Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


18. Day 17 - Flatter Yourself


She looked so small and fragile, she continued to whimper under the quilt whispering out things like,

"I did nothing wrong... you have it all wrong..." 

I lightly placed the quilt down earning another scream from her. The doctor came through the room looking very flustered and tired. 

"The hell? Why won't she look at me?" he took a long time to respond before letting out a large sigh and saying,

"Mr Tomlinson you might want to sit down for this news," I kept my stance crossing my arms, ready to receive what would be coming my way, "Mrs Brie has been under great trauma recently."

"Yeah no shit..." I mumbled under my breath, judging by his face he caught the comment, but he continued anyway.

"After that trauma she blacked out, usually after comas people are very confused and have a disorientation on reality. Mrs Brie, might associate the last thing that she saw with the trauma, do you know what the last thing she saw was?"

I ran my hands through my hair as I looked at the bed and heard her whimpers and pleas,

"It was me." 

"So I regret to inform you that when she sees you, there is a large chance that she could get flashbacks of the pain. Might I ask your relationship with Mrs Brie?" 

"Don't you watch the news?" I spat not wanting to share any of my private information, I couldn't answer that question anyways, she was everything to me. And this old bum wouldn't understand.

"So I assume what is on there is true?" he asked, "She's your recent ex?"

I tensed up, what he said was true but I didn't like hearing it. I nodded my head, 

"She is my ex, but I'm trying to win her back," I managed to choke out still swallowing the word ex. 

"Well Mr Tomlinson that seems quite unlikely at this point. Let me give you an example of her condition. When you wrap your arms around her waist she could flashback to getting punched in the gut. When you reach out to stroke her cheek she could imagine getting punched in the face." 

My lips turned a pursed line, would it be like this forever? Would I never be allowed to be around her?

"What can I do?" I asked softly still consumed in my own thoughts,

"Wait for her to come to you. The good news is that all of her wounds are healed, she might still be a little sore but other than that she should be good to get out of the hospital tomorrow."

I looked back to the shaking pile of sheets as the doctor walked towards her, slowly peeling the quilt off of her, her screams echoed thorughout the room causing me to shiver.

"Lily?" he said softly, for once she didn't scream instead she turned around to face him a look of confusion in her features. 

"Where am I?" she asked sitting up, her hands weren't strong enough though and buckled making her fall onto the bed. I had an urge to run to catch her but my mind told me not to, that would only frighten her. "I remember a dark room..."

"Do you remember anything before that?" he asked placing his hand slightly on her forehead,

"Not clearly..." she mumbled back looking around the room, her eyes fell on me. A smile was spread across my face as it registered in her head who I was, I expected her to smile back at me, maybe shed a tear. Instead her face scrunched up as she pointed a finger at me and screamed, "YOU!" 

"Me?" I asked pointing to myself, 

"YOU IGNORANT LITTLE BOY!" I blinked my eyes a couple of times, she was mad at me? 

"Lily I..." I began completely taken aback by the situation, 

"How DARE you use my father against me!" she shouted, I blinked a couple times again before backing out of the room slowly, 

"I should probably leave..." I mumbled, 

"Don't you walk away from me!" she screamed flailing her arms around, "You are a jerk, dick, annoying, peasant..." 

She continued to scream insults at me until she passed out from exhaustion collapsing on the bed. The doctor wore a confused look on his face, he turned back to me and then back to her. I cleared my throat gesturing for him to leave the room, he nodded his head and obliged quickly exiting the room.

I slowly walked over to her trying my best to not startle her. I made my way over to her bed, nothing yet. I cleared my throat, still no response. I poked her, drawing a snore of sorts. Was she sleeping? No. She was just pretending to be asleep, she didn't snore. I had never heard her snore before. So I started to speak, 

"If it's any consolation I'm very sorry. It was so terrible of me and you're right I am a jerk and a dick and annoying and a peasant," I sighed, "I wouldn't blame you if you never wanted to talk to me again but please don't be mad at me. The last couple days for me have literally been hell, waiting it out. Every single minute without you literally tore me apart and I don't want you to hate me."

