Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


3. Day 2 - Truly Madly Deeply

A/N First of all thankyou to my ten favouriters! I know that isn't much but to me it is sooo much since this is my first story and all. I love every single one of you XXX BTW Louis's room is like this:

but more manly colors and decor. :3 Please comment! Please please please <3 ITS WINTTTEERRRR


I woke up in my bed. Thats weird. I could've sworn I fell asleep in Louis's arms. I looked around analyzing the situation. Louis was in his bed, his mouth was hanging open and he had drool coming out of it. This made me smile, it was a very familiar sight. I tiptoed out of bed, stole Louis's phone and climbed up the ladder leading to a private sitting area above our bedroom. I took a random guess at his password and got in. Louis, so predictable sometimes. I scrolled through his twitter smiling at all the crazy tweets. Thats when I saw a conversation he had with Eleanor. It was all sweet talk with flirty little messages.

Louis_Tomlinson: @EleanorJCalder I'm missing you so much xox

EleanorJCalder: @Louis_Tomlinson I miss you too. xxx

Louis_Tomlinson: @EleanorJCalder I'll be back soon love xoxx

EleanorJCalder: @Louis_Tomlinson Counting down the minutes without you

Louis_Tomlinson: @EleanorJCalder Counting down the seconds without you. 

EleanorJCalder: @Louis_Tomlinson Counting down the milliseconds without you.

Louis_Tomlinson: @EleanorJCalder You win. I love you. 

EleanorJCalder: @Louis_Tomlinson I love you too.

I rolled my eyes at their conversation. At least it helped me figure out in my head that I didn't have a chance in the world. But what was this feeling inside of me? Jealousy? I had to come to terms with it. I had a... small crush on my best friend Louis William Tomlinson. I started saying it to myself 

"I have a small crush on my best friend Louis William Tomlinson." thats when I started reciting it. But then I heard someone move in the bed below me. 

I quickly shut up as I saw Louis groggily climb up the ladder. 

"Good Morning Sunshine," I said sarcastically, his eyes were filled with sleeping dust and his hair was all messed up. It was sort of cute. Thankgod he was wearing a shirt this time.

"I'm so hungry..." he moaned plopping down on the cushions closing his eyes.

I ran my hands through his hair moving it off of his face. He opened his eyes smiling cheekily up at me.

"We missed lunch yesterday" he groaned

"No we didn't silly," I said giggling, "We stopped for sandwiches remember?"

"Oh yeah..." he responded "But we missed dinner"

"About that," I began "I'm sorry for falling asleep. That must have been sort of weird for you."

"No problem love," he responded smiling "Make it up to me by making breakfast."

"Sure LouLou" I said climbing down the ladder and heading down the stairs to the kitchen. 

I looked through our pantry and took out some pancake mix. As I watched the pancake (making sure they didn't burn this time) I realised that I was still in my bikini. Ugh, typical Louis. Get me in a bed and everything but when it comes to giving me clothes, nope. I made at least 10 pancakes before I called Louis down. I heard his heavy footsteps come down the stairs and I smiled. He burst into the kitchen wearing a blue t-shirt with the words "BRITISH" on it and a red hoodie over the top. He also wore a pair of blue denim pants. He didn't wear a beanie today, instead he gelled his hair up. He then sat down at the table, 

"How many?" I asked

"6!" he exclaimed, 

I stacked six pancakes neatly on his plate and poured a little bit of syrup on top. I then took a little bit of butter and smothered it over the first pancake. I knew how Lou liked his pancakes. I handed them to him and he lit up. He instantly digged into his pancakes as I took the other four and devoured them as well.

"Ok now I have to go upstairs and put some clothes on." I gave him a wink and went upstairs. 

I took a quick shower and blow dried my hair. It looked a little messy but I when I parted it to the side it looked more sexy than "Just got out of bed chic." I put on a small amount of foundation, a bit of mascara and some lip gloss. I opened up my luggage of clothes and picked up something simple. It was going to be warm today so I kept on my bikini underneath, just in case. I would have to convince Louis to go to the park today so I put on a pair of white, studded jeans and a green turtleneck. I slipped on a beanie, a pink scarf and a pair of sunglasses. I understood that I had to try keep low key and I hid my face. I walked down the stairs to see him staring at me. I took of my beanie and glasses, I felt a little self conscious,

"Too much?" I asked giving him a little smile,

"N-No..." he stuttered, "You look lovely."

