Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


11. Day 10 - Just Leave


I woke up to sunlight streaming through the window. My eyes slowly fluttered open to find Louis sleeping peacefully next to me. I took my hand and placed it upon his cheek. I studied his face with adoration. The cheeks that I had caressed so many times, the nose that had nuzzled itself in my hair so many times, the lips that had kissed me so many times and the eyes that looked at me in such a way that I thought nobody would. 

I lay next to him on the bed smiling at him until his eyes opened. He peered around assessing his surroundings. Once his eyes reached me he started chuckling to himself, I wondered what he was laughing about but when I looked down I realized that I was lying there naked without a sheet. 

I scrambled around fumbling with the quilt covering up myself, a harsh blush raised on my face as I buried my face in the quilt. I peeked my head out of the quilt just slightly to find that Louis wasn't there. I sat up looking around curiously. I looked around the room and realized that he wasn't in there. So I got my bra and underwear and slipped it on. 

I then felt strong arms lift me around and spin me around, I started laughing.

"Lou! Lou! Put me down!" I squealed, he threw me down on the bed before launching into a tickle attack. I started screaming and laughing very loudly. I was extremely ticklish. "Lou! Stop! Haha!" 

"Say the magic words?" he said innocently continuing to tickle me,

"Lou is supermagicallysexy?" I managed to say between fits of giggles,

"Damn right but no," he responded, 

"I surrender?" I suggested, he kept tickling me, "I love you!" 

"Say it again?" he asked,

"I love you Lou!" I screamed,

he stopped tickling me and kissed me on the nose, "I love you too," 

he stepped away from me picking up our clothes and chucking them into a basket. I lay on the bed watching him. He was just dressed in black boxers not leaving much to imagination. 

"Would you mind putting some pants on?" I yawned stretching out over the bed,

"Don't like what you see?" I asked, 

"It's just you don't want to be going downstairs like that," I said climbing under the quilt again, 

"Well you can walk downstairs in your underwear if you would like," Lou said getting out his phone, "I don't mind you showing off your body, here I'll take a picture."

He aimed his camera at me and I scrambled under the quilt. I waited for a little while until I thought he was gone. I lifted up the quilt the slightest bit just so that my face was poking out. Snap Snap

I heard. I threw the quilt up into the air hiding myself under the covers. Thats when I heard my phone go "Ding!" I held the cover around me giving Lou a dirty look. I unlocked my phone to see that it was a twitter notification.

Louis_Tomlinson: @Lillian_Brie didn't want a picture, used my ninja skills and got one! 

I rolled my eyes and replied to it,

Lillian_Brie: @Louis_Tomlinson Let me sleeep Lou! Stop taking pictures! 

Then a reply came through that wasn't from Lou.

Real_Liam_Payne: Why don't you guys come down here and join us for breakfast? @Louis_Tomlinson @Lillian_Brie

I laughed at him before replying:

Lillian_Brie: I'm too laaazzzzyyy. Tell @Harry_Styles to make breakfast for everyone. I'm sure @NiallOfficial @Zayn_Malik @RiRiWalters @MarleyW are very hungry. 

There were millions and millions of retweets and responses. I scrolled through them laughing at some and pouting at others.


PennyTomlinson: Get away from my husband @Lillian_Brie! HE'S MINE! I SAW THE PICTURES!

FutureMs1D: @Louis_Tomlinson DUMP HER! I saw the pics! SLUT! 

KiKi1D: Tell me it ain't so! Tell me their fake! LOUIS YOU DESERVE BETTER! I LOVE YOUUUUU ALL!!

I felt very confused, what pictures? I set down my phone to find Louis looking very confused as well. We decided to think nothing of it and got dressed before going downstairs. When I arrived downstairs I realized that Niall was absent from the scene. Everyone turned around to face me giving me a dirty stare.

"Ok, what was on the news?" I asked, "What are these pictures everyone is talking about?"

Harry pressed play on the T.V remote, I stared at the T.V listening intently.

"It's official! One Directions, Louis Tomlinson, has seem to made it official with his old childhood friend, Lillian Brie. The cute couple was seen together in a local shopping complex just yesterday, Lillian sporting a new piece of jewelery."

