Moonlight Dance

This story is practically a clash of two tales (The twilight saga and the hunger games trilogy) but with different characters and a bent storyline.
This story is about Sarah and Collin. Sarah is a human that loves playing hockey and music on her double bass in her school Rosedale Hights School of the Arts. When Collin moves to her city (Toronto) as a vampire who found Sarah as a grade 6 a little while before and knew she was his mate from the start so he enrolled in RHSA to get to know Sarah. Join them in this love story see if their love will last through all the action filled events that happens.


7. Chapter 6: The Moonlight Dance


  When we got to his house he helped me down and we walked inside again, this time the vampires were nowhere to bee seen except for Willow, she was watching the news saying the news just before they did (That's kind of funny to watch.)   “Hey Willow were is everyone?” Collin asked.    “They've gone hunting, they figured that she would be back and didn't want to take chances, to make sure she would be safe in a house full of vampires, I didn't care to go out but now I think I will. So you can have her all to yourself.”   “Just the simple they've gone hunting, would've been nice.” He said and she shrugged. “So what did you want to do Sarah?”    “Can you play me that song you wrote again?” I asked him quietly and Willow leaves her spot, the news is off and the door clicks closed.   “Sure don't worry about her, she's just jealous of you.”   “Jealous of me, why in the world would she be jealous of me?”   “Because your human, there's nothing she wants more than to be human again.”   “Oh, well I guess that's a good reason to be jealous then.”   “In fact most of us are jealous of you.”   “Including you?” I asked suspiciously.    “Yup, including me.”   “But Why?”   “Almost the same as Willow, I want to be human with you and grow old with you, maybe have a child if the chance prevails, but since I'm a vampire I can't do that.” He said longingly.    I turn to him and he looks like he wants to cry, so I hug him and say. “Don't worry about it, you could always make me a vampire than we'd be together forever.”   He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back lightly to look in my eyes. “Really Sarah, you're not ready to be a vampire and why would I be selfish like that, to take your life away just so I could have you all to myself, it's just not right.” I felt his cold breath against my face and a really sweet smell that made me light-headed.   “If I want to be a vampire it's not selfish.” I said quietly.    “You know what, fine I'll turn you into a vampire right now if that's what you really want.”   “Yes.”   He leaned down towards my neck and I froze, he felt me freeze and he stopped and kissed my neck.   “See you're not ready, come on I'll play that song for you then we can go dance again.”   He plays the song but this time it's a little bit longer and more graceful like he's trying to stall before we have to dance.   The song finishes and he says. “Wait here a moment, I have to grab something.”   “Ok.” He flinted upstairs and comes down with a speaker and his ipod.   “Hop on, I'm going to take you to this nice little area that's perfect for this.” I climb up and fasten myself to him and he's off.   The area is a little meadow that has flowers all over the floors and trees in a complete circle that looks like it's man made but it's not. I look up and all I see is stars and bright full moon. The moon takes up most of the space (My very own moonlight dance as Collin put it). Also there is this really sweet smell almost like maple maybe it's the trees. It takes two seconds to get there and he sets up the speakers and music starts playing. He walks over and he offers me his hand once again, this time I took his hand without hesitation. He spins me and we start to dance this dance was alot more complicated than the other one but for some reason I knew the steps including some shaking of the hips and the swing steps but I didn't trip once or step on his toes. He spun me once again and he started the tango but I know all the steps still and he smiling. Then we waltz and it's the graceful thing I'd ever done. We cover the whole area dancing and we are spinning around and around and the music slowed and he spun me and then bowed, and I curtizy.   “There's something I want to try, stay still.” I freeze again and he leans towards me and kisses me. My first kiss, it's like my lips were on fire even though he's like ice. I can't remain frozen anymore so I start to kiss back and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer, then he backed into a tree and I tangled my hands in his hair. Now my whole body's heating up and I can't breathe anymore and he switches with me now my back is against the tree and he jumps back and hits a tree across from me. I have to catch my breath and I slide down the tree.   “I'm sorry Sarah, I forgot you had to breathe.” He said. “Don't worry I won't do that again if I do I might hurt you.”    "What, no keep kissing me, don't stop." He smiled.   “Now I know I'm doing something wrong, because you can't get enough of it. Kind of like a drug we can't get enough of each other. So I guess that means we are in it for the long run. When are you going to introduce me to your parents?”    “Tomorrow I guess.” I said. “And I don't know what that kiss was to you but to me it was like my whole body was longing for you, can we kiss once more before I have to go back? So I can get my first and second kiss tonight.”   “That was your first kiss I thought you had way more kisses then that because that kiss was great, don't worry that was my first kiss to.”   “I highly doubt that, over the two hundred years you've been alive that was your first, ha!”   “It's true that was the first kiss that I wanted to happen.”   “So you have been kissed before.”   “Fine I'll give you that much but they forced themselves on me.”    “You have super speed and the ability to read minds you could of stopped them.”   “And what expose that I'm a vampire by running away as quick as I could?”   “Oh what was that when vampires were believed in and killed if you were?” I asked sarcastically.    “Actually yes it was she had a steak in her pocket with her hand on it. If I was to run I would have got it in the back and if I went for the neck she would do just the same. And anyway what do you care I'm yours and only yours.” He said and he walked over and started to kiss me again to shut me up. This kiss was more gentle and he held back.   As soon as the kiss ended I said. “That's a nice way to tell me to be quiet. And thanks I know you wouldn't kiss everyone you met. So you can be killed with a steak?”   “No, it would just leave a hole in my chest that my venom can't fix.”   “Come on it's almost eleven I'll run you over to your car so you can go home.”    “Fine.” I climb up and he starts running.    We get to my car and he says. “I'll meet you in your room.”   I drive into the driveway and I see him hop into my room. I walk through the door and my parents ask me a few questions.   “So Sarah, what is that boy to you?” My dad asked.    “I don't know, I just met him the other day.”   “What do you want him to be?” Asked my mom.   “That depends on what he wants.” I said quietly.    “So he's your boyfriend than.” Said my mom.   “I don't know what he is.” I said. “I'm tired I'm going to bed.”   “Night.” They said together.   “Night.” I said bitterly.   I walk upstairs and to my room, he was sitting on my bed with his hands crossed staring at them. “So, what am I to you?” He said without looking up.   “You heard all of that didn't you?” He nods. “You mean the world to me, the only reason why I said that to my parents was, they need to be slowly introduced to the fact that their baby girl is growing up, and the fact that your the first guy I brought home and I just met you yesterday they're not going to be amused by that.”    “Oh, I get it, so I guess that means we are girlfriend and boyfriend.”   I walk over to him and kiss his nose. “I guess we are. I need a few human minutes I'll be back soon, stay still.” He froze, I walked over to my closet and picked up my nicest pj's and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth with an extremely minty toothpaste, flossed, and gargle with minty mouthwash, put deodorant on and sprayed a little bit of perfume just in case. I brush my hair and put it in a french braid. I changed into my pj's and walked back to my room.   “That took a while.” He said loosening his frozen posture and gets off my bed.   “Sorry, the hair was not cooperative.” I said sarcastically getting on my bed.   “It's ok, I know you were worried about what was going to happen tonight so you put perfume on too. Don't worry I won't do anything but be here if you want.”   “Come, lie with me.” I get under my covers, he tucked me in and lied on top of the blanket hesitantly.   “I'm here, now what?”   "Can you sing?"   He starts humming his melody and it's a little bit better than him playing it because I can hear his voice. I so badly want another kiss but then he would stop humming and that wouldn't be good. He finished his song and kissed my nose. "Another, but on the lips this time." He does what I thought  and kissed my lips sweetly as if telling me to go to sleep. I snuggle closer to him with my back towards him and he put his arm around me. "You are staying right?"   “As long as you want me.” He said softly.   "Forever and ever."   “Agreed.”   I fall asleep and start dreaming about me being a vampire. Running through the woods at blinding speeds, of what power I might have. But then it switched to Collin and I sitting on a park bench with gray hair, feeding pigeons, and other things away from vampires. ·   ·   ·   I wake up and he was still there, so it wasn't just a dream.    “Good morning, sleepyhead.” Collin said sweetly as he kissed me. My whole body woke up and wrapped around him as he continued kissing me tenderly.    “Good morning, I could get used to seeing you when I wake up.”   “What, do you mean that you want to stay human so you can keep waking up to me?”   “No, no I still want to be a vampire, it's just the fact of you being right beside me on my bed in the morning, it's sweet.”   “Well I guess that's another way of looking at it.”   “We're you controlling my dreams yesterday because I was dreaming about vampires and me being one, but then it suddenly switched.”   “Maybe.” He said with a little smile. (that's a yes.)   “Hey, you didn't tell me about the war you were in, like you said you would.” I said in a whine.    “You kept me occupied doing things, all last night. Singing, dancing, kissing, running, you sleeping, and of course your time away from me, put the story on hold. Am I forgiven?”    “I wasn't mad, is there a reason I should be mad?”   “No, not at all.” He said with a smile.    “Ok, so why did you change my dreams last night?” I said as I propped myself up to look at him.   “To stop your brain from thinking about becoming a vampire.”    “So you're planning to keep me human till I die, aren't you?”   “Most likely.”   “What are you going to do when I die?”   “Go to lunar royalty right after, to request that they kill me.”   “No!” I shouted. “It wouldn't be right.”   “Now you've done it your mom is running up here. See you at school.” He said as he jumped out the window.    I sat up straight in my bed as if I had a nightmare.    “What happened?” My mom asked.   “Oh, I just had a nightmare, I'm fine.”    “Breakfast is ready, I made your favourite, Belgium waffles, there's even fresh fruits and syrup.”   “Kay, be down in a minute.”   I get dressed in my white blouse that has small black floral patterns and little red birds and my bright red pants. I walk down the stairs and the aroma of fresh waffles almost sends me running.   “Those smell really good.” I say as I got to the kitchen.   “Don't they always?”   “Yup.”   