Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


5. Day 4 - Not Crying Today

A/N: Over 100 views! I love you all! Please keep those ideas coming! I promise to include them, I promise ok! Thankyou for all your lovely comments. You have no IDEA how much they mean to me. And to all of my favouriters. I FREAKIN LOVE YOU! <3 Also to my fans, LOVE YOU EVEN MORE and extra carrot points to who can actually figure out what Louis said.

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I really want to make Lily average like any girl. So if you want to add suggestions. I'm all about pleasing the public.


I woke up smiling. Lou was in his bed with half of his body hanging off the bed. His hair was all messed up and he looked adorable. I checked the time and it was 10:00. I realized how much we had slept in so I ran over to the bed jumping on him.

He screamed thrashing around. I kept hold of him laughing like crazy. He was trying to get me off of his back but was dreadfully failing. He then calmed down lying on the bed. 

"It's just me sleepy head," I giggled giving him a kiss on the cheek,

"You're so meaaaannn," he groaned rubbing his eyes, 

I smiled at him as I sat on his lap. He wrapped his strong arms around my waist and nuzzled his face into my hair. His breath tickled my neck and I silently laughed.

"I think the word you're looking for is clever," 

I got off of him sitting on my bed instead. 

"So, what are we going to do today?" I asked

"Well just getting straight to the point are we?" he said crossing his arms, "It's not very nice to be so forward." 

"Well who woke up on the wrong side of the bed?" I responded laughing,

"I actually woke up on the right side of the bed!" he exclaimed, 

"You actually woke up hanging half off of the right side of the bed," I snickered,

"Aw, why do you have to be such a smarty pants?" he asked flopping down onto the bed,

"I'm not. You just bring out the best in me."

"Gootano," he grumbled into his pillow,

I laughed at him throwing my pillow at him. I heard a loud "Mmph" as he took my pillow and laid on top of it.

"Thats just not fair!" I exclaimed trying to pull the pillow out from under him,

"Wyevanot" he mumbled,

"Because I'm weak and you're... big." I said struggling to find a word that wouldn't offend him.

He lifted his head only to reveal the most funniest expression on his face. He was being overdramatically sad, pretending to cry.

"Are you saying I'm fat?!" he cried. He started screaming and wailing into his pillow kicking his legs about.

I laughed at him taking this chance to take my pillow away. I took it away swiftly and successfully wacking him in the head again. This caused him to scream even more. I tried to cover his mouth, I didn't need anyone calling the police. It worked pretty successfully until he licked my hand. I took my hand away shaking it round.

"EwEwEw!" I squealed, "You just licked my hand! I have to wash this off."

"Most girls would never wash their hands again," he grumbled getting up from bed, "But on the other hand, you're not an ordinary girl are you?"

"You got that right," I said running my hand under the cold water turning back to look at him,

"Yeah. You're special," he then made little quotation marks in the air.

"Aww thanks," I responded "But honestly, what are we doing today?"

"We're breathing." he said in the cutest and smallest voice you could imagine,

"Anything else?" I asked walking out,

"Why don't we play a spot of football?" (A/N Soccer for all of you Aussies) 

"Lou you know I can't play," I mumbled twiddling my thumbs,

"Then I guess I'll just have to teach you love," he said smiling cheekily at me.


When I suggested the idea I knew full well that Lily Bud was hopeless at football. She couldn't hit the ball if her life depended on it. But, thats what I was depending on. I looked up at her and she was biting her fingernail nervously. Her cheeks were a pale pink and she looked sort of worried.

"No need to be worried dear," I cooed giving her a hug, "I'll protect you from any flying balls."

She snickered a little. 

"Flying balls?" she snickered,

"Don't be so immature," I moaned "Now go and make us some breakfast, I'll get changed up here."

"So bossy!" she said trudging out the door, "I can only imagine what it would be like if we were married."

She instantly straightened up turning around slowly, she watched me, obviously looking for a reaction. 

"Married?" I asked inquisitively

"Not that I want to get married!" she blubbered, "I'm not saying that I wouldn't want to, I mean I wouldn't mind one day, but thats getting ahead of myself because we've been on one date and discussing marriage is wildly inappropriate. Its just a joke because I would HATE being married to you. I mean HATE. But no, that came out wrong. It wouldn't be terrible it's just not ideal but I'm not saying that you would be a bad husband I'm just saying that-"

I then cut her off,

"I get what you mean now shoo," I said waving her off. She smiled apologetically as she walked out of the room.

