Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


14. Day 13 - He Comes Back

A/N: Bonus Chapter 2 is coming after this chapter. Just want to publish this because I had an idea!


He turned to me flashing me his signature smile, I remembered why I fell in love with him the first place. I then remembered the hurt he caused me, how much I cried. He cheated on me and he would not be forgiven. 

"Well hello love," he said turning to me, I looked to my mum with a pleading look in my eyes practically begging her to show him the way out. She mouthed I'm sorry as I turned back to Derek,

I didn't want to talk to him, instead I gave him a little wave. He smiled at my gesture giving me a little wave back.

"I wanted to take you out tonight," he began, I interrupted him by chuckling.

"Like a date?" I asked, "You haven't even tried to apologise to me."

"That's why I want to take you out," he continued, "I would've done it earlier but I saw that you were going out with that Louis boy, you looked so happy. I didn't want to ruin that happy by reappearing in your life again."

"So what? I'm miserable now so you show up to cause more misery?"

He opened his mouth to say something but he looked over to my mum and decided to stop saying whatever he was going to say. My mother sensed that her presence was not wanted and shuffled away heading towards the kitchen. 

"Look Derek-" I began as he started walking towards me, I didn't recognize the look in his eyes, it was so different, almost desperate. "I don't want to-"

He then put his hand lightly over my mouth to silence me, I obeyed this gesture, allowing him to talk. 

"Listen to me Lily this is not a choice that I am giving you. You are coming to dinner with me today whether you like it or not. There are some things that need to be discussed and you will come, is this clear?" he whispered, his face now only an inch away from mine. I could smell alcohol on his breath, he had been drinking.

"Derek you're drunk,"

"N-no I'm not," he stuttered blinking a couple times a bit too fast, 

"Derek just go home," I pushed pushing his hand away from me, but this simple action provoked something in him. He took one hand and grabbed both of my wrists, he used his other hand to push me up against the wall. He pinned my wrists above my head and covered my mouth, effectively trapping me. His hands were rougher now, holding onto me with more force, 

"I'll pick you up at 8," he whispered, I held my breath trying to not inhale the strong smell of alcohol on his breath, when I didn't respond he tightened his grip making me wince,

"Derek," I whimpered "You're hurting me,"

He removed his hands from my body leaving them feeling sore. They dropped to my sides banging against the wall, causing them even more pain. 

"Eight." he repeated before kissing me on the cheek and running out.

I ran upstairs, straight into the bathroom. I scrubbed my face with soap attempting to get his drunken stench off of my face. When did he start to drink? This Derek that I had just met was so unfamiliar to me, I didn't recognize him. 

I stood over the sink with my hands pressed against the edges. Water dripped down my face splashing into the sink, I closed my eyes shaking my hands about. 

I attempted to convince myself that going out with Derek was a good thing. I had to take a break from Lou, explore other options, see what else was out there for me. Because he had always been the one that I hung onto, the one memory I couldn't shake. 

I stood over the sink watching myself in the mirror before I dried my face off and retreated to my bedroom. I took the denim jacket off and stared at it for a second, rubbing the fabric in between my hands. 

I brought it up to my face, it smelled like him. It made me smile but then I threw it to the ground reminding myself that I couldn't let myself slip into that frame of mind. I shook my head walking over to pick it up, as I reached for it I recognized the ring that remained on my finger.

I took my hand back to my chest, fiddling round with it. I refused to look at it so I restricted myself to touching it. Eventually I convinced myself to take it off and place it on my dresser. I contemplated taking the necklace off but I couldn't convince myself to do so. 

I chucked the jacket in the closet before picking up an old diary and pen and sitting down on my bed. When I was little, my mum bought me a diary. She told me to write everything down in there. Back then I thought that it was a way for her to spy on me, try to reveal everything about me. But now I understood why she bought it for me, she knew that she couldn't be there for me so she provided another way for me to express myself, through writing. I took it out and flicked through the pages, I hadn't picked it up since I started dating Derek. Nothing seemed important enough to put in there. The pages were filled with memories of Lou and I. Every single last detail, I flipped to a random page and smiled at my fond words.

