Moonlight Dance

This story is practically a clash of two tales (The twilight saga and the hunger games trilogy) but with different characters and a bent storyline.
This story is about Sarah and Collin. Sarah is a human that loves playing hockey and music on her double bass in her school Rosedale Hights School of the Arts. When Collin moves to her city (Toronto) as a vampire who found Sarah as a grade 6 a little while before and knew she was his mate from the start so he enrolled in RHSA to get to know Sarah. Join them in this love story see if their love will last through all the action filled events that happens.


3. Chapter 2: The Date

So when I got home from school I fussed over what to wear, it took me an hour to finally figure out what I was going to wear. It took another half hour to get my hair the way I wanted. I'm not even the type of girl that does that, why am I doing this? It's getting rather close to seven-o-clock, so I ate a handful of cereal to calm myself down. Then I hear a quick tap on the door, I take a deep breath and opened the door to see him there with my favourite smile.
“Would you look at that, we match.” He said with a knowing grin as if he knows something I don't. With our light blue jeans, red T-shirts, and white runners. But still we will not match because he will always look better than I do. “Well, we must be going our reservation is soon.”
“Oh, umm, I didn't know we were going to get food first, or I would have got some money out from the bank.”
“It's ok I'm paying for you.”
“Ok fine, I'll pay you back later, where are we going?”
“You'll find out, and you don't have to pay me back.”
“Ok Collin, so after we eat are we studying?”
“You'll find out later” He said with a smirk.
I really don't like surprises but from him, for some reason, I do. For example at Christmas time I kinda look for my own presents, but that doesn't really work because I'm not that good at it. “Hold on, I have to write a note to say were I am.”
So I started writing the note saying...

Dear Mom or Dad,
I am going out for dinner then studying with a group of friends from school I'll be back sometime around 10:00.

He started snickering and said in a strained voice (probably from laughing) “What, afraid of what your parents will think?”
“No... Well, maybe a little.”
“Well, you shouldn't be afraid of them, but you should be afraid of me.” He said with a deep, scary tone.
“Why?” Why would he say that unless... He is a vampire. Then he starts he knowing smile again like he knows what I'm thinking.
“We really should be on our way now, let's go.”
“Ok.” When we stepped outside I see his car parked in my driveway, it's like one of those cars just made for the car shows, it is a shiny light sea blue Lamborghini Aventador. “That's one nice looking car, I love the color.”
“That it was a gift from my parents for my sixteenth birthday.” He said with a smirk. But I think he's lying to me not about the car ether, about the birthday, I don't think it was his sixteenth birthday this year, I think his sweet sixteen was a couple hundred years ago. Another knowing smile from him. Hmm.
While we are just closing our doors I ask “So Collin,” I said timidly. “I know this will sound weird but this has been bugging me all day. Well, last night I had dream about becoming a vampire and you were the only other person in my dream that I now know. And...”
“Ok, ok enough, I know what you're trying to say, that you were wondering whether or not I am a vampire. Am I right?” His fingers tightening around the steering wheel and eyes glaring straight ahead.
“Yes.” I said quietly.
“Well that's is not something I should say but you guessed it, yes I am a vampire. You happy now?” He said gently
I just stay quiet because my brain is calculating every thing so fast, it's making my head hurt.
“Sarah, I'm sorry for being a little mean to you, but I'm not really supposed to tell anyone. So you can't tell anyone else ok?” I just nod because I'm so stunned I can't speak, I was actually right about my dream. “The rest of my family are also vampires.”
“Wait, why me, there are hundreds of other girls in the school and you choose me.”
“That's the story I'm going to tell you at the restaurant, we have a private room.”
· · ·

