Beauty and a Beat

Isabella is cyber bullied just for being tall. She has only one friend, Veronica. One Friday she bumps into the one and only Harry Styles. Will Isabella and Harry go in to a relationship? Or just be friends for life? (P.S can u guys like give me some feedback on how it is going so far, and what i should add. THANXXXX)


6. The Pic

~Harry's POV~


After Isabella left there was silence. "Well that was fun!" Niall said in an attempt to break the silence which it did. "Ya it was" I said. I went to my room and logged in to twitter. They were the usual comments like we love and all which really made our day when ever we read them. Then something caught my eye. It was a tweet about someone coming in my flat and there was picture attached. The picture was when Isabella and Veronica were coming in my flat. How did they know where I live? I looked at the comments for the pic and they were mostly like 'who are they' and 'do they have a new girlfriend' and stuff like that.


~Isabella's POV~


I helped my mom to clean the dishes since that is what she wanted me to do. I went over to my sister who was watching t.v. Vanessa was in love with one direction so i decided to tell her. Vanessa and Marth were both 15, 2 years away from me. I am 17. I sat beside her and said "Vanessa can I talk to you for minute". "Ya what is it sissy" was what she said as a reply. "You know one direction?" "Ya what about them?" " I got to meet them today." "LIAR" she shouted.  I pulled out my laptop to show her the pic. "See" I pushed the laptop next to her. She leaned closer to the laptop to look closer. "That is me and that is Veronica." After she realized that it was me and Veronica she immediately gave my a bone-crushing hug. The hug lasted a good 10 seconds then i told her to stop crushing my bones."OMG you took Veronica and not me!" she said. "Next time i'll try my best to introduce you to them. O.k" I asked. "Ya!" She started to jump all around the house. Literally all around! I just laughed and logged out of twitter. I went upstairs for a shower.

*skip shower*

I blow dried my hair and put it up in a messy bun. I checked the time on my phone. It was 7:56. Wow time passes by quickly. 



Hey People!

I just wanted to say thanx to Joselyn Horan for making my fanfic one of her favourites and she was the first to do that. And also I am sorry that this chapter is a little short. So, can you guys like give me some ideas on what to put next. That would be great thnxxxx! Also i wanted to ask who else watched 1D day on YTV yesterday (Wednesday)? Well if you did hope you liked it!

K people have an amazing day!!!!


Isabella <3






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