September 2nd 2009

Dear Whoever Cares,

I had the most fun with Lou today. Since Lou is turning eighteen next year, so he has a whole list of things he wants to do before he gets there. Eighteen means that he is officially an adult, something that he's not going to tolerate or accept. Some things on his list I can't help him with, lets just say they're PG 13+ and I reckon Hannah wouldn't mind helping him out. 

Number 1 on his list was pretty simple, he wanted to stuff himself silly full of sweets. So I took the liberty of sending our mums out to the spa for the night. I had coupons left over from my birthday last year that hadn't expired yet. I'm not really the spa time and would never use them so I went ahead.

As soon as we couldn't see their car we rushed to the supermarket. We got biscuits, chocolate, marshmallows,, whipped cream the whole lot. He honestly look like, soooo excited. Like I couldn't believe that someone could be THAT happy over candy.

After that we went back to his place, turned the music up loud, invited Rupert, Cherie and Marley over and ate like crazy! We finished all of the food in like an hour and were practically bouncing off of the walls! Lou started karaoke at a point, just like usual he was the star of the show. I'm still working on convincing him to try out for X-Factor.

It's now 1:00pm and I've just got home. I ended up crashing on his couch, in my sugary state I didn't feel it safe to go back home. I would've probably seen a car and think that it was a fairy. All I remember is that I passed out on the couch and woke up with a pillow under my head and a quilt over me.

I also woke up to find a moustache drawn on my face, I wonder who drew that. We're going out, wait no. Not going out going out, like heading out, like going somewhere. People think that it's weird that a girl and a guy are best friends. I tell them to dig a hole and live in it. I'm such a nice person. Anyways, we're going out today, he won't tell me where but I guess I'll write about it later. Signing off!

Lillian Brie  

I chuckled at the last part before wiping a tear from my eye remembering the past memory. I remember where he took me, he ended up taking me to the library where he did hipthrusts in front of the librarian, effectively earning him a severe grounding for a week. I flipped to an empty page and began writing,

Dear Whoever Cares,


I sat on the couch flicking through channels. News had already caught on about the Louly breakup. I wasn't aware that there was paparazzi at the park but apparently there was some at her house. It was all speculation at the moment and I wasn't intending on giving them to satisfaction of confirming it. 

"I'm sorry mate," Niall said from across the room, I felt the spot next to me sink, I turned to look at my Irish friend, "It's all my fault, but I think that it was for the best. Still brothers?"

I looked at him contemplating my response. Eventually I stuck out my hand,

"Brothers," I spoke, he pushed my hand away giving me one of his signature 'Horan Hugs'

"Now, is there any good place to get a drink in this town?" he asked 


I snapped my book shut throwing it across the bed. The whole idea about it was writing things down and then shutting them away, effectively getting them out of my system. I started pacing up and down my room when I heard my phone start to ring, I pounced on it making sure to check the caller ID. I was thankful to find Cherie's name instead of Derek's. 

"Don't tell me it's true," she said through the phone, "Please tell me he was coming to apologize," 

I contemplated telling her everything, telling her how he hurt me. How he gave me a silent threat. Instead I decided to keep my mouth shut and lie.

"Just an apology," I mumbled out, "What are you doing up so early?"

I look to my right to check the time, it was 1:00 in the morning, Cherie usually slept in to twelve.

"Don't try to divert me," she hissed back, "Did you accept his apology?"

"No, I told him to get out," I responded moaning,

"Good," she said her tone instantly softening, "Now how are you, it's been what? 22 hours?"

"I have a life outside of Lou, RiRi." I chuckled,

"Oh please," she groaned "You've known him for like... forever and you have spent every day with him since. And when he went you went all emo on us," 

"I didn't go all emo on you guys..." I mumbled out knowing full well that I did.  "How did you even know about Derek?"

