Beauty and a Beat

Isabella is cyber bullied just for being tall. She has only one friend, Veronica. One Friday she bumps into the one and only Harry Styles. Will Isabella and Harry go in to a relationship? Or just be friends for life? (P.S can u guys like give me some feedback on how it is going so far, and what i should add. THANXXXX)


2. Telling Veronica / Phone Call

~Isabella POV~


I was walking home, and all the way home i couldnt stop thinking about harry. I bumped into Harry Styles from One Direction. i was a fan but not an obsessed one. Veronica was though. 'I wander how she will react when she will react when i tell her' i wandered. i got home and swung the door home, ran upstairs and through my stuff on the ground and called Veronica. One beep. Two beep. Three beep. "Hey Isabell." she said. Veronica calls me Isabell. "Hey! Guess who i bumped in today?" "Who?" "Your one and only Harry Edward Styles!" i said excitedly. "O.M.G! No your joking." she replied shocked. "Nope. 100% truth." i said. She screamed so loud that even when i pulled my phone a meter away from my ear i could still here her. "k come down Veronica." i said. She finally stopped screaming. "Did he ask you anything?!" she asked still excited. "Ya. He asked me my number." "Wonder if he likes you?" she asked curiosly. "Nooo, I'm just a normal girl." "You never know Isabell." After a little while of talking my stomach was grumbling. "K sorry got to go Veronica. Bye!" "Bye Isabell." I turned off my phone and went downstairs to eat. When i went down i saw a plate of rice on the table and my sister and brother walking to it. I sat down and started to eat. After i finished i drank all my water and ran upstairs. I went to finish my homework so i didnt have to do it for the weekend. Then i'd have a lot of free time. When I finished it, i checked my phone to see what time it is. It was 6:34. I unlocked my phone and exactly when it opened my phone rang. Someone called. I checked the name and it said 'Harry Styles'. I pressed answer.


~Harry's POV~



I decided to call Isabella an ask her if she hang out with us. I scrolled through my contacts and stopped at Isabella's name. I touched her name and pressed the phone to my ear. The metal felt warm on my ear since it was a bit hot in my flat. The boys were at my flat today. Liam and Niall were on the couch opposite of me. Louis and Zayn on the coach in front of the T.V. We were watching the X Factor. One beep. Two beep. "Hello?" a girl voice said on the other end. "Hi, um this is Isabella?" i asked. "Ya and this is Harry i am guessing." She guessed correct. "Yup! Ermm Isabella do you like wanna hangout tomorrow and do something?" I asked and hoping she said yes. "Sure What time?" Yay she said yes! "How about noon tomorrow?" " Ya i'm free." "Great cant wait to see you again!" "Wait um Harry, can i bring a friend?" she asked. "Sure why not?" I answered. "OK, thanx Harry. see you tomorrow Bye!" "Bye." i turned off the phone feeling amazing. And i also felt everyone's eyes on me. I turned to see if what i was felling was true and sure enough it was. "Who was that mate?" Niall asked. "Just someone I met today." " When can we meet 'this person you met?" Louis asked making bunny ears at the end. "Tomorrow at noon she is coming over." "Cool. Cant wait to see her!" Liam said. Niall went to the kitchen to grab some food. Niall and his food. I swear if he were aloud to marry food he would! But that is the way we like Niall. Niall just being his self. 

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