"Well that's a significant improvement from yesterday!" I replied smiling,

"Why so dressed up though?" he asked tilting his head to the side

"Well knowing how popular you are, in the event that we are photographed I thought that I would try to look nice!"

"Oh Lil, you know it doesn't matter. the world is looking at me not you!" he teased, I lightly hit his arm starting to walk out the door.

"Now where are you going?" he asked walking to the kitchen 

"Well you promised that we would go to the park," I mentioned slipping on my ankle boots. I sat down on the floor starting to lace them up. 

He came out of the kitchen with a small cup of tea and a carrot. He took a sip of the tea and dipped the carrot into the tea. He then took a bite of the carrot.

"Oh Louis," I moaned "That is foul..."

"Say what you want." he said with a mouth full of food, "But I think it's delicious. Mm hm." 

"Well get your shoes on," I instructed chucking him a pair of his sneakers.

"Sneakers? Why can't I look nice?" he said pouting 

"Well what would you like to wear?" I responded rolling my eyes,

"I would like to wear those sneakers," he answered pointing to the sneakers that I just threw at him. I rolled my eyes and continued putting on my shoes.

He held the carrot in his mouth and put his tea in the sink. He then slipped into his sneakers and unlocked the door extending his hand. I grabbed it pulling myself up. I was looking forward to going out but as soon as we left the house we were bombed with paparazzi. I looked down trying to hide my face slipping on my sunnies and my beanie rushing to the car. Louis, being a gentleman, opened the door for me letting me in before he ran to his side of the car driving out quickly.

"Do you think they got a good shot?" I asked 

"Definately," he grumbled.

"Is it worth keeping the glasses and stuff on?" I asked "People already know what I look like..."

"Yes but by wearing all of that you won't get mobbed." 

he then pulled to the side of the road once he was sure that we had noone following us. He banged his head on the steering wheel. 

"Damnit!" he screamed,

"Lou, relax its just a picture." I said patting him on the back,

"Don't you get it Lillian?" he shouted, when he used my full name it mean that he was pretty serious, "I didn't want to expose you to all of this. I'm DATING Eleanor and she gets alot of hate. But if people think that I'm cheating on her with you, what do you think they'll say to you? What do you think will happen to you? I don't want that life for you. I'll have to leave now, maybe I'll go live with Harry for awhile or-"

I took his head off of the steering wheel making sure that he was looking at me.

"Hey," I cooed trying to position his head and my head so that I was looking into his eyes, "Hey."


"What?" I spat giving up the fight and looking up at her. She looked very confused as if she didn't know what to do. In the end she just pulled me in for a hug stroking my back.

"Please don't leave Boo Bear." she whispered in my ear, "I don't want you to leave me because of a few pictures. Please stay with me." 

She tried to pull away but I held her there. I really needed to hold her so that I didn't punch a window through. Honestly, couldn't the paparazzi give me a break? I pulled away from the hug placing my hands on the steering wheel, driving to the park.

"We're still going to the park?' she asked her voice raising a tone or two higher.

"I made a promise," I responded smiling "Plus, I have an idea."


When we arrived in the park she stared out of the window, she must have been excited. I quickly got out of my side of the car opening the door for her. She looked out the car door, her eyes still wide as ever.

"What?" I asked "Never been to a park in Doncaster before?"

"Not since you left," she responded looking to me "This was our place, this is the place we were together. I didn't want to come back and ruin that." 

I then had a flashback of the night before I went

"I'm so excited Lou!" she exclaimed as we sat in the park looking up at the stars, I turned over to face her,

"I'm probably not going to make it pass auditions Lily Bud..." I replied she then turned over to face me frowning.

"Don't be so silly. You have a gift!"

"I'm only auditioning for you" I added

"Shut up!" she said slapping me on the arm "You have always wanted to be a singer. I just gave you that extra push. So when you're rich and famous remember Lillian Brie."

"I'll always remember you Lily. How many times do I need to tell you?" I moaned

"Say what you will!" she said sitting up running towards the swing and sitting down, "Come on Lou! Lets have a swinging competition! On the count of 3 we fling ourselves off. Whoever gets the least far has to buy the other... I'm not sure something"

I ran over the swing sitting down,

"Oh its on!" I said starting to swing

We were swinging for a good 2 minutes before Lil started counting down,

"3... 2... 1... NOW!"