I waited for her response, nothing. 

"And I love you..." I cooed. 

"Ok what makes you think that just telling me that you love me will change anything? I mean I thought we were friends," she shot up moving her hands and head around violently, "But I mean, obviously we're not. And I'm sorry that you decided to get pissed because we broke up but honestly you humiliated me, everybody knows about my past now."

"Not everybody..." I mumbled 

"Everybody!" she reiterated "You don't think some crazy paps were there to catch their NEW scoop? I would be surprised if it hasn't been all over the news by now! I can see the headlines now! 'Lillian Brie has a crazy bastard of a father who used to beat her!' I don't want that everywhere Lou!"

"People aren't going to scrutinise you for something your father did!" I answered back. 

"They're going to think I'm some pathetic little toy..." she said burying her face in her hands, 

"But it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about you! It only matters what you think about you. And if you are willing to let them think whatever they want to think, about anything even you, then you will be able to hold your thoughts steady with who you really are and not who they think you are."

I could swear that I saw the corners of her mouths upturn before she flopped back down into her pillow and letting out a huge groan.

"You're still a dick," she mumbled,

"I'll take that."



I woke up and it was already evening. The sky was orange and small streams of yellow shone through the half opened window. I turned around and was shocked to find Louis with his arms resting on my bed, his head rested against his arms, peacefully snoring. I staggered back taking the quilt with me, I kept getting mental images in my head, of seeing my father on the floor, all bloody and messed up. 

I peered around to find faces beaming at me, they shocked me as well causing me to curl up into a ball on the hospital bed. 

"OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU'RE ALIVE!" Haley said launching herself in my direction enveloping me in a hug. Wait- Haley? When did she get here? 

"H-Hal Hal?" I stuttered out, "Oh my gosh its actually you," tears started streaming down my face, I had no idea why. But I had missed human contact, any human contact. Any gentle human contact. I opened my eyes to find Lilac sitting there with a smile on her face as well, 

"Lily!" she squealed, 

"It's you!" I screamed opening my arms for her to join in the group hug. 

I clenched my eyes shut squeezing away the tears that so clearly lined my eyes. I opened my eyes to find everyone else shuffling their feet around. The people in this room were the people that I were proud to call my friends, and Louis. I felt as if I should forgive him and I really wanted to but something inside of my stomach told me to hold onto this, that what he did wasn't right. The room suddenly felt very empty, as if only Louis and I were in there. I opened my eyes to look at him, he had woken now and he was smiling at me. I smiled back breaking away from the hug. Wiping the tears away from my eyes a permanent smile plastered on my face. 

"So guys," I began wiping my eyes again, "How's life been?"


She seemed so happy and vibrant talking to everyone. Her eyes sparkled and her smile seemed particularly genuine. Even in her dirty hospital gown with her hair frizzed up she look radiant, happy. Usually I would be so pleased to see this but today it annoyed me. She was so happy and it annoyed me knowing that I wasn't causing that happiness.

"Why so glum chum?" Harry asked, this was the first time that I had been addressed in hours and it took me awhile to find my  voice and all that I could muster was,

"Shut up."

That's when Lily whipped her head round to turn to me, her lips pursed and eyebrows scrunched together. 

"Could everyone please get out of my hospital room for just a second?" 

I took this as my cue to leave, everyone quickly scrambled out of their seats dashing towards the door. Everyone knew that when Lily Bud looked like this she was about to explode, apart from the boys of course but they were practically being dragged out of the room by the girls.

"Not you Boo." she said through clenched teeth just as I reached the door. I stopped in my tracks and spun around on my heels heading back to the bed. I heard the door close before she started to shout at me, "What gives you any right to be unhappy right now?"

I crossed my arms, I knew that being stubborn wasn't going to get me anywhere but I was put in such a bad mood that I felt as if that was all I could do. I stared down at the floor.

"I mean I'm just the one that has been through being beat up by my Dad, do you know what that's like Louis? Do you? It hurts! And you know what I was thinking of the whole time?" her voice started to crack now, "I was thinking of you! And how I missed you and how even though everything was so shit, I would still give anything for you to hold me."