A picture flashed on the screen of Louis asking me to be his girlfriend, this made me smile. He looked so sweet but as I looked at my face I saw the look of caution and unsurity. 

"However, Miss Lillian Brie was spotted earlier on in the day kissing Mr Tomlinson's fellow band member, Niall Horan." 

A picture of Niall and me in the alley flashed on the screen. I could feel Lou tense up next to me.

"She was also spotted at her birthday festivities later that day, kissing Mr Niall Horan once again." 

Another picture flashed on the screen, this time I looked over to Louis. His eyes were locked to the screen, I couldn't hear the news woman anymore. I felt his hand on my wrist and I freaked out. His head jerked towards me, I looked at his eyes, they seemed more pale than usual. He turned away from me walking out the door and slamming it. I looked at everyone else, they seemed very disappointed in me. 

"Guys you have to understand..." I began,

"Understand what?" Harry shouted, "That you cheated on my best friend?"

"Cherie, Marley, I told you about this yesterday you have to understand!" 

"Well you weren't supposed to kiss him AGAIN," Cherie screamed,

"Wait- you knew?" Harry screamed at Marley, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Harry please listen to me," she said, "It's because I knew you would over-react and Lily said it was a one time thing!"

"Well obviously it wasn't a one time thing!" Harry shouted, "I thought we promised to tell each other everything!"

"Harry, she's my best friend!" Marley whimpered, "I didn't know what to do!" 

"I could've helped you if you told me!" Harry screamed standing up, looking down on Marley.

"That wasn't very responsible to keep it to yourself RiRi!" Liam said, "You should have told someone" 

"Well if she never did it again would it have mattered?" Cherie yelled, 

"We're a couple, we're supposed to share things!" Liam shouted, this was the first time I had heard him shout and it startled me.

"Look I'm sorry Harry!" Marley shouted putting her face in her hands, "But I had to stay loyal to Lily,"

"What does she even know about loyalty!" Harry responded pointing at me, I slunk down to a chair trying to not draw attention to myself. "You should've told me!"

"Why?" Marley screamed, "Because we've kissed a couple of times?" 

"Because I love you!" he shouted back,

"Y-you love me?" Marley stuttered, 

"Why are you even mad at me?" Cherie shouted, "I'm not the one who cheated!"

"I'm not mad!" Liam responded, "Just disappointed,"

"I'm not mad I'm just disappointed!" Cherie said mimicking Liam, "How old are you? 65!" 

"I-I-I," Harry mumbled, "You!" he pointed at me with an accusatory finger, "Why aren't you freaking out?"

"Because I know I did nothing wrong," I answered very matter of factly "I didn't kiss Niall. Niall kissed me twice and then I smacked him across the face both times."

"It's true," Niall said entering the room, "It bloody hurt as well."

"Then it's Niall's fault!" Cherie shouted pointing at Niall,

More shouting began, people accusing someone but then taking it back and accusing someone else. We went back and forth until I finally decided to speak out.

"Guys! It didn't mean anything, I didn't feel anything-" lie. "I love Louis and I don't feel anything for Niall-" lie. "So lets stop pointing fingers! If you were close to a pretty girl you would want to kiss her too."

"You need to tell Louis that," Zayn mumbled speaking for the first time in ages, "But he stormed out, he's never done that before."

"Oh he has," Marley butted in, "All the time back in the day."

"He'll be back," I mumbled "He's just cooling off steam, until such event I will be in my room." 

I turned my back and walked away feeling the stares loom over me as I climbed the staircase. A warm hand gripped mine spinning me around. 

"Did you really not feel anything?" Niall asked, 

I looked at him and took a deep breath before lying once more, "I felt nothing." 

You could practically hear his heartbreaking as I walked away slamming my door and curling up onto the bed falling into a disturbing and restless sleep. 


God Damnit. I had to know that this would have happened. When had relationships ever turned out well? Liam and Danielle broke up. El and I broke up. Harry and Taylor broke up. I'm sure Zayn and Perrie will break up. Hell, even my PARENTS divorced. Lily's parents divorced. Now I'm sitting here, on a park bench, with my head in my hands fuming about the girl I'm about to lose.