We then flung ourselves off of the swings. This is when things started to get interesting. I landed first but then she landed right on top of me.

"Oww!" I screamed as she laughed on top of me, "This is not funny you are heavy!"

"Aww mean!" she said laughingThats when it got quiet. Real quiet. So quiet that we only heard the occasional owl hoot in the background. As she looked into my eyes and I into hers she started to sigh.

"Louis, what will happen if we never see each other again. I'm serious."

"Don't worry," I cooed "I'll be back for you."

That was the last conversation we had that night. After that I got up and left in my car, she got up and left. We kept in contact until after the judges house. We lost contact after the live shows, I was too busy. I went on her facebook page one day and there was this guy on it. I knew then that I had to move on.

We walked around in the park for awhile catching up. We even got ice cream. She got strawberry, her favourite. As I looked around I heard her call my name.

"Hey Lou?" she said but when I turned around I got a splodge of icecream on my face.

"Hey!" I exclaimed wiping of off my face and putting it on her nose.

"You wanna go there?" she asked raising her eyebrow.

"Oh yeah!" I said starting to run. Darn, why did I already finish my icecream? We ran around a bit as she chased me with her icecream. But then the icecream fell out of her cone and she started to pout.

"Aww poor Lily..." I said walking over to her. She looked so adorable, she had icecream all over her mouth just like a little girl, "You have no icecream left now!"

"Actually," she responded with a cheeky smile on her face "I didn't!" 

she then started rubbing her mouth all over my face dirtying me with icecream.

"Aww boo bear you have a little something on your face!" she giggled 

"You don't say" I replied laughing as I grabbed her scarf and wiped it off.

"Hey!" she said "I like this scarf!"

"Well now a celebrity has wiped their face on that scarf. You should love it even more now!" 


We stopped for lunch at a cafe. We didn't have anything too fancy, I ate a focaccia and Louis ate a carrot pie. We talked a little bit but we ate most of the time.Underneath my turtleneck I wore the lily necklace, of course he couldn't see it but knowing that it was there was good. After lunch we decided to go back home. When we came back home I sat down on the couch and turned on the television when a news report came in.

"Breaking News!" a women said straight to the camera, "One Directions Louis Tomlinson has been seen in his hometown, Doncaster, with another women!"

She then showed pictures of us in the park together. When we were walking around, when we got icecream, when I was rubbing icecream all over his face. 

"Who is this mystery woman? Now we cross live to Louis's house which has been discovered by an inside source,"

So thats why Louis hadn't come inside yet. As I peeped outside the window I saw a TV crew  on our front step interviewing Louis. I watched the TV to see what he was saying.

"Louis! Who is this girl?" the interviewer asked

"She's just a friend," he said trying to get into the door but someone was holding it closed.

"Such intimacy for friendship!" the interviewer exclaimed,

"We were just fooling around...." he mumbled,

"Fooling around in the park? Do you also fool around in other places?" he asked

"What!" Louis screamed "No! No we don't. Now can I go inside?"

"Is she in there?" he questioned 

"Look I will tell you something. We have been friends for awhile. We haven't seen each other for awhile and we're just catching up. Now leave me alone. Eleanor babe if you're watching I swear it is nothing. If you're worried call me about it." he then forced his way through the door. I heard it slam closed and then I heard it lock. I ran over to Louis still in my glasses and hat. I wouldn't let them identify me. Thats when Louis phone started to ring and he went into the kitchen to take it. I sighed sitting down on the couch going to my facebook. There were a bunch of mean comments on my wall and I just broke down and cried when my phone started to ring. It read Derek,

"Hey Lily, I have something to tell you about my recent trip to England..."


"Who is she babe?" Eleanor asked through the phone, she was obviously upset judging by the tone in her voice "Do I need to be worried?" 

"No love, she is honestly just my friend." I said trying to sound assurative even though I wasn't sure myself,

"But the pictures..." she said

"Are us just having fun...." I said walking around the kitchen, heading towards the fridge.

"Ugh!" she screamed through the phone "Why do you have to be so perfect."

"What do you mean?" I asked cheekily,

"I cheated on you." she blubbered out,

"You... you what?" I shouted through the phone.

"It was with this one guy I was missing you and he was there and..." 

"Who was he?" I asked through gritted teeth,

"Just this guy called Derek but it meant nothing I swear!"

