Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


2. Day 1 - The Lily Necklace


I woke up pretty late in the day. When I looked at the time it read 11:30. I didn't smell anything ccooking and I didn't see Louis in the bed next to mine which meant that I missed breakfast and seeing the girls off to boarding school. As I walked downstairs I realized that the house was empty. I opened the fridge and pulled out some toaster waffles. I popped them into the toaster and sat down in the table. Last night was... interesting to say the least. After I ran out crying Louis chased after me and talked to me. He said that he promised to never kiss me again and it was just on impulse. I forgave him and we hugged for a little too long. He then returned to the party and I then went to bed. I brushed my teeth and my hair and got changed into a black tanktop. I then put on a pair of pink tracksuit shorts. It was freezing but I felt really hot so I sprawled out over the bed not bothering to get under the quilt. As I sat there thinking about last night I smelled something burning.


Last night was... interesting to say the least. After I kissed Lily I realised what a mistake I made. Judging by the look on her face I could see that she agreed with me. She ran out and I chased after her. I was forced to lie. I told her that I didn't mean to and that I would never kiss her again. I also told her that it was just on impulse. But no, I meant to kiss her. I reached out for a handshake initially but when she gave me a hug I didn't push away. I told her that I was returning to the party but what I actually did was call Eleanor. I spent the night skyping with Eleanor.I thought that talking and seeing Eleanor would confirm my feelings but instead it made me even more confused. We hung up round 1:15am and I went straight to my room. When I went in, I saw Lily Bud sprawled out on her bed. She looked beautiful in her PJs. She had messed up hair and no makeup, she looked brilliant. As I brushed my teeth I could hear her thrashing around. She always was a noisy sleeper. I finished brushing my teeth but as I walked out of the bathroom I heard her mumble the strangest thing.

"Louis... Boo Bear... Lou Lou..."

I smiled and kissed her forehead before taking off my shirt and jumping into bed. I woke up fairly early, 7:30 to be exact. I quietly tiptoed downstairs making sure not to make a sound. I knew that Lily wasn't a light sleeper but I still didn't want to wake her. I made breakfast for everyone and talked with the girls about my 1D experience. Mum and the girls left at 10:30, I kissed them all good bye and sat on the couch scrolling through twitter. At something round 11:30 I heard stirring upstairs. Lily, waking up late. Tut tut tut. I continued to sit down on the couch scrolling through twitter until I smelled burning.


"Crap crap crap!" I screamed unplugging the waffles from the socket. Thats when the toaster suddenly burst out into flames. Louis came into the room with a fire hydrant spraying everywhere but the toaster.

"Lou!" I screamed "Lou!" 

He finally stopped spraying foam everywhere but the kitchen was a mess and we were covered in the stuff. I burst out in laughter flinging my arms around in the soft foam. Lou started to laugh too. I then picked up some foam in my hands and threw it at his face. 

"Now its on!" he said throwing some in my face.

We went back and forth for awhile until I jumped on his back rubbing the foam through his hair. He then turned me around holding me to the floor launching a tickle attack.

"Ok ok!" I managed to say in between fits of laughter "You win!" 

It wasn't until then when I realised that Louis wasn't wearing a shirt. The sun reflected off of his body highlighting his abs perfectly. I realized that I was staring and looked down. I could hear the faint sound of him chuckling, he knew I was staring. He went over the the toaster and took one of the waffles out. Surprisingly, it was cooked quite well. He gave it to me and started to clean up our mess. 

I sat on the kitchen counter slowly nibbling on my waffle while Louis cleaned. 

"Hey Lil?" he said while checking the toaster for any burning.

"Yeah Lou?" I responded,

"Could you finish the cleaning? I'm just going to go upstairs to take a shower." 

"Sure!" I exclaimed "But we're talking afterwards, we do only have 30 days together." 

Louis flashed me a big smile as he walked up the stairs. I must admit, Boo Bear did most of the cleaning for me. So instead I took the liberty of wondering around his house. I took this time to call my mum. I sat on the couch and called her, she answered on the first ring.

"Lily Rose Brie! Where are you!" she screamed through the phone,

"Just at Louis house mum..." 

"Oh dear..." she responded instantly easing up "You guys used protection right?"

"MUM!" I screamed, gosh sometimes I wonder....

"Well you did always have a thing for him dear..." she began, "You guys have been separated for so long"

"Well I'm coming home tonight so don't worry." I spat

"Oh! That is out of the question." she responded, did she just reject me from my own house? 

"Why?" I asked

"Because I have to go on a buisness trip and I've asked Johanna to look after you."

"MUM! I'm 20 years old I don't need someone looking after me."

"Then that's good since Johanna is coming with me!"