Why do I feel sad? I shouldn't feel sadness, I should feel anger. She cheated on me, with one of my best friends. I knew why I felt sad, it didn't take a genius to figure out why. 

I looked down at the park bench wondering what mysterious pull forced me to come here. I looked around to see happy couples. Some holding hands, some piggybacking each other, some even kissing. 

"Stupid happy couples with their happy stupid happy..." I muttered under my breath. 

I would have to go back some time. I would have to return to the house. It pained me thinking of Lily crying on her bed, regretting her actions. But maybe she wasn't regretting them, maybe she did have feelings for Niall. If you love something let it go, but the question was, did I want to let it go?


I was sat on the couch with my legs stretched out. Harry sat on the other end. We sat there uncomfortably waiting for someone to start the conversation. After a couple moments of strange silence he started playing with my feet. His toes tickled the soles of my feet drawing a small giggle from me. I decided to fight back tickling him with my feet.

Before we knew it we were in a fully fledged tickle battle, circling round the couch making sudden jerky movements to scare the other. Harry jumped from the floor onto the couch, I did the same meeting him halfway. He picked me up bridal style tickling my belly with his nose. I burst out in laughter grabbing onto his neck begging him to stop. 

"Ok ok!" he said "I surrender," 

I looked at him with a slight smile on my face, I could feel my cheeks getting hotter as I looked at his green eyes and curly hair. 

"A-about," I stuttered trying to make a sentence "You know, what you said earlier. When we were all like fighting and stuff I just wanted to know, that actually seems a little rude, what I would like to know, if that was ok with you, and it would be perfectly alright if you didn't! I mean its your feelings, you do what you want but-"

He cut me off by placing a soft kiss on my lips, he pulled away quickly smiling at the obviously embarrassed look on my face. 

"It was true," 

"But, but you hardly know me." I responded, we had known each other for less than a week and he was already proclaiming love, it seemed a bit farfetched.

"I know you quite while actually," he said setting me down on the couch lightly, 

"How?" I asked crossing my legs and patting the space next to me. He sat down before continuing.

"When we all first met Lou did like to talk about his past friends, I remember him telling us your bikini story. The one at the beach where you were so shy about changing into your bikini that day that you ended up going into the water fully clothed." 

We both chuckled remembering the story, me probably better than him. 

"He told us other things too about you, not half as many as Lily but enough for me to know that I thought that you were a really great girl and that I fancied you. But it was quite strange thinking that I fancied a girl i hadn't even met. So when he pulled out his wallet and showed us pictures of all of you, I fell." he took my hand in his and started rubbing circles on it, smiling at me radiantly, "So, I know all of your stories. I know that your full name is Marley Anne Walters. I know that your mothers name is Riley Kate Walters and that your fathers name is Daniel Charles Walters."

he continued on for quite some time, recounting things that I had even forgotten. I smiled at him feeling slightly bad that I didn't know half as much about him.

"and I know, that I am in love with you Marley Anne Walters." 

I leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

"And I love you too."


It had started raining outside. The quick patter of raindrops against my window worried me. When there was a boom of thunder or crash of lightning I hid under the covers. It worried me that Lou might be out in the storm. I walked into the bathroom observing myself in the mirror. My hair was in a bundled mess and my face was red and stained with tears. Had I been crying in my sleep? 

I checked the time, it was 8:00pm. I had slept for quite some time, had Lou come back yet? I opened the door slightly peering around. I smelt a warm roast wafting through the air which drew me downstairs.

Everyone was crowded around the table laughing with each other, even Niall. All the couples had seemed to make up. Marley was shoving a potato in Harry's mouth as Liam poked Cherie's face with a fork. She pouted a little which made him stop and kiss where he was poking her. I leaned against the doorframe watching the happy scene, wishing that I was sitting there in Louis's arms. 

I started humming along to the rhythm of the raindrops, the thunder and lightning had stopped allowing me to access a simple tranquility that was brought to me by the steady pattern of raindrops. There was a faint knock on the door, I rose to my feet slowly opening the door. 

I opened it to a very wet Lou. His hair was soaked as droplets of water ran down his face. His eyes were grey and his t-shirt stuck to his body. He opened his mouth about to say something but I slammed the door in his face, not ready to face my actions. 