"We've been dating for what? One year now. Did that mean nothing to you?" I spat 

"Louis I'm sorry!" she cried 

"We're over." I said

"Louis..." she whimpered, it broke my heart to hear her like that but doing something like that was unacceptable. I pressed the red button on my phone and ended the conversation. Derek... wasn't that the name of Lil's boyfriend? I ran outside the kitchen seeing Lily Bud crying on the couch.

"So I guess you heard?" she whimpered, she must have heard me come in.

"What are the chances right?" I responded walking over to her. 

"Not very high..." she sniffled.

She sat up on the couch patting the spot next to her. I sat down and wrapped my arms around her.

"I'm sorry Boo." she cried sitting on me now. She had her arms wrapped around my neck and her face buried in my shoulder. I had to take this chance, it was too perfect. I moved her head out of my shoulder and kissed her passionately on the mouth. At first she was very shocked and even though my eyes were closed I could feel hers piercing through me. But then she started to kiss me back and I let a small smile creep across my lips. Her hands ran through my hair as mine explored her back. When I tried to push my tongue through she granted me access pretty quickly. After kissing like that for awhile I pushed her down on her back so that I was on top of her. Before I knew it we were in a full makeout session constantly switching control. I left her mouth at one point and starting sucking on her neck, she tasted so good, sort of like strawberries. She tilted her head back, she was obviously enjoying this. But, I knew I had to stop. I pulled away but then she tried pulling me back. I refused to kiss her anymore looking the other direction. 

"Lil, I know where this will head and I don't want us there yet." I said but as I blinked my eyes I realised that I was just imagining things (A/N sorrryyy guys going to string this out)

"I'm going to make some dinner," she sniffled getting up and walking to the kitchen


As I opened the fridge I decided I would do a roast. I couldn't believe that Derek would cheat on me. We might have only been together for one year but there was some bit inside of me that was sort of, happy?

I cut up some carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and got out some peas. I roasted them all and fried a steak as well. I arranged them on the plate making sure that I gave us the same amount of carrots. I had to admit that I had a little obsession with carrots as well. Long before him, I like to think thats where his comment came from, "I like girls who eat carrots." I placed the plates on the table as Louis walked into the room and sat at the table I realised he looked very uncomfortable,

"Whats up Boo?" I asked sitting down next to him, "You look as if you're about to be sick."

"It's nothing," he mumbled digging into his carrots.

We ate in silence. I watched him the entire time but he didn't even look up once. Did I say something? He was probably just sad about the break up. 

"Lou, I get you're upset about breaking up with Eleanor. I'm sad about breaking up with Derek but we're best friends, shouldn't we talk about it? Be there for each other?"

"Well love," he began "I don't want to talk about it." 

I looked down to my food picking at what was left. Once I was done I took both our plates and put them in the dish washer. I then started to make tea for both of us giving him a little bit of extra sugar. I walked into the living room seeing him on the couch channel surfing. I handed him the tea, first he looked at it and sniffed it a couple times. He then took it from me casually sipping at it. I sat on the couch next to him yawning. I was very tired. I lied down on his lap looking up at him. I turned around so that I was looking at his stomach.

"Louu" I cooed poking his belly, "Louu" 

he continued to ignore me keeping his eyes on the telly. 

"Louu," I continued to coo lifting up his shirt a little so that I was poking his abs. He started to laugh a little, I was cracking him. I continued to poke as he let out a deep moan, trying not to giggle I would guess. Eventually he broke starting to laugh. Once he stopped laughing he went for my tummy tickling me. I started to laugh thrashing around so much that I fell off the couch. 

Judging by the look on his face he was very worried that I had hurt myself but when I continued to laugh he laughed along with me. He extended his hand which I took gladly, he helped me up flashing a big smile. 

He sat down on the couch again going back to channel surfing. I sat next to him sprawling my legs over his.  watching the T.V. We started engaging in friendly chatter talking about old times and the crazy stories about the boys. 

"I've told you about my friends," he said finishing a story about Liam and spoons, "Now tell me about yours."

"Well if you are hoping to meet them no luck. Its Christmas Break," I moaned

"No, I don't want to meet them. I just want to know them." he responded obviously trying to sound meaningful.

I rolled my eyes giving him a look "Ok Sensei. Well you already know Marley," 

"Marley!" he exclaimed "How is she doing?"