I heard her mumble unintelligible things as she shut the door behind herself. I laughed to myself taking out my soccer uniform that I used when I played for charity. I slipped it on and went downstairs not bothering to brush my hair. I don't think that she would mind anyways. 

When I reached the kitchen I saw her pottering around with a piece of toast in her mouth. 

"Mm whats that I smell?" I asked coming up behind her and wrapping my arms around her waist. 

"Well I thought that I would make us some carrot soup for lunch. Put the recipe is quite extraneous," she mumbled through her mouth of toast.

"Oo!" I exclaimed walking over to her front. I then took a bite of her toast nibbling on it loudly.

"Hey!" she shouted taking the toast out of her mouth and shaking it at me, "my toast."

That was when I took it and ate the rest.

"Now its my toast!" I chuckled smiling innocently.

"Well I'll just continue making our lunch then," she responded putting extra emphasis on the 'our.' 

"Babe, its just carrot soup. Why would it take so long?" I asked as she cut up the carrots.

"Well I found a steam cooker in the cupboard," she said picking up a piece of carrot and feeding it to me, "And I wanted to use it. It really makes the vegetables soft. Only problem is that it takes like, forever."

"And you know how to use it?" I raised my eyebrow seriously doubting her statement, she must have realized the look on my face because she laughed responding sarcastically

"Yeah Lou. I'm cooking with it because I don't know how to use it."

"Well," I began "I could deal with cornflakes you know?"

"Well," she said mimicking my tone, "We can have cornflakes tomorrow but today we're having carrot soup." 

"Yes miss..." I whimpered pouting, 

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek before chucking all the carrots into the steam cooker. She put the lid on and ran up the stairs. I sat in the kitchen awkwardly waiting for her to come down. So I took to reading my twitter. There was mostly nice things on there telling me to stay strong after the breakup. one of the leading topics was #louian. I was still very confused about how they figured out who Lily actually was. But as I looked around I saw that someone posted a lucky shot of her at the ice arena and then Cherie had (thoughtlessly) posted on there:

@CheriePea: omg thats my bff 4 life @Lillian_Brie love ya xoxoxoxxooxoxoxox SWAG MASTA IS BACK IN DONCASTA WOOOO!

I laughed at her comment. She was so silly sometimes. There was a part of me that was mad at her for putting Lil through the hate but I knew that Lil was strong and that she wouldn't care about the hate in the end.


It was going to be uncharacteristically hot today so I decided to go with a cooler outfit. I pulled out my 'infinite directioner' shirt. I made it myself quite early on, before Louis and I lost contact. I pulled out a random pair of shorts and tied my hair up in a ponytail before going down stairs. (A/N: This is her outfit I ran down the stairs only to find Louis laughing his head off at me.

"Infinite Directioner!" he managed to choke out between laughter,

"What?" I asked innocently "Why can't I wear this shirt?"

he kept laughing saying random words every now and then that ended up making a sentence,

"You, Lillian, Marie, Brie, has a shirt with my bands name on it! THATS PRECIOUS BABE!"

"Well are we going to play football or what?" I moaned crossing my arms,

"In that?" he asked still laughing, 

"Well not everyone has a fancy uniform like you," I responded,

"At least dress in something you wouldn't mind ruining," his laughter began to slow,

"Why do you think I put this on?" I smiled at him as I offered my hand to him.

Him being the gentleman that he was, he took it and we held hands as we walked out the door. We were mobbed by paparazzi but it felt good not having to conceal my identity. Everyone knew what I looked like anyways. 

"You alright babe?" he asked as I put my seat belt on in the car,

"Of course I am, their only pictures."

"Well a few of them clawed at me..." he mumbled starting the car,

"Clawed at you!" I then burst out laughing as he started to drive, "People are so crazy..."


We arrived at the park in good time. It was pretty early so noone was there.

"How about a game then?" he asked grabbing a ball from the boot of the car. (A/N: or trunk of the car)

"Already?!" I felt dreadfully unprepared, I hadn't played since Louis left. I stopped alot of things since Louis left. I stopped drama club, singing lessons, guitar lessons, football, coming to the park, swinging by his house, even eating carrots on a daily basis. 

"Well I need to know how much to teach you love," he said placing the ball on the ground, "Just aim for that tree."

He pointed to a tree that wasn't that far away from here. About 3 meters? I could make that. I ran up to the ball kicking it with the inside of my shoe. It hit the tree rebounding to Louis who kicked it up into the air with his foot and caught it.

