Moonlight Dance

This story is practically a clash of two tales (The twilight saga and the hunger games trilogy) but with different characters and a bent storyline.
This story is about Sarah and Collin. Sarah is a human that loves playing hockey and music on her double bass in her school Rosedale Hights School of the Arts. When Collin moves to her city (Toronto) as a vampire who found Sarah as a grade 6 a little while before and knew she was his mate from the start so he enrolled in RHSA to get to know Sarah. Join them in this love story see if their love will last through all the action filled events that happens.


2. Chapter 1: The School's New Student

Hmmmm... should I tell her about my dream? It has been bothering me all morning. Maybe not, too weird to tell anyone. Ouch someone just bumped into me and made my books fall. “Hey!”
“I'm so sorry, here let me help you.” A sweet voice said, with meaning. “Hi, my name is Collin Anderson and I'm in grade eleven, what's your name?”
“Sarah Bland and I'm in grade eleven too, are you new here?”
“Yes, I just moved to the area from Vancouver.”
“Well that's a long way from Toronto's own Rosedale Hights School Of The Arts.” I said raising my arms to show him around, quickly. “How could your family leave the mountains and the smell of the ocean?”
“Well that's a story I don't want to tell right now.”
“Why not?”
“Because it's a really, long story.”
“Oh, ok.” I said kind of sadly. “What class are you off to?”
“Ummm, I'm not to sure, I haven't got my schedule yet. Where's the office?”
“This way, follow me.” I don't know if I'm right but it looked like he was trying to keep with my pace, weird. “So were abouts do you live?”
“I'll show you one day.” He said with a smile.
Oh my god, did anyone else notice that he said "I'll show you one day"? I think that means he likes me. Yeah. I just realized I haven't even looked at him yet that's weird I wonder why... I guess it's better late then never, lets start at the feet because when I see new people I tend to look at the face and never look anywere else... He has designer shoes, pants, shirt everything on him is designer. Not to mention he has a great toned body with this strange white color skin. (He's more white than I am, weird.) Now his face he has these nice green color eyes that look like they could change to a sapphire blue, nice red, shaped lips, and the perfect nose for his face. But the look on his face seems strained, probably just the nerves from the first day. With black hair that I think has some natural blue in it. Oh my god, he is as gorgeous as a male model, who knows with this school, maybe he is.
“Here it is the office. Not to much to look at here.” The office is just like any office but with two really nice secretaries at the desks.
“There's always something pretty to look at when you're here.” He said in a nice romantic voice with this smile I could not look away from.
While he is getting his schedule from the secretary I might as well sit.
“Sarah, could you come here for a moment, please?” The secretary asked.
“Could you take Mr. Anderson to his first class, it's chemistry with Mr. Copper, and I'll give you a note so you can be up to fifteen minutes late to all of your classes, for today only, to take him to his classes and show him around. Is that ok with you?”
“That's fine with me if it is fine with Collin. Is it ok with you?”
“It is most fine with me mademoiselle.” Ohh, he's fancy with the french, I see.
“Then it's settled, Sarah here's your late slip, and Collin, is it, here's yours. And Collin, come back here at the end of the day with that slip signed by all of your teachers.”
When we were out of the office we asked each other a whole bunch of questions not wanting to give up our fifteen minutes of free time. Like what's your favorite color, rock, flower, type of music and other questions like that. My answers were; blue, sapphire, roses, pop and classical. His were; red, topas, rose, classical. After more questions near the five minutes left mark we compared our schedules and we have all the same classes including advanced strings, how cool, and since I sit alone in all my classes and the desks are filled other than that seat he will have to sit beside me. Yes, I wonder how Katelyn would feel about this.
“What is your instrument?” I asked.
“Well, I play lots of instruments but I'm here for the violin.” Cool... we can do a duet together one day.
“I guess we have to go to class now, don't we?” Collin said.
“Yeah, I guess we do.”
· · ·
“Sorry I'm late, Mr. Copper, but I had to show our new student, Collin Anderson, around.”
When he walks into the room the boys groan and and the girls sigh with pleasure.
“Ok Collin, you can sit next to... Sarah.”
We walked to our seats and sat down but he had his chair as far away from me as the desk allowed, but at least it was angled towards me. I looked back to where Katelyn should be sitting but she wasn't there. I wonder where she could be... Probably one of her "sick days" (that she takes a lot of). Oh well I'll call her later. Mr. Copper was reviewing complex mixtures that we will be doing as a project with a partner to present in front of the class. I looked around and everyone was making those stupid little motions that says "lets be partners" so I looked at Collin and whispered “Do you want to be partners?”
“Sure, I have an idea what we can do for it too.”
“Do you want to go to the library today after school?”
“Sounds perfect.”
“Mr.Anderson I know it's your first day here and everything but really, can any one tell this young man the one rule of this class room, Sarah since you are showing this fine boy around how about you say it.”
First I took a deep breath and said. “The rule of this class is simple; don't talk until Mr. Copper says it's ok to. Sorry, but that was my fault not his.” To Collin only I said. “I'm so sorry.”
“It's ok don't beat yourself up about it.”
Oh my gosh he's like a dream come true. Wait, dream come true, now I know what he reminded me of, my dream I had last night almost exactly the same creepy but not realistic. There's no way dreams like this never come true. Just as I was about to say something the bell rang and I forgot what it was.
“So what do you want to do for the next fifteen minutes, Collin?”
“How about we tell each other about our families.”
“Sounds good, in my family I live with my parents but I also have a sister named Jennifer. How about you?”
“Well, I live with my foster parents Mitch, and Violet and my foster brothers and sister; Samule and Willow, Crimson and my blood sister Amber, who are coming tomorrow.”
“I'm so sorry for your lost and why didn't they come today?.” I said sincerely
“It's ok I can't remember them anyway. Well, except for what my dad Mitch tells me about them. They are just getting over a cold”
“What do your parents do for a living?”
“My dad is a doctor and my mom is a wedding designer. How about your family?”
“My mom is an interior designer and my dad is a police officer.”.
“I think it's getting close to class time, don't you agree?”
“Yup, I think so too” Man how time flies when I'm with him almost like you are on a roller coaster. You wait so long in line to go on and when you finally get on the ride it is like you spend twenty seconds on it. It's the same with him I wait so very patient for class to be over so I can have fifteen minutes with Collin but it only feels like five minutes with him.
The rest of the day went by so fast I could barely remember any of it, except for the time Collin and I spent together. Once I actually asked him what just happened. But he just bursted out laughing as if I had said something funny. It was the cutest laugh though.
At the end of the school day he said “So what time do you want me to pick you up?”
“I don't know, what time works for you?”
“Around seven I guess, is that ok?”
“Sure that's great.”
“I'll pick you up at your house ok?”

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