"What? When are you going!"

"Doesn't matter where we're going, you have my number so call me if you need me. But we're trusting you to look after each other and the house."

I sighed. This was so typical. But that came with mum's job. She was a journalist for international geographic and was always off places. That's why Dad and Mum split up. He said that he was sick of her always leaving him alone and not taking responsibility. When he left us, she still didn't step up to the plate. A different voice then spoke through the phone, it was Johanna.

"Good morning Lily! Sorry that I wasn't there to make you breakfast this morning but I had to rush out. Could you put Louis on the phone dear?" 


I was in the middle of singing "Live While We're Young" when there was a quiet knock on the door. I stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel round my waist. I opened the door to find a very shocked Lily. She was staring at me and that made me smile. I knew she would be embarrassed by this later so I decided to cut it short.

"You knocked love?" I said

"I-I-I oh yes. Um. Your m-mum, Johanna. She. Wants. To. Talk To. Uh. You.  Yes. Uh. Here" she stuttered handing me the phone. 

"Hello?" I said through the phone.

Mum ran me through what was happening. How Lily Bud and I were left the house because her and Miss Frue were going on a holiday. She ran me through all the rules and then bid me goodbye. I blew her a kiss through the phone and hung up. I went through my closet picking out two beanies and two pairs of sunglasses. I got changed into a white t-shirt and dark blue shorts. I walked down the stairs humming I Would. As I turned the corner I saw Lily lounging on the couch scrolling through my phone. I stood at the archway leading to the living room smiling at her. She must have gotten properly dressed while I was on the phone. Her hair had been brushed and was put into a side braid. she wore the same thing as she did yesterday but somehow she managed to look even more beautiful. My strategy was to scare her. She obviously hadn't noticed me so I got on my hands and knees and slowly crawled to the couch. I counted down in my head. 3...2....1. I then jumped out from behind the couch tickling her right in the stomach. 

"Ahhh!" she screamed "Louis stop it!" 

I stopped tickling her and snatched my phone. She put on one of her SIGNATURE pouty faces that she had been using since she was a kid.

"You have some obsessive fans." she said with the utmost sternness.

"Yes thats why you have to wear these," I said throwing her a pair of sunglasses and a beanie. 

"Both yellow too, thankyou." she responded allowing me a smile.

She put the beanie over her head and slipped on her sunglasses. 

"How do I look?" she asked striking a pose,

"Ew, Terrible!" I responded pretending to try not to gag.

"Well you don't look great either," she said poking her tongue out, "But what are we doing today?"

"We need to do some grocery shopping," I responded, our fridge was running a little empty, "And we would have to get your things from your house but apparently your mum dropped them off yesterday. Anything you want to do?"

She thought about it for a moment pursing her lips. She then shouted out

"How about the park?"

"Sounds brilliant Lily Bud!" I responded 


We arrived at the grocery store and went wild. I found that Lily Bud still had an obsession with chocolate cookies because we bought 4 whole packets. We also bought the essentials. Milk, Tea, Sugar, Chicken, Chocolate, Waffles and a whole bunch of other things too. However, I insisted that we bought at least 3 bags of carrots. They were essential. The place we went to was inside a huge shopping complex, as we were walking out Lily practically ran towards a jewellery shop. She pressed her hands against the window looking at the most beautiful necklace. It was a lily made of some sort of glazed glass. The ends of the pollen were diamonds and on top of that it was $500. 

"You like that?" I asked,

"Mm hm" she responded sadly,

"Why so sad?" I asked poking her cheek, she smiled at my gesture rubbing where I poked her.

"It's so expensive!" she moaned,

"I could buy it for you..." I mumbled

"What!" she exclaimed

"I could buy it for you." I reiterated

"Oh my gosh! Louis you're the best!" 

That's when she leaped on me giving me the biggest hug. I wrapped my arms around her back nuzzling my face into her neck. I could've stayed like that forever but she jumped off of me skipping into the store 


Louis was so nice. But he was my best friend and I can just see us in a relationship. Honestly, it wouldn't last for very long and I didn't want to ruin what we had. Louis came into the jewelery store not long after I did and purchased the necklace for me. I put it on instantly planting a kiss on his cheek to say thankyou. Louis blinked a couple times before taking my hand and rushing me to the car. 

I jumped into the passengers seat as he put all of our shopping in the boot and ran to the drivers seat. He put his foot on the gas pedal and begun to drive.

"Can't get any privacy..." he grumbled to himself,

"What do you mean?" I asked feeling very confused

"I just saw some paparazzi. Sorry love, looks like we're not going to the park today" 

I looked down to my lap putting on a pouty face. He looked over to me rolling his eyes. 

