Moonlight Dance

This story is practically a clash of two tales (The twilight saga and the hunger games trilogy) but with different characters and a bent storyline.
This story is about Sarah and Collin. Sarah is a human that loves playing hockey and music on her double bass in her school Rosedale Hights School of the Arts. When Collin moves to her city (Toronto) as a vampire who found Sarah as a grade 6 a little while before and knew she was his mate from the start so he enrolled in RHSA to get to know Sarah. Join them in this love story see if their love will last through all the action filled events that happens.


4. Chapter 3: The Trouble


  “Sarah, where were you right before you came home?”   “At a restaurant with my friends, like I said on the note I left on the fridge.”   “You left a note on the fridge?”   “Ya, go check.”   We walk over to the fridge and it wasn't there.   “It was right there!” I pointed to the spot were I put it.   “Now, I think your lying to us.” My dad said.    “It was right there I sware, maybe it fell.”   So we look around and all that's to be found are magnets and a smelly old piece of cheese, no note to be found.   “Well it was here, I wonder what happened to it?” I think I might know what happened to it, maybe Collin took it.    “Now I think I agree with your father with this one, honey, but the lack of evidence is really not helping your case.” My mom said. “I think I pay to much attention to law shows.” She mumbled.   “I'm not lying!”I yelled and then ran upstairs to my room. ·   ·   ·      I think I was in my room for all of ten minutes, before my mom came knocking on my door asking. “Sarah, can I please come in?”   “No!” I yelled with some cry in my voice.   She comes in anyway and sits on the edge of my bed.   “I'm not sure if your right or wrong about this note that we can't find but you know you could have called and then you wouldn't be in this mess. I still have to ground you though.”   “Ok what's my punishment?”   “One week, plus double the chores.”   “Fine but I promised my lab partner that I'd work on our project tomorrow where should I go to his house or work here?”   “I guess you guys can work here, wait him?”   “Yes it's a boy, what's wrong with that?”   “Nothing, I just thought you sat with Katelyn in that class.”   “I was but she got moved and I sat alone for a few days until Collin transferred to our school. Now I sit with him in all my classes.”   “Do you like him?” She said in a taunting whiny voice.   “Mom!” I said in a whine.   “Sarah!” She said in a tone matching mine. “Answer my question, do you like him?”   “Kind of, but he's just my lab partner right now.” Unless I play my cards wrong, then there's nothing stopping us from being together.   “So you do like him.”   “So?”   “So, nothing and you can have him over, if you wish.”   “Ok, I'm tired I'm going to sleep now.”   “Night.”   “Night.”   I started dreaming for two or three minutes but it wasn't dreaming it was a nightmare that's hard to describe but it made me wake up and I thought I saw Collin. “Collin?” I asked quietly, no answer. I guess I must be imagining things and I fell back to sleep. · · ·   I get out of the subway walk outside and to the school. (that's part of my punishment, not being able to drive my car, not that it matters I don't have to pay for gas.) Collin was standing, waiting on the outdoor stage. When he saw me he jumped off and walked towards me.   I walk towards him with a little bit of anger on my face. “You saw me write that note yesterday right?”   “Yes, why?”   “Because it wasn't on the fridge when I got home!” I said in an unhappy tone. “Did you use your freakish vampire talents to take the note? So I would get in trouble.”   “No, I took the not so you would not get into a miniature feud with your parents over something that was almost the opposite of what you wrote. Just me, is not a group of friends hanging out, but a couple on a date. Which is why I took the note.”   “So this whole thing is about lying to my parents?” I started to laugh but then I saw his face and stopped, it was both confused and sad. “You're serious aren't you? Oh, I get it now, you brain is still programed for an earlier time, where kids never lie to their parents. That's ok, if you want I'll tell them the whole truth and nothing but.” I said with a evil grin.   “NO!” He exclaimed. I chuckled at his worried expression. “So people in this decade lie to there parents?  That's really confusing. If my real parents were around I would get slapped across the face.”   I started laughing again. “That's... Why... You... Don't... Get... Caught!” I said in between gasps.“Don't worry I won't tell them anything about your secret.”    “That's unusual they could always tell when I'm lying by when I was blushing, when I could anyway, if there was some blush on my face I was lying.”   “Oh well, I'm grounded anyway but you're allowed to come over tonight to work on our project but my parents get home at seven, ok?”  “Yes, that's fine and I guess you mean not necessarily at your house right?”   “Yup, let's go to chemistry.”   On our way to my locker witch were quite close everyone stared, probably because I had never really had any boyfriends in high school, and nobody thought I would.    In chemistry Mr.Copper said “You guys can work on your project for the period.”    “Come on Sarah, I know what we need.”   He grabbed six brightly coloured chemicals and walked back to our table.   “We have to pour them into the container in a specific order and the right amount of each and with proper timing or it won't work.” He pointed to each one in order saying how much of each goes into the bottle, like I would remember all that.   “How about you pour them in, I'll probably mess it up anyway.”   “Ok, put your goggles on.”   He did the experiment and it exploded like fireworks in a shape of a heart.   “Did you want it to do that?” I said in awe.   “Yes, in a matter of fact I did.” He said happily. “Did you like it?”   “No...I love it!”   Mr. Copper comes over clapping. “Very good Mr. Anderson and Miss. Bland, very good indeed. How exactly did you do this?”   “Wouldn't it be better if we saved the explanation for the presentation?” I asked.    “Right you are, Sarah, very well I think I will be looking forward to your presentation then.”   “Now that he's back at his desk how did you do this?”   He went into specific details witch the only words I understood was the simple words like, the. Until he said “The heart was for a very pretty young woman, who I want to get to know better, and hope she wants to get to know me.”    I blushed and looked down. “That's very, very sweet of you.” I mumbled. Then he lifted up my chin and looked deeply into my eyes like he wanted to kiss me, his hand feels like liquid nitrogen on my flamed cheeks, then let go.    “I don't get it normal girls are charmed so much easier especially after all I've done to make you like me and it only works a little bit.”   “What does it mean to be charmed?”   “All it is, is to make it easier to use a power on an individual that you want to have a better power connection to. But with you it's like that television channel that has very weak connection.”   “Oh, that makes a little bit of sense.”   “It's almost lunch are you ready to meet my siblings?”   “Sure, wait yesterday you said your siblings were just getting over a cold, does your kind actually get sick?”   “No, I told them to stay home a day so I could get to know you before you met my family. Let's go see them now.”
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