Beauty and a Beat

Isabella is cyber bullied just for being tall. She has only one friend, Veronica. One Friday she bumps into the one and only Harry Styles. Will Isabella and Harry go in to a relationship? Or just be friends for life? (P.S can u guys like give me some feedback on how it is going so far, and what i should add. THANXXXX)


1. School Day

~ Isabella's POV~


BEEP BEEP BEEP. The annoying tone of my alarm clock started my day always. Today was Friday! Finally my week for school ended! Just one problem. I was bullied each day just for being tall. I didnt want to go to school (a.k.a prison). I quickly put my pillow over my head. BEEP BEEP BEEP! Ugh. Lazily i got up and finally shut off my clock. I got up and headed to the bathroom. After brushing my teeth i combed my hair. My hair was black. Then i opened my closet and looked for something to wear. Quickly i pulled out a shirt. It had purple and white stripes (bid stripes) with a short skirt-like thing. The skirt thing was also purple but shiny and had a few shiny sequins attached to it. I pulled out purple pant and a purple sweater. I pulled all of that on over my tall body. It was actually pretty cute. I hoped to the mirror like a bunny. I dont know why but i was actually quite hyper. Normally that never happened. Ok so, then i put on some eyeliner. "Perfect" i said quietly to myself. I raced downstairs and saw my brother and sister eating. My 2 annoying siblings. My brother's name was Marth and sister's was Vanessa. "Mornin mom! Whats for breakfast?!" I was literally starving. "Pancakes sweetie." my mum replied. Mmmmm! I love pancakes! I said hi to my brother and sister. Quickly i ate my breakfast and drank my juice. I darted toward my bag and pulled on my purple sandals. I headed toward my car and leaned my head on the window. I was wishing that the person who bullied me, Alex was not there. I heard a car door open. I glanced over my shoulder to see my brother climbing and my sister right behind. Again i heard another car door open. i placed my head over my left shoulder and saw my mom climbing in. I again laid my head on the window and wished for the same thing. No one said a word in the car. Before i knew it i was in front of my grade 12 classroom. I poked my head in the classroom to see if Alex was here. YESSS!!!!! She wasnt! At that moment i knew i was gona have an amazing day. I said hi to my best friend, Veronica. i sat on my seat and then our school day began.

{Lunch time}

At lunch me and Veronica sat on an empty table and ate our lunches. me and her were talking about random topics.

{Last period}

Our last class was only 30 minutes long. Now only 2. I think the lesson was on space or something like that. I wasnt really paying attention. I was to busy staring at the clock. BRRIIINNNNGGGGG School is over!!!! everybody leaped out of their seat and raced to their locker like a pack of cheetahs. i got my stuff and my phone from my locker. Veronica's locker was beside mine. i quickly said bye and was off.

I called my mom to tell her that i was gona walk home. My mom was fine with it. my house is only a 10 minute walk. I was on the sidewalk and my head was glued to the floor. I had my textbooks in my hand. i dont put them in my bag because i dont want to kill my shoulders. I lifted my head up and BANG!


~Harry's POV~


I was on my phone scrolling through some tweets when BANG! I plummeted to the ground and so did the girl in front of me. "oh my god, i am so sorry." we both said at the same time. And we also laughed at the same time. we got up and the girl grabbed my phone. I grabbed her books. She gave me my phone and i gave her her books. "I'm Harry. May i ask your name?" "Sure my name is Isabella." "Um, Isabella can i have your number?" I asked and she gave me her number. I started to walk home and into my flat.


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