"Don't try diverting me again," she spat back, "Plus, just turn on your T.V. It's everywhere." 

"I'm not turning out that T.V RiRi," I whispered slinking down to the floor, "I don't want to see pictures..."

"Well you need to get out," Cherie said putting emphasis on the words 'get out' "Like on the town, like today, like now."

"You use like too much," I chuckled, 

"Well like works for me. Just like going all emo works for you!" she retaliated 

"I did not go emo!" I shouted back with a chuckle in my voice, 

"You still need to get out," she reiterated, "Show the world that you're taking this breakup well!"

"But I'm not taking this breakup well," I mumbled back,

"The world doesn't need to know that!" she shouted through the phone, "Now get dressed, I'm coming to pick you up!"  

She then hung up the phone leaving me speechless. I placed my phone on my dressing table ignoring the large collection of photos that decorated it. I ran downstairs to find my mum missing, there was a piece of paper on the table that read: I'm sorry love but I've gone back to the airport. I was only coming back temporarily to check on you and make sure you had a stocked fridge. I love you very much and please call me if you need me. Xxx mum. 

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the couch sitting myself down. I wasn't going to get ready for Cherie, maybe she would change her mind about taking me out. I stared at the T.V remote, contemplating turning the television on. I gave in picking it up and flicking to channel 7. E-Now was on and as Cherie mentioned, I was all over it. Pictures from my front porch flashed on the screen. Me watching Lou drive off down the road. Our short staring exchange. Me getting out of the car. One photo I didn't recognize, Louis standing at my door about to knock. I didn't remember that happening, that entire time, was he standing out there? Was he listening to me scream? I felt pathetic. What was worse, that this event was all captured in pictures. More pictures flashed on the screen of Derek leaving my house. I shuddered at the memories flicking the television off as Cherie sat down next to me. 

"You ok?"


"Am I the only one that finds this EXTREMELY funny?" I slurred, my head ached and my vision was blurry as I held my 7th beer in my hand cursing at the television screen. I had just seen pictures of Derek leaving Lily's house. I had extreme hatred for that boy, that much I knew. "I mean that DICK is so pathetic he goes and picks up my scraps. What a fucking DICKFACE" 

"We should call her," Niall giggled "We should call Lily and tell her what we think,"

Usually I would think that this was a terrible idea, but in my drunken state I assumed that this would be funny.

"HAHAHA! That shit would be funny!" I cussed as Niall took at his phone, "Do it, Do it, Do it." 


Midway through my sentence my phone started to ring. I looked at the Caller ID, it said Unknown. So I picked it up cautiously squeaking out a


"Well hello beautiful," a thick Irish accent spoke through the phone, slurring all of his words together, "I just was ringing to tell you that Derek is a FAG and you deserve much better. You deserve a real man. An Irishman."

"What's with everyone getting drunk today?" I moaned into the phone, "It's the middle of the day, how are you drunk?" 

"Every hour is party hour!" Niall shouted, I heard someone cheersing in the background and instantly assumed the worse, 

"You brought Louis along drinking with you?" I half-shouted, Cherie's eyes widened, Louis drinking never ended up well. 

"Yeah, because he's all d-d-deeeeeepressed because you, yeah you, you dumped him," he whispered, "Shhh it's a secret"

"The only bar is across town, how are you going to get back home?" I groaned knowing full well that I would have to go pick them up, 

"Never mind about that!" he said in a very high-pitched voice, "You my beauty are fine. I mean when I look at you I'm just all like 'she needs some of ma irish creme de la creme' y'know?" 

"Niall that's gross," I spat out scrunching up my nose and walking over to the kitchen, picking up a set of car keys. I gestured for Cherie to follow me and she did so diligently  

"I'm just saying, you are seeeeeeeexxxxyyyy." he then started to giggle like an infatuated girl, this frustrated me. 

"I'm coming to get you," I said through the phone as I walked out of the door into my car, 

"Brilliant! Maybe we can have some fun y'know like hubba hubba," his words made my stomach churn so I decided to hang up the phone. 

