Beauty and a Beat

Isabella is cyber bullied just for being tall. She has only one friend, Veronica. One Friday she bumps into the one and only Harry Styles. Will Isabella and Harry go in to a relationship? Or just be friends for life? (P.S can u guys like give me some feedback on how it is going so far, and what i should add. THANXXXX)


5. Author's note (Not a Chapter)

Hey guys I just wanted to say thnxxx to all of you for getting my book 80 reads in less than a month (I think it was a month or less but i don't know)! And i will try my best to update almost everyday on the holidays so ya. But thanxxxxxx so much guys for all the reads. Sorry for not posting lately but i will give you another chapter this week. K thnxx and also guys u all are beautiful (or handsome if ur a boy) and don't you people forget that ;)!

Love you guys and Merry Christmas,

Isabella <3 :) ;)

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