My back was pressed to the door as my heart started palpitating. I peered through the key hole, Louis had a shocked look on his face as he knocked again. I opened the door slowly to find Lou with the same sad expression.

"Could I come in?" he shouted over the rain. 

I opened the door wider gesturing for him to come in. He took one large step into the house taking off of his jacket and hanging it on the clothes hooks near the door. He turned around to face me, I opened my mouth to say something but nothing would come out. 

"Louu!" Harry shouted running towards him and giving him a massive hug, "You're back! Yay!" 

Lou returned his hug stiffly his eyes not leaving me. I stood there uncomfortable suddenly finding the floor very interesting.

"Vas happenin Lou! So happy that you're back!" Zayn exclaimed giving him a hug as well, 

"Lou thankgod!" Marley gave him a really tight hug looking as if she was about to burst into tears. 

Liam and Cherie hugged him as well but when it came to Niall things got very awkward. Niall bowed his head to Lou and he returned the gesture. 

"Could I talk to you in the other room? Please?" he begged, 

I nodded my head cautiously following him into the living room. He closed the door behind me as I made my way over to the sofa sitting down in the middle of it. He stood in front of me with his hands on his hips.

"Did you feel anything from the kiss?" he asked in the softest voice ever, 

"Lou..." I mumbled playing with my fingers, he kneeled down so that we were eye level but I refused to meet his gaze. He took his index finger and placed it underneath my chin lifting my face so that I was facig him. Tears began to spill from my eyes as I saw the obvious pain on his face. 

"Did you feel anything from the kiss?" he repeated, as I looked into his eyes and saw the raw emotion on his face I couldn't lie to him. 

"I'm so sorry," I breathed, "I'm so, so, so, sorry." 

"Then we're over," he said standing up and walking away, "Please get out."

"Get out?" I said aggrevated at his tone, "Get out? I can't at least get my things?"

"I want you out of this house now," he opened the door to find all of our friends fall through it in a heap, they were obviously listening.


"Don't call me Lou," he said keeping his breathing and tone steady, I took a deep breath trying to not let my anger take over. It had a habit of doing that.

"Louis. Did all of those years mean nothing? I'm sorry, I really am. I didn't expect to feel anything from the kiss. I didn't even initiate the kiss. And if you would just calm down for a second I could tell you that. And I'm sorry that I felt something. Was it a spark? I don't know! And the fact that I didn't even experiment more should-"

"Please just leave, please," he begged looking to the ground now. 

"I refuse to leave this house Lou, because I still love you and I know you still love me!" I shouted,

"I don't!" he shouted breaking his stance, "I don't love you anymore now please leave."

I ran out of the door jumping over all of my friends. I slammed the front door and started walking down the street. My house was only a couple houses down but my walk felt like it lasted ages, more than a couple houses. It was my walk of shame.


"Why would you do that?" Zayn asked from the floor, "You love her mate," 

"Yes, but I love her and only her," I sniffled starting to softly cry, "That small little division in her feelings is going to grow to such a point where she loves Niall and I equally. And I know for a fact that it would kill her to choose." 

"That's not going to happen Lou," Liam said standing up and brushing himself off, 

"It is." I responded, "Not now, maybe not next week, maybe not even for awhile but it will happen one day. I figure cutting her out of my life now will be easier than cutting her out later on down the line."

"Is that really the answer though? Cutting her out of your life?" Cherie asked as Liam helped her up, "You guys have been friends since forever..." 

"Having her in my life would be too hard. For both of us. Fake smiling every time we saw each other, pretending that nothing is wrong. She's not good at that, she would be an emotional mess all the time and we would end up in exactly the same place as we are now, we would just be dragging out the inevitable..." 

"Isn't it worth it for a love like that? You love her Lou,"

"But the thing is no matter how many times I tell myself I don't love her; if she fought for me, if she fought for our relationship I would take her back in a heartbeat." 

"Well you just told her that you didn't love her, any hope of her fighting for you is gone now."

"That's the idea," I breathed flopping down onto the sofa consuming myself in memories and old thoughts slowly falling asleep.

Ok I need your help guys. Should Louis and Lily's couple name be Louian (Louis and Lillian put together) or Louly? You decide!

Also tell me your reaction to what happened.

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