I didn't have to lok at her to know that tears were streaming down her face, I looked up to her face. I tried to open up my mouth but I couldn't, I just marvelled at the thing that I once called mine. 


He was staring at me, his blue eyes slowly burying their way down into my soul, breaking me. 

"Stop it." I squeaked out, "You're going to make me not mad at you and I want to be mad at you,"

"Maybe I can change that," he said breathily before lunging towards me.

I didn't know what it was, or what he did. He was probably going in for a kiss, a hug or something affectionate like that. But when he lunged towards me a mental image of my father lunging towards me flashed before my eyes. I recoiled into my bed screaming. The mental image played itself again and again not leaving my mind.

"No, no, no." I repeated constantly again, "No, no, no."

I felt Louis' strong arms wrap around me causing me to scream more. Why was I screaming? I knew that it was Louis but all I could see was my father. I felt so scared, so helpless. Almost as if I was there again. Lou continued to hold me picking me up so that he was in a standing position and I was in a kneeling position on my bed. He tucked my face into the crook of his neck slowly stroking my hair making calming noises. But I continued to scream, I continued to scream very loudly. I could feel Lou tense up and flinch every time I launched a new scream, cry or whimper. But eventually my heart took over my mind telling me something. That it was Louis William Tomlinson who was holding me, I was safe here, I was nothing but safe in his arms. My breathing steadied and my screams ceased to exist. The tears stopped flowing as he continued to stroke my hair and made soothing noises.

"I-I-I" I stuttered, "I'm so sorry..." 

I felt him kiss my forehead, this action made me flinch as  I pushed back memories of getting bashed in the head.

"No need to be sorry babe," he cooed, "But I do really want to kiss you again, but I promise I won't be as forward this time"

"I m-m-meant what I said you know." I continued to stutter and blubber out my sentences unable to properly control my breathing, "I want to be mad at you."

"Well you and I both know that you can't stay mad at me for very long," he chuckled, I opened my mouth to say a clever retort but nothing came out. It was true, I couldn't stay mad at him for very long and he couldn't stay mad at me. 

"And why is that?" I said leaning out of the crook of his neck, 

"Because you know you love me and that I love you." he whispered slowing leaning down, I pushed memories out of my head trying to keep myself calm. When his lips met mine I continued to push the memories and flashbacks away, trying to concentrate on the lips that I so longed to kiss for what felt like forever. 

His kiss was so soft and cautious, but his kiss ignited something inside of me and I'm not sure what it was. All I knew was that I needed him. I wanted him. I lifted my hands up to the back of his head pushing his lips harder against mine. Our lips moulded perfectly together working in perfect synchronisation. His kiss was now rough as he pushed his lips against mine, I met his equally as forcefully, I knew that this was who I wanted to be with for the rest of my life, I let out quite an audible groan knowing that he had won. He smiled into the kiss not sure about my actual reason for groaning. 

"I didn't know that I would have that effect on you that quickly, been missing me?" he mumbled against my lips,

"Don't flatter yourself," I chuckled breaking the kiss for just a moment before crashing my lips against his again

He made a moaning noise as I pulled his hair, I broke away from the kiss again to chuckle,

"I didn't know that I would have that effect on you that quickly, been missing me?" I chuckled breathily, 

"Don't flatter yourself," he groaned, I laughed at him pulling away from the kiss and tucking myself into the bed. 

"What are you doing?" he chuckled practically falling into the seat next to me, I obviously did have that effect on him.  

"Lie with me?" I asked quietly, he raised his eyebrow. 

"Are you sure? I don't want to scare you..." he mumbled, 

"Please just lie with me..." I repeated, 

He sighed before lifting up the covers and laying next to me. His arms slowly snaked around my waist making me flinch yet again. I pushed the flashbacks out of my head, my body shaking from the battle in my head. I closed my eyes shut as I turned around to face Lou burying my face in his chest, my hair concealing my face. I tried to focus on the steady beating of his heart as I fell into a nightmare filled sleep.

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