When we get to the restaurant Collin went around the hood of the car and opened my door so quick it was inhuman. Oh wait, he's a vampire that must be one of the talents they hold.
Walking in the restaurant everyone looked at us. It was really weird. He gives the name Anderson to the reception lady. She leads us to this little room that holds only one elegant table with two comfortable looking chairs that match the table. On the table is a vase that contains a single white (with red tips) rose. “That's a very pretty rose.”
“You like it? I brought that rose in earlier today so it would be here when I brought you to this very room.”
“Thank you it's very pretty,where did you find it?”
“Well it's for a very pretty girl, and I got a white rose from the store and added some red to it so it would look like this.” He said toying with the flower. I blushed. “Of course there is another reason why I did this.”
“To tell you that I'm more than just a white rose.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Well guess what else there is to me you already know one thing about me, the vampire part, but there is more to it.”
“Like what?”
“Let me see... Were you following me since I was ten? That's my guess”
He got this strange look on his face but then he smiled. A second later the waitress came in asking “What can I get you?”
Collin asked “Can I get a glass of red wine and a mushroom, swiss spaghetti dish? What would you like Sarah?”
“Um...I'll get a... rootbeer with... a risotto dish please.”
“Ok, I'll be back in a bit.” she said in a cheerful and voice.
The waitress just leaves so I ask again “So, were you following me?”
“I don't know how you guessed that but you're almost exactly right. I first saw you when you were in grade six. You were in your graduation dress outside your house. Well that was the first time I saw you but I could sense you were there a year or so before.”
The look on my face at the moment must have been shocked and scared because he immediately said “I'm really sorry for frightening you but that had to be said if we are to be seeing each other more and more.”
“It's ok, really I'm not scared, it's just that for a while I have felt like I have felt like I had someone following me, but I thought I was going crazy. It's kind of a relief that someone has been following me.”
The waitress comes in, with (I think) a little more make-up on then before, with our food. She turns her back to me and completely faced Collin and said “Here you go, if there's anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask.” In her chipper voice. She left again and Collin was looking at his folded hands.
“Collin, you know she was flirting with you right?” I asked him in a jealous tone.
“No I did not because my heart only has space for one and that's you.” He said “By the way, jealously looks very attractive on you.”
“The way that you draw people to you, I'll be jealous a bit more than usual.” I said “Wait I thought vampires only drank blood not eat food.”
“We can survive with either or but we need the blood to be stronger. Also blood tastes better, most food tastes like dirt.”
“You won't hurt me.” I said confidentiality. “Will you?” I added more unsure.
“Of course not, I would never harm not one hair on head. Besides you are the one that was made to meet my match, why would I hurt you?”
“I don't know.”
“And another thing my family only eats animals. That's why we can control our eye colour (and hair length but if I were to grow out my hair I would have to cut it to make it short again), I only chose sapphire blue because it's the nicest on me, the other type of vampires only has red. The older vampires have more colours than the younger ones, like Mitch has way more than me.”
I look up at his eyes thinking that's not possible but he's changing his eye colour from all the normal eye colours, to red, to bright colours like pink, yellow and gold.
“That's so cool!” I said a little to loud, I had to make sure no one was looking. He smiled again.
“Not really, Mitch can do metallics. You got to get him to so you that one day. Also if any of our eyes are black then we're probably thirsty, so you might want to stay away from us then.”
“I will... Wait are there others... I mean like mythical creatures that live with humans on this world?”
“Yes, almost any thing you can think of exists. I've seen a few in my life time like werewolves, witches, necromancers, half deamons, but there's also friendly ones to like unicorns and fairies.”
“Cool, so my friends were right about the unicorns being real all this time. To bad I can't tell them because then they'd think other things were real to and that would lead to you. Right?”
“Yes, you are right it would lead to my family, but also it would cause a war between our families for exposing their secret.”
“Ok, so what other cool things can vampires do?”
“Well some of us have extra powers besides the ones that all vampires have, like my power is mind control and reading but with you there's a little bit of a glitch like when your sleeping there is no problem that's how I can communicate with you most of the time, but when your up it's like it only wants to read your mind when it wants me to, it's weird. There are other powers, almost anything you can think of as a power can be one.”
"I wonder if there's a power that has all of the known powers in one." I thought a little loudly.
“Probably.” He said I must of looked confused because he added to that. “For some reason I heard that.”
“Ohh. I thought you could hear that.”
“I said it loudly in my head.”
“So you can tell me what you're thinking if you want to?”
“I guess.”
“Cool, this I have to tell Mitch.”
I finish eating my ristto and he asked “Do you want the rest of my food. You know I don't really like it any way.”
“Sure.” Truthfully, I'm actually very hungry.
“So what are your hobbies?” He asked.
“Well, I play hockey, play music on my double bass, and I also do a little bit of art.”
“Wow I also play music and art. Sometimes my family and I play hockey and baseball but we have to wait until there are certain weather conditions to play.”
“Cool how about your other hobbies, what do you do?”
“Well besides my attraction to you...” He smiled. “I also like to wonder the woods.”
“Aww, that's sweet of you to say that.” I said blushing and he touched my cheek I think to calm me, but that didn't work that just made my cheeks hotter, I know that because his hands were like ice on my cheeks.
“Well it's true, my attraction to you is that of bear's is to honey.”
“So you're a poet to?”
“Sort of... I'm not that good at it though.”
“Aww, no, don't doubt your skills.” I sit there looking at his hands wanting to touch it because it's like they belong in a museum. “Do you mind if...” He streched out is arm far enough to let me touch his hand. Wow it's really smooth and soft but hard like a rock and as cold as ice. “Thanks.”
I finish half of his meal and like my meal I didn't taste any of it. The waitress came with our bill, he didn't even look at the price and put down two-hundred dollars. I looked at the price and it was only fifty-one dollars and thirty cents.
When we got into his car I asked “Why me? Out of all of the girls you could have over the years you chose me, why?”
“Well, I heard if someone is your match their glow is much brighter than the others. That's what Mitch aways said to me, and your glow is so bright it makes the sun look like coal. If someone has a power, the power is sharper with the match, but with you it cuts out sometimes witch I don't get.”
“Oh, ok that makes sense, kind of.” I said “So are we going to work an our project now?”
“You know I can finish the whole project in less than ten seconds, right?”
“Probably, but I at least want some input on our project.”
“Ok fine what type of mixture do you want to do?”
“Maybe we can make it do something special.”
“Like make it explode with colour?”
“Sure that will give us a ninety percent at least.”
“I have just the thing in mind.” He said. “It's quarter to ten, instead of driving around in a detour would you like to go home now?”
Getting back on the right way to my house looked so easy for him when even I didn't understand where we were going. But on the way I asked him “How was your first day of school?”
“It was like all my other first days of high school, ok, it's just that every year it's the same curriculum, it get boring after a while. But this year is going to be alot better than the others because of you.”
Just as he finished answering my question we were at my house.
“Thanks again Collin, see you tomorrow.”
“You're welcome, see ya.”
I'm just getting into my house and my parents were there waiting crossed arms and mad faces. My dad points to the couch and I know right now I'm in big trouble.

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