"I did it!" I squealed jumping up and down, "Lily still got it."

As I danced around I realized that Louis had walked off so that he was quite awhile away. There was also a ball at my foot.

"Now would you be so kind to pass that to me?" he screamed across the field.

"I'll try!" I shouted back getting ready to make my kick. But instead of hitting the ball to him I completely missed it and fell over. He ran over helping me up.

"I'm pretty useless aren't I?" I said rubbing the back of my head, "Not very good at this sort of thing..." 

"Well you will get better with a bit of practice! C'mon! Lets go then!" he tried to sound in encouraging but it really didn't help me.

"What if I hurt myself so bad that I end up crying?" 

"You're not crying today babe." he said as he dropped the ball kicking it to me softly.

"Now lets go." 


We played for a little while until Lou felt hungry and we went back home.

"Can we go back after lunch? Please!" I begged as we walked into our front door hand in hand. We were greeted by the sweetest scent of carrots as we walked into the kitchen. 

Boo Bear was filthy. I might be terrible at passing but when it comes to shooting a goal I was pretty good! He had to dive quite a few times. I told him that that was my plan when in actuality it was just my bad aim. He seemed pretty impressed though! 

"I don't want to be trashed again love!" he exclaimed sitting down at the table. 

I opened the lid to the steam cooker and a bunch of carrot scented steam wafted up into my face. I blew it away taking the carrots out and blending them. I made sure that there was no lumps and poured it into a saucepan cooking it for awhile and adding some salt and pepper. I then poured it into a bowl adding some croutons on top. I knew that Lou liked croutons so I added some extras in his. I put a spoon in it and served it to him. He bared into it eating it in record time. I must admit, I did the same thing. Lou was my best friend and I always ate like this around him so why change now?

"Ughh" he moaned putting his hand on his stomach "Can we play football after dinner maybe?" 

"Sure," I responded, "But what do you want to do before that?" 

"Well it's 12:00 now," he began, "We can have dinner at 6:30. And we can play football the ENTIRE time afterwards. But I just want a break love. We can do anything you want." 

"How about a twit cam?" I asked, "The fans should meet me!" 

"Yes but I think it would be better for you if you were just my friend. Afterall, they don't have any pics of us kissing or anything."

"Why can't I be the girl you're dating?" 

"Because you're already getting hate for being my friend. I don't want you getting hurt. I definitely don't want you to be hurt because of me." he whispered kissing my forehead and tweeting out:

@Louis_Tomlinson: Doing a twitcam soon! With special guest: Lillian_Brie! NO HATE OR CARROT GODS SHALL CURSE YOU :) 

I laughed at his tweet as we set ourselves up at our computer. Louis tried starting the twitcam but was failing.

"Has it started?" I whispered trying to smile at the camera,

"I don't know..." he said clicking random places.

Comments then started flooding in like "I LOVE YOUUUU" and "IS THAT HER?" I gave myself a mental facepalm and tapped him across the head.

"Don't you see the comments?" I groaned

"Huh? Oh yeah! Hi everyone!" he exclaimed waving at the camera, "I'm here at home and this is my friend @Lillian_Brie better known as Lily."

"Yeah, I'm Lily." I said speaking to myself

"So lets just do what we normally do huh!" he said clapping his hands so loud that I screamed and hid under the table. "It was just a clip Lil's."

"I know," I whimpered "I'm just a wimp."

"We have alot of viewers, you just embarrassed yourself in front of alot of people." he facepalmed himself starting to read through the comments, he started to chuckle "Ok guys I get it, you love me and I'm good looking. Can I get some questions now?"

I got out from under the table reading through the questions. There were some really funny ones, some gross ones and some sensible ones.

"Well a common one seems to be how are Lil's and I just friends? Why don't you take this one Lil, most people are saying they would just throw themselves at me."

"Oh where do I start!" I exclaimed, "I've known Lou since I was like eight. When you know this kid for that long he starts to get a little tiresome. I mean he is SOO messy and he is SOOO competitive. I once won a game of monopoly and he wouldn't stop sulking abut it for hours!"

I looked at the comments and people seemed to be liking me. I saw many comments that had Louian on it.

"Lou? Whats a Louian?' I asked 

"Well the fans seem to have this stupid delusion that we would date! How stupid is that?" 

Ok, that hurt a little. But I put on a smile and laughed along. 