I pulled out my phone scrolling through my pictures until I found one of her. I showed it to him. Marley had changed from the quiet school girl she was. She bleached her hair blonde and dyed the ends pink. She didn't get any piercings or tattoos but she looked different. But everyone knew inside she was still, Marley. She was a sweet girl and I adored her.

"She's not dating if thats what you meant to ask," I mumbled

"Marley?" he questioned raising his eyebrow "Ew. You know she's never been my type. Wayy too shy and conservative."

"Well she's currently with some family in Australia. So you won't be able to catch up."

"Any other friends?" he asked

I returned to my phone looking for pictures. I found a picture of my other friend Lilac. Lilac had soft black hair that fell at her waist. She had beautiful hazel eyes and she had dimples, totally unfair advantage over everyone. In this picture her hair was swept back and she was biting her lip, always a poser. 

"Who is that?" he asked grabbing the phone his eyes practically bursting from their sockets.

"That's Lilac" I responded "Completely obsessed with how she looks but she is heaps of fun."

He didn't respond, he just continued looking at the phone. I took it away from him looking through pictures  finding a picture of Cherie. 

"This is Cherie," I said showing him her picture. Cherie was Marley's twin, the key differences between them were their hair color and personality. Cherie was the total opposite of Marley, completely crazy and out there! Cherie had brown hair with a slight orange tinge. She had deep brown eyes, like mine, but they had something different about them. They were much more exciting! 

"Oh yes, I remember Cherie." Louis said "A bunch of fun that girl."

"Anyways, remember how I said I had a friend that was afraid of forks? Sort of like how Liam is scared of spoons? Well here she is," I said showing him a picture of Hayley. 

Hayley had red hair and her face was speckled with freckles. She had the most beautiful blue eyes and the biggest smile. 

"Hayley loves One Direction," I said laughing, "She seems to think that Liam is her soul mate. We all think that she is completely ridiculous!" 

"Ridiculous!" he exclaimed "What? Do you not like our music?"

"Not my type of music." I responded very matter of factly, the truth is that I did quite like their music. I had just been avoiding it for the past year.

"I'm sure I can change that" he said laughing taking his phone out of his pocket and started playing "They Don't Know About Us." 

He put it on real low and sung along when it came to his solo.

"They don't know how special you are,

They what you've done to my heart

They can say anything they want

Cause they don't know about us"

"You're really good but Lou, I don't like that sort of stuff. You know that," my heart was beating a million miles and my cheeks were flushed with pink.

"You're right you like slow songs." he said scrolling through his phone again. "So listen to this. Its called Truly Madly Deeply." 

Truly Madly Deeply I am,

Foolishly completely falling

And showhow you kicked all my walls in

so baby, say you'll always keep me

truly madly, crazy, deeply in love, with you. 

I started to blush as I looked down at the floor smiling thinking of his "What Makes You Beautiful" lyrics.

"So you like that song?" he asked

"Mm hm" I mumbled trying to calm down my cheeks,


An hour later it was 8:00pm and since I was so tired I decided to head up to bed. Louis, being the wussy that he was, didn't want to stay awake by himself so he came up with me. I brushed my teeth and had a quick shower before I quickly changed into my PJs. I did this all in the bathroom to avoid any awkward moments. I tied my hair up into a high bun. When I opened the door Louis was ready and smiling. I walked out plonking myself down in my bed.


I watched myself in the mirror while I brushed my teeth. I shouldn't have sung to Lily, she might've taken it the wrong way. She could've thought that I was trying to flirt with her. Which I was... but I didn't mean too. Ugh. I stepped into the shower running cold water all over my body. I really needed to be cool. I got out of the shower, dried myself off and slipped on a pair of pants. When I walked out Lil started to laugh,

"What, don't own any bed shirts?" she asked, 

"Well its like girls sleeping without a bra," I responded "Its more comfortable."

"How do you know I sleep without a bra?" she questioned covering her boobs, I chuckled a little bit.

"Because you leave your bras all over the floor." I answered laughing picking her bra off of the floor and chucking it to her "You really do need to clean up your clothes."

"Sorry," she apologized blushing again as she threw her bra in her closet 

"You were always so messy," I said hopping into bed.

We talked for awhile after that, tit for tat. Arguing back and forth. Round 1:00 she drifted off into a blissful sleep. I fell very soon after her.

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