and knew she was his mate from the start so he enrolled in RHSA to get to know Sarah. Join them in this love story see if their love will last through all the action filled events that happens.


8. Chapter:7 The Unwanted Visitor 


  “I think your right, because my speed is quicker than people would expect.”    "What, is there someone outside the door?" He nods.   "Anything of the unnatural?" He shakes his head.   "Vampire killer?" He rocked his hand back and forth. (Sort of.)   "Another vamp?" He nods.   "Play the piano it will cover our quietness." He starts playing our song for the concert.    When he was just heading into my melody to finish the song once again I asked. “So do you want to keep playing that or do you want to do something else?” I ask with a little smile.   “Like What?”   “Kiss me.”    He makes the music stop abruptly. “So that's what your brain is telling you to do, to kiss me, is that what you really long for?”    I nod. He brings me to the couch and sits me down right in the middle of the comfortable, black couch, and sits right beside me and puts his arm around my shoulder. He leans in to kiss me, this was the best kiss yet, but it was held back slightly, like this would be our last for a while. "What's wrong are they planing to take you away?"    “No, you.” He said with worry.   "Why, I'm not a vampire."   “Because you know our secret.”   "Call the rest of your family here, then it would look like a practice session."   “No he's going to be in here soon.” He said. “Let me show you something.”    “Ok.” Just then his plan goes through my mind.    He takes his arm away from my shoulder and takes my hands and puts them behind my back and handcuffs them with one of his hands while his other one is on my shoulder slightly pushing. "I'm going scream, is that ok?" He nods. His face transforms in front of my eyes, his canine teeth extend to triple the size and his eyes turn blood red and he leans towards my neck. For the first time I am truly scared of him. Then on que I screamed and the vampire waiting outside busted through the door.    “What's going on in here?” The creepy vampire dressed all in black asked.   “What does it look like?” Collin asked.   “Your either feeding or changing her over.”   “Well I'm not quite sure yet myself, I asked my sire and he said that he didn't know what type of power she'd have but it would be very powerful, but her blood smells so good I don't think I could stop if I tried to change her.” Collin said.   “Do what you must, but if you kill her cover your tracks. And remember that if you change her Collin, all your covern's names go back in the draw.” The creepy vamp said.   “Do you mind if I have some privacy?” Collin asked.    “Not at all.” He smiled and then left the room.   "Change me." He shakes his head violently back and forth.   Another plan of his runs through my mind. I follow it exactly.   I screamed and than yelled “Fire, fire why must you burn me!”   Then he puts another thought through me to be quiet and lay still on the couch and close your eyes. So I do. He kissed my lips and I can tell he doesn't have his fangs out and he bit my neck, not hard just enough to leave a mark for an hour or so.   I hear the door open and close and some soft talking outside saying how he changed me but he didn't. And than creepy vamp saying that I have three years before I have to go in the draw for the competition, after I fully turn into a vampire, so all my powers set in before I have to fight. Then the door opens and closes again this time someone turns my head to see the bite mark that Collin made.    “Good so she'll change fully in a week if that's the only bite.” Creepy vampire said.   “It is the only bite.”   “Wait, I smell her on you and it's strong and you on her equally as strong, are you two mates?”   I didn't hear him say anything so he must of nodded.   “So you finally found the one, good for you Collin. Well on a more serious note so long, Mr.Anderson. Give Mitch and Violet my greetings and say that they can come back to the lunar royalty anytime in fact tell your whole clan that.”   “Farewell, Libeus, tell your guards I give my greetings.”   I hear the door open and close once more and then Collin sits by my feet. When I look at him he has his head in his hands and he looks like he's deciding what to do, like he has made a horrible decision.    "Is he gone?"   “Yes.”   I sit up and move closer to him and make him cradle me. “What's the madder, Collin?”   “I shouldn't have done that, now I have to change you before three years is up.”    “Well, we could always wait until the last little bit possible for me to change, if that would make you happier.”    “You would do that for me?”   “Anything that you want.”    “Anything?”   "Yes."   “Marry me as soon as we get out of high school.”   "What!? Do you want me to get killed by my parents?" I thought out loud, but really I don't think it's a good idea, early marriages almost always end badly.   “No of course not, that's why I must do everything I can to get your parents to like me, then they will have to accept it.”    “You know what? I'm not that great when it comes to this but deep inside I know an early marriage with me is never that good.”   “Why, is it that you don't want to seem like your desperately in love with someone you just met?”   “Exactly.”   “So what, you don't love me.”    “Collin that's so not fair, I do very much love you, but this conversation can wait a few years.”   “Fine, I will continue this next year when you are eighteen years old when you are legally aloud to make you own decisions.”    “That would suit me much better.”   “Fine I just thought you would want to get married before you have to be one of us, to have that human experience.”   "Maybe."   “Did I hurt you when I bit you?”    “No, how did you know you wouldn't change me if your teeth weren't out?”   “I tried it on an animal once.” He said. “And when it didn't go all crazy and try to bite me, I knew I  wouldn't hurt anyone.”   “Ok. Wait does your eyes have to change red when you feed or does your family just not want to give there secret away?”   “Well my eyes do change when I feed but we're trying to keep our little trick to ourselves, so it's a bit of both.”   "That's interesting."   “So, do you want to practice your part now, I'll say I finished our two parts and we want to practice now.”   “Ok.”   Collin and I walked back into our class and it felt like everyone was staring at my neck. (But they weren't.)    “Ms.Cleff I finished our two parts can we practice on our instruments now?”   “Sure go right ahead.”   He took my bass and made me carry the violin. “You know I can carry it, it's not that heavy.”    “Yeah, I know, but I'm being a good boyfriend.” He said the last word a little louder and everyone looked at us and smiled, some people even gasped. Then Collin looked shocked and a little grossed out.   "What are they thinking?"   “Come on lets go practice.”   “Ok.”   We walked back to the practice room with our instruments and started to practice. He had to show me how to play it at the proper tempo and rhythm. I was just starting to get the hang of it when he said. “You know, I could change you at the end of this year then you would be seventeen forever, like I am, but then you would have to come live with me and in my personal rules we have to be married but the law says you have to be eighteen to get married. Oh and they were creating their own scenario in their heads on what we were doing in the practice room. Ms. Cleff thought I already finished all the music and I was just bringing you with me in the room to seduce you, which I would not do unless we were married.”   "Again with the marriage topic, why don't you tell me about eighteen-twelve like you said you would."  
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