"Ok heres a question from... sorry I just lost the name." I babbled quickly, "Anyways it said explain the icesksating outing."

"You see. Lily is secretly an ice princess. An ice princess of, iceskatitopia. If she doesn't skate regularly she dies from a dreadful disease..." he began but I cut him off

"A dreadful disease huh?" I said raising my eyebrow,

"Oh yes. Dreadful." he answered back sounding very matter of fact "It kills approximately nobody every year. Very traumatic."

Thats when I burst out in laughter and he joined in.

"Guys, honestly. We just liked to ice skate when we were little and we decided to go again." I managed to choke out.

I looked at the comments, then why did he kiss your forehead? I decided to ignore that question. Another common question: What happened with Eleanor. The tabloids say she cheated. Judging by the look on Lou's face he was considering answering it.

"Now you see the fact of the matter is that you shouldn't believe what tabloids say. We did break up and it wasn't the most ideal situation but thanks I have good friends around me to support me. The boys have been really nice sending me daily text messages."

"They have?" I asked, I didn't know anything about this. 

"Oh yes," he responded, I knew he wasn't lying. He wasn't that good at lying. 

We talked with his fans for awhile. His fans started to warm up to me, I think. But when Boo Bear's tummy started to rumble we had to go.

"So fun talking with you guys but Lou Lou is starting to get hungry!" I started to wave at the computer as millions of 'BYE! #Louian LOVE YOU LOU' 

We both waved and as soon as we ended it I got a call from Hayley,

"Hey Hals!" I exclaimed, "Whats up with your life? Must be great over there in Italy!"

"DON'T START WITH ME" she screamed through the phone, "I just watched Louis William Tomlinson's twitcam and guess which long term friend was on it? WHICH ONE!"

"Uhh me?" I squeaked out,

"HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME!" she screamed, 

"Well we just regained contact recently and you guys weren't here so I didn't think that..."

"Don't think!" she shouted, "DON'T THINK!"

"Well Lou is..."

"LOU?! LOU!?"

"Ugh fine." I moaned "Louis William Tomlinson's requires food. I, humble servant of Doncaster, must make him some." 

I then heard a beeping, she must have been satisfied. Louis started laughing,

"Humble servant of Doncaster?" he choked out, 

"Don't give it a second thought..." I grumbled, "I'm just going to put some pizza in the oven..."

"Sounds brilliant humble servant of Doncaster!" he chuckled.

I chucked some pizza in the oven and went over to Louis.

"Please don't let it get to your head ok?" I said whilst walking over to him. I rubbed his temples as he made calming noises.

"Mmmm," he moaned 

I laughed at him kissing him on the head, returning to the kitchen. I watched the timer go down. 3..2..1 and it was done. I took it out and Lou ran into the kitchen with a knife. He cut into the pizza taking a slice but before he bit it he held it out to me.

"Ladies first of course," he said, I took a bite out of the pizza smiling. He ate the rest of it taking another slice. Once we were done we headed back down to the park.

"Ok this time I want to be goalie!" I exclaimed "You can shoot!"

It was pretty dark and only the streetlights were on so noone was around. 

We played for ages but round 11:45 something interesting happened. Louis went for the shot and as I dived for the ball so did he. As he slid on the ground I fell on top of him effectively earning a very loud "Umph." We both starting laughing and before we knew it we were kissing. It was soft at first, like the kiss we shared the day before but soon it got more rough, more passionate. But thats when we heard someone clearing their throat.

"Excuse me?" she said. I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be rude or not because the person had the kindest voice, "Could I talk to Louis for a second."

"I'm a little busy..." he moaned as I rolled off of him. He stood up facing the girl, as I stood up too I looked at her and instantly recognized her.

"Hello Eleanor..." I mumbled from behind Louis' back.

"What are you doing here?" he spat,

"Could we talk, over there?" she said gesturing to where she was standing. 

I let go of his arm as he walked over to her. I stood there awkwardly checking the time on my clock. 11:55. It was almost the next day. 


"What are you doing here?" I spat, she looked down to the ground.

"I just came to say s-s-sorry in p-p-person," she stuttered "And I j-just wanted to ask if we c-could date again."

"You just cheated on me and you want me back?" I asked 

"Yes" she then grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. This kiss was so familar that it prompted me to kiss her back. I cupped my hands around her cold face completely delving into the kiss. I opened my eyes slightly only to see Lily crying and walking off. I heard a bell chime and realized that I didn't end up keeping my promise.

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