"We have to go straight home. But I do have a pool at my house, do you fancy a swim?"

"Yes!" I exclaimed

"Brilliant!" I said changing my frown to a smile.

"So, lets catch up!" he said "What have you been up to?"

"Well when you left for X-Factor two years ago exams had just finished and not much was happening," I began "I spent alot of my time watching X-Factor behind the scenes, rewatching episodes and if I wasn't doing that I was going crazy getting everyone to vote for One Direction!"

"Yeah," he said "You told me about that."

"Mm, thats when we were still talking"

he gave me a sad look and I realised I had hit a nerve. So I continued,

"You were becoming so famous and you never called me anymore so that was when I decided that I needed a life. That was when I realised that I might never see you again because you would be touring the world."

"Thats the time when you met Derek right?" he responded keeping his eyes on the road,

"Yeah, thats when I met Derek. I was just in the park on my phone listening to some of your performances actually, trying to resit to not write a letter of complaint for you minute amount of solos but he came and sat next to me. we talked a little then he asked me on a date and things just went from there." 

"Hows school going? I remember you telling me that you were majoring in English."

"Well, yes. I would like to be a writer but you already knew that."

"Do I even need to tell you how my life has been?" Louis asked "Or have you been stalking me?"

he then raised and eyebrow suspiciously which made me laugh.

"I hate to say it Boo but I used to twitter stalk you."

"Used to?" he asked

"Well when I got a boyfriend I stopped! How would that look?" I exclaimed

"Not very good I guess, but honestly you're not a TRUE directioner" he mocked

"I will admit to that!" I responded.

We pulled up into my driveway and I hopped out ninja style. I looked around remaining in my stance. When I felt someone tap me on the shoulder I went full karate mode turning around and kicking in the air. Louis took hold of my foot pushing it down.

"Calm down ninja." he whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine.

He walked towards the door and took their spare key out of the pot plant next to our door.

"Impressive Mr Tomlinson," I said walking up to him "You really do remember things."

"How could I forget, I always had a habit of misplacing my keys."

When he unlocked the door I ran in.  I ran up the stairs into our bedroom locking the door quickly. Now where did mum leave my clothes? I then realized three luggages under my bed. I opened them up and chose something to swim in. 


The house looked exactly the same. Every single piece of furniture, every single piece of this house contained countless memories from my past. I remember Lily and I jumping up and down on that couch for 2 hours straight after the fair because we ate a little too much candy. I remember Lily running into that lamp post that one time so hard that the lamp shade fell on her head. I remember that kitchen counter getting totally splattered with carrot juice when Lil and I tried to make carrot ice cream  unsuccessfully might I add. That's when I saw Lil's walk down the stairs in a gorgeous bikini.

"Take a picture it'll last longer," she said striking a pose "Race you to the pool!"

she sprinted off to the pool jumping in making a giant splash.I laughed at her as she emerged at the surface laughing. I took off my shirt and stayed at the edge. She looked at me sadly swimming over to me asking

"Boo Bear why aren't you coming in?"

"Don't have any swimming trunks love" I responded "Sorry"

"Aww you don't need them! Just hop in!" she urged tugging at my leg.

"Naw, you have fun."

"Don't make me make you get in. Because you know what happens then!" she teased

"What?" I questioned bending down so that we were nose to nose

"I'll win" she said pulling me in the water.

I went under resurfacing quickly. I shook my head around like a wet dog clearing the hair from my eyes. This just wouldn't do. I climbed out of the pool pretending to be angry and stormed into the pool house. I picked up one of the many water guns and ran into the pool. I caused an awful big splash which gave me the chance to load up my gun and spray it in her face. 

"HAHA! GOT YOU!" I screamed "That's what you get for ruining my pants."

We swam around, had water fights, played in pool floaties until it was night and the stars were shining bright. We lay in a double floating pool chair and looked up at the stars. When an owl hooted Lily grabbed onto me nuzzling her face in my chest.

"What was that?" she whimpered

"Just an owl love, don't worry." I cooed running my hands through her hair. 

She opened her eyes to look at me. They were so beautiful her eyes. Like big pools of warm chocolate. I kissed her on her forehead as she snuggled up closer to me. We were practically on top of each other when she fell asleep in my arms. I could've stayed like this forever but I knew what the gentlemanly thing to do was. I jumped off the floating pool chair and dragged it to the edge. I got out of the pool and picked her up from the pool bed. I dried her off, trying not to touch any of those inappropriate places, and then picked her up bridal style and carried her to her bed. I laid her down in her bed and tucked her in. I gave her a kiss on the nose and dried down myself taking a quick shower. I then hopped into my bed watching her sleep until the darkness eventually consumed me and I fell asleep.




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