"Great we're going out!" Cherie exclaimed "Where are we going! Somewhere not too impressive I hope, I mean you're still in your PJs"

"We're going to a bar," I said reveresing out of the driveway, 

"Dressed like that?" she said raising her eyebrow, 

"We're picking up Niall and Louis, they're drunk." I spat driving down the road,

"Well shouldn't they have staff to do that?" Cherie asked, 

"Apparently not," I responded, I was not looking forward to this encounter one bit. I wasn't exactly in the best of moods with Niall right now. Damn Irish. 


We arrived at the bar in good time. It wasn't a very impressive bar so we got in easy. I instantly started looking around for Niall and Louis. Just as expected, they were 'dancing' in the middle of the floor. 

"Get up," I instructed,

"But we're having so much FUN down here!" Niall exclaimed continuing to wiggle around, 

"Get up," I reiterated drawing an eye roll from Louis,

"You can't tell me what to do babe," he spat "We're not dating anymore."

"Oh, so when we were dating I could tell you what to do?" I asked raising an eyebrow, 

"Oh you could've told me to do all kinds of things," Louis replied suggestively bursting into a laughing fit with Niall afterwards.

"Ew, why do you boys become such perverts after drinking?" Cherie asked obviously feeling quite uncomfortable. 

"I wanna go home!" Niall whined "Somebody farted!"

"Excuse me," Louis giggled, "Hehehehehe" 

I extended my hand to Louis who gripped it. I tried pulling him up but instead he pulled me down so that I landed on top of him with a thud.

"Why so forceful?" he giggled, "You could've just asked," 

"Ugh, you can get yourself home," I moaned getting off of him. Cherie extended my hand to her which I took graciously. Cherie and I then walked out of there before I felt somebody tug at my shoulder, I was turned around to face a drunk Louis.

"Don't leavveeee," he whined, "I'm sorry, I'm just sad so I decided to drink. Please staaaay. Have a couple beer."

"Leave me alone Lou, you know how I feel about drinking." I spat, 

"Yeah, yeah I know. How you are all 'anti' drinking because after your parents divorce your dad came home every now and then drunk and hit you. Grow up baby." he spat back, I was shocked at his words and slapped him across the face before continuing down the pavement. 

"Lily, maybe you should go back and hear him out?" Cherie asked as we exited the bar and headed towards my car, tears were threatening to spill out of my eyes and I wasn't going to let the paparazzi see this, 

"Just get in the car RiRi," I choked out getting into the car and slamming the door. 

We drove in silence until Cherie finally decided to speak,

"Is it true?" she asked, I clamped my mouth shut nodding my head unable to talk, "You never told me that before... I'm so sorry." 

"I don't care that he was drunk, he shouldn't have said that." I managed to squeak out, "He is such a jerk" 


I drove Cherie back to the boys house before driving back to my own and falling asleep on the couch.

I woke up to the sound of cameras and shouting. I could only assume that it was this paparazzi, I just made out questions like "What do you think of Louis' apology? Are you taking him back?" He must have done something really stupid while drunk, maybe even said something really stupid. I grabbed the T.V remote and switched on the television. Just as I suspected there were pictures and videos on there of Tomlinson and Irish doing stupid things. Streaking, Kissing Random People, all sorts. But then Louis flashed on the screen in his drunken state, the interviewer asked him what was going on. So he said, 

"I honestly don't know anymore. I mean before I did. But now all I really know is that Lil-Lil-Lillia-Lily Bud I'm sorry, I love you, Don't hate me." 

I turned off the T.V before he could say anymore. My heart had been battered enough for one day. As I checked the time on the grandfather clock that stood in the living room I saw that it was 7:28. I had a date to get ready for.


I got dressed into something basic ( I didn't want to dress up for Derek. I didn't wear anything happy, or flattering. I wore something that I wouldn't mind being photographed in knowing full well that they would be out there waiting for me. 