I put my waffle on the plate straight from the waffle maker I burnt my finger. I put whipped cream, strawberries, and finally drizzled syrup all over it.     “So, Sarah, are you going to see Collin today?” My mom asked.   “I kinda have to, he's in all my classes.”    “Is that so?” She asked. “Was that planned?”   “No he just met me, how could he take all the same classes as me? Including advanced strings.”    “Do you want me to drive you today since your tire is flat on your car?”   “What!? How?!”   “I don't know I went outside to get the mail, and I happened to see the flat.”   “Well I guess so. What, you were going to let me take my car today?”   “Yeah you deserved it, you were doing all your homework, asked before you brought Collin over, and you did the dishes yesterday plus your chores, so I was going to let you drive.”   “So I guess I'm not grounded anymore.”   “Yes, you're not grounded anymore.”   “So it's ok to go over to Collin's today, to practice for our presentation?”   “Yup, along as you're back before eleven.”    “Ok.” I wonder if Collin had anything to do with this? ·  ·  ·   “Hi, Collin.” I say as he meets me on the outdoor stage to hug me. “I missed you so much.” I kiss him while he is still hugging me.   “It's been two hours since we'd seen each other...” He said with a smirk as he broke away from the kiss. “But all the same I missed you more.”   “Not possible.” I said in awe.    “Sure it is, my instincts tell me that I always need to be with you or I would be in a deep state of longing and the only way to fix it is to see you.”    “Aww, that's how I feel about you.” I said. “Guess what.”   “What?”   “I'm not grounded anymore.” I said happily. “And my mom say I can go over to your house after school until eleven.”   “Let's go see Ms.Cleff to see if there is any spots left in the music show so that we can play together on music night.” Collin said. (Ms.Cleff is our strings teacher.)   “Ok that will be fun if we can perform together on stage.”    “You think so?” He says with a glimmer in his eyes.   "Yup." I thought.    We walk through the hall arm in arm. Until we get to the strings room.   “Hi Ms.Cliff, do you think Sarah and I can preform a duet on music night, I have a song composed for us to play already.” Collin asked Ms.Cleff while looking at me.   “Umm, I'll have to hear it first, do you have the sheet music here?”   “I don't need it I memorized it on the piano but it sounds better with our instruments but Sarah hasn't fully learned it yet, because I just perfected the musical number.”    “I'd love to hear it we still have ten minutes before first bell you could play it now.” Ms.Cleff said.   “Ok, I'll play it on the piano for you.”    He plays my song that he wrote for me, I kind of wanted that to be just mine but he morphed it into this jazz type song and made a melodic entry that contained my melody, some jazz components, and even some rock and roll areas in the number. All in all a very dramatic and beautiful number. Almost all the students in the class are in the room now, and he started to calm the song back down to the tempo and melody of my melody to a finish. Everyone in the room clapped and hollered at his performance and he stood up turned around and bowed.   “So can we play in the concert?” Collin asked again.   “Yes of course you can, is it just going to be you and Sarah?”   “That's what I'm going for.”   “Because that sounds awesome but to just have violin and double bass would be weird.” Ms.Cleff said using her bright knowledge of the subject.   “I'm going to get my siblings to play too but their parts are in the background, Sarah and I are just the solo parts.”    “So you have a very musical family, don't you?” She said.   “Ya, but I influenced them, if you will.” He smiled at me knowing that I knew he made them play.   “Sure you can play in music night, it would be a shame not to put you guys in it, your musical number is the best thing I'd heard in a while, I might have to make your song the show's finally.”   “Thanks Ms.Cleff we will start working on it tonight after I write up the parts for the rest of my family. Do you mind if I work on that now?”   “Go ahead, we are just doing one of our theory Thursdays I'll give you the worksheet so you can work on it later, even get Sarah to help if you want. Do you want the practice room to write in?”   “Sure that would be less distraction for me.”   She walks across the hall with us to unlock the door to the practice room with the desk and a couch. (It's more of a lounge than a practice room but people still use it.)   “Thanks Ms.Cleff, we will work hard to finish this quickly.” I said.    She let the door click close behind her. Collin got to work in an instant drawing perfect staffs and filling them in with notes, he had this one for the double bass. He probably wants me to work on perfecting it quicker not that I mind. Within two minutes he had the double bass and the piano part written out on paper. Within ten minutes he had all the six parts written out for the instruments violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano and the guitar. Not to mention that each part is three pages back and front.   "Wow that's alot of music, does your siblings even know how to play those instruments?"   “Kind of, they know enough to do this with us.”   "What are you going to play?"   “The violin, just because every one knows I play it, so it works out.”    "Who's playing what?"   “I have to ask them first, but I'm pretty sure that Crimson will want to play the guitar.”   "So you didn't even ask them to play in the concert you just volunteered them without them knowing?"   “They won't mind they love performing, I might have to do something for them later, but they will still help us.”    “Ok, I don't think Ms.Cleff would believe you if you said you finished all six parts in ten minutes, so we might have to wait until ten minutes before next class.” I said. (each class is about an hour and twenty minutes.)
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