Beauty and a Beat

Isabella is cyber bullied just for being tall. She has only one friend, Veronica. One Friday she bumps into the one and only Harry Styles. Will Isabella and Harry go in to a relationship? Or just be friends for life? (P.S can u guys like give me some feedback on how it is going so far, and what i should add. THANXXXX)


4. Hanging Out

~Isabella's POV~


Veronica's mouth dropped to the ground like an anchor dropping to the bottom of the sea. All of us started to laugh like there was no tomorrow. Veronica closed her mouth. A few more seconds then she'd be drooling all over the place. I felt a pair of arms squeezing me. I turned my head to see Veronica hugging me. She stood up straight and the boys stopped laughing. "Hi im Liam. But i think you already know who we are" Liam said with a little laugh. But when he said "you" i knew he meant Veronica. "Hey im Isabella, and this here is my friend, Veronica." Veronica blushed. Me and her did that often. "So your Isabella" Niall said in his adorable Irish accent. "Yup the one and only"I replied. "Come on" Louis shouted and jumped on the couch.

We all jumped on and started to talk about each other. "When is your birthday" Zayn asked. "February 1, 1994." All there mouths dropped. Was it something I said, I wandered. "That is when my birthday is." Harry said with a cute and adorable grin. "Really" is all i managed to say. I was just so shocked that my birthday was on the same  day as Harry and i didnt even know. "Yea" they all said.


~Harry’s POV~


“February 1, 1994” as soon as I heard those words come out of her mouth, I was shocked. Isabella’s birthday was on the same as mine! “Yea.” Zayn confirmed our answer whether my birthday is on February 1 or not. We all started to know Isabella more. She also got to know us more. It was really fun! I checked my phone and it was 3:58. Woah, it has been 4 hours. It sure didn’t feel like it. “Time?” Niall asked getting some chips. “3:58” I replied. “Really? Then I should be going my mom is going to get worried.” Isabella explained. But I didn’t want to her to go.”Text me ok Harry?” “Sure.” I said. We got up and we all gave them a hug and said our goodbyes and they were off.


~Veronica’s POV~


I just spend a whole 4 hours with the famous band One Direction. I was screaming on the inside and calm on the outside. We got in the car and we put on the radio. Diamonds by Rihanna was playing. After 5 minutes i was home. I stood on the driveway just staring at my house thinking about the people i was just with. At their house i felt like I was being watched the whole time. When I would look around I always caught Niall staring at me. Wander if he likes me! Niall was always my favourite!!! "You coming in or what" my annoying 13 year old sister called. I just rolled my eyes and went inside. "Hey mom" I said and went straight up to my room. I assumed that Isabella was already home. I laid on the bed on my stomach and texted Isabell. 'Hey girl! I love that surprise thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'


~Isabella's POV~


I got home and yelled "Hi guys i'm home!" I went upstairs and got my phone. I started to read the text Veronica sent me without unlocking my phone. 'Hey girl! I love that surprise thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'it said

'Welcome =)! I told you you would love it'

'Ya. Yo you know the whole time we were talking, Niall was staring at me!' her text said

'V+N=<3' I laughed silently and sent. I pictured then sitting on  bench and staring into each others eyes. They looked sooooo cute. But my thoughts were interrupted by my mom calling me down.

'Sorry gtg bye. ttyl!' I sent and went downstairs to my mom








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