I looked at the time 7:59. A minute later I heard a knock on my door, punctual like always. Something that would usually charm me, instead annoyed me, I opened the door to find Derek looking polished and cute flashing me a smile. 

"Hey," I said, 

"Ok whats wrong," he moaned letting himself in,

"Well to start, yes you can come in." I began, "But nothing is wrong." 

"We dated for a year and half, I think I can tell when something is up," he said opening the fridge and pulling out some food, "So tell me what hurts."

"Don't you watch the news?" I asked giving him a death glare, "Or are you too busy kissing other peoples girlfriends?"

"You know I didn't cheat on you," he chuckled taking out some pots and pans and turning on the oven,

"What do you mean? You told me you cheated on me," I spat back sitting down at the kitchen counter, 

"Don't you think that it's a bit too coincidental that your ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriend cheated on your ex-boyfriend with me?" he chuckled turning on the stove, 

"What do you mean?" I repeated in no mood to figure something out,

"El called me one night. She told me to google your name, so I did. I saw all of these picture on there with you and this Louis guy. You had told me about a childhood friend who moved away, El got somewhat of the same story from Lou, he told her about a childhood friend who he moved away from. So we put two and two together. We both saw how happy you were together, you never looked at us that way. So we let you guys go," he explained, my expression softened, "I know that El came back for Louis but I guess she's not that good at saying goodbye like I am. Thats why I didn't contact you Lil, because I really really like you and if I really, really like you I would let you be happy."

"I was happy with you," I said looking down to the floor,

"But you were happier with him. And I get you might be mad at me but just give me another chance ok?" he asked getting out a knife and cutting up some potatoes, 

It finally hit me what Derek did. He set me free. He was right. I no longer begrudged Derek for what he did, I admired him for it. He let me be with the one I truly loved. And I couldn't deny him his second chance,. "What are you doing back there?" I asked with a smile on my face. 

"I'm making us dinner," he replied with a smile obviously getting my message, "You're still into carrots right?"

I held my breath, carrots. A similarity that Lou and I shared. A simple question triggered off so much in my mind, but as I sat there looking at Derek all I could think was. 

"I'm moving past that now." 


We sat round the dinner table making small talk. Derek did make me happy to a certain extent. He didn't make me smile like Lou did, he didn't make my heart flutter like Lou did, he didn't make my cheeks flush with red like Lou did but he was good for me. A safe option. But as I sat there talking to him, listening to him retell a story about a fish, I realized that I didn't want to go with the safe option. 

"Derek I-" 

thats when I heard a loud crash. Five big men stormed into my dining room, one of which I recognized.

"Dad?" I choked out, "What are you doing here?"

"Dad? Bitch how dare you! I am your husband!" he said a bit too loudly, he was intoxicated. This brought back memories, bad memories. When I was thirteen he came back home on the nights that mum was working. He came back drunk, wasted. He mistook me for mum and took out his anger for mum, on me.  I lied about it to mum, telling her I slipped over, ran into things. She might have told me off for being so careless, but I preferred this to telling her the truth.

"Dad it's not Ruthie! Its your daughter Lillian!" I exclaimed getting up from the table,

"How dare you use my own daughter against me! I'm looking at you right now! You're Ruthie!"

"Dad, its not Ruthie! Lily! I'm Lily!" 

"DO NOT SPEAK OUR DAUGHTER NAME!" he shouted jumping at me, I expected a punch in the face but instead I felt nothing. Instead I watched Derek fall to the floor, unconscious from the blow.

"Derek!" I screamed falling to the floor trying to wake him,

"Who is this Derek fella?" he shouted, "HAVE YOU BEEN SLEEPING WITH A YOUNGER MAN RUTHIE?"

"Dad! I'm Lily!" 


Dead? What did he mean that I was dead?

"What do you mean?" I asked


"She survived!" I shouted from the floor, 

"Don't you fucking lie to me!" he screamed, thats when I felt an impact on my face and all of a sudden, my world went black.


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