Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


41. Chapter 41 - Labels

I expected to wake up to the snoring of girls, piled under a fort of pillows. Maybe I would have my hand in cold water, maybe even a couple penises or moustaches drawn on my face. But instead I woke up in a pile of white sheets. I didn't dare open my eyes, but when I felt a pair of warm, strong arms wrap around me I instantly melted into them.

"Good morning love," he mumbled as he laid soft kisses to my apparently bare back,

"Good morning," I yawned back, curling myself further into his strong chest, 

"I've missed you," he whispered as he started peppering kisses down my neck, I stretched out my legs on the bed, entangling my legs with his as I let out a low humming sound, "And I know you've missed me too." 

"I've missed you too..." I responded a smile on my face as I reached my hand back winding it in his hair,

"I don't understand why things are so hard..." he said pressing his lips to the back of my neck making me arch my head back and moan, 

"I don't understand why either..." I simply said grabbing the pillow and burying my face into it, 

"I love you, you know?" he said rolling me over so that I was facing his blue eyes, "Very strongly and deeply and I'll never be able to tell you enough,"

"Oh shut up Lou..." I muttered burying myself in his chest, "Just be here... Because I still-"

"Wake up doofhead," he shouted, 


"Wake up!"

I was violently shaken awake, my eyes bursting open. I hissed as I used my arm to shield the bright light that was being shoved in my face. 

"Oh Louis!" Cherie exclaimed feigning falling over, "Lou!"

"Wait what-?" I said rubbing my eyes,

"Someone was having a very exciting night," Deena giggled, 

"Oh shut up you lot, let me get back to sleep..." I muttered burying my face in my pillow,

"You know he hasn't left yet right?" Siobhan yelled from the kitchen, "He's still in New York."

"What!" I said instantly standing up earning a round of laughter from the girls, "And you didn't tell me? Siobhan!"

"Oi! How about we make a deal?" she said pointing a spatula at me as she flipped a pancake, 

"I need to go make final plans for the wedding," I groaned, 

"Groaning? Aren't weddings supposed to be fun?" Marley tonelessly said, "Aren't the brides supposed to be looking forward to their weddings?"

"I am looking forward to my wedding!" I said gathering my belongings, 

"Yeah as much as I'm looking forward to your wedding," Haley chuckled, everyone stopped to look at her prompting more explanation, she offered a shrug before saying, "What? I'm a Louian shipper."

"Ok, can this all just stop!" I shouted causing everyone to shut up and Siobhan to drop her spatula, "I hate how everyone puts labels on things! On twitter! Facebook! Instagram! Even in real life fucking conversations you can hear #yolo #bdoml and I'm so sick of it! I don't need people labeling Louis and I as Louian and I'm so sick of hearing #louian and seeing #lanny because I'm just over it!"

"Lily," Siobhan said stepping out from the kitchen, "Can I talk with you outside?"

I grumbled something colourful before grabbing my bags and storming outside. She shut the door and I could already hear the chatting commencing inside.

"Fucking mid-twenties and their hormones..." I grumbled underneath my breath, 

"You're just grumpy cause you know they're right," she chuckled leaning against the door, 

"Right about what," I spat back pressing my face against the door, trying to catch something they were talking about,

"Right about you not being excited about this wedding!" she pushed, 

"That's a bunch of shit and you know it" I responded, "Why are they talking about stripp-"

"Lily, look at me," Siobhan said pushing my shoulder, "You understand that this is it right? Tomorrow you are going up to an alter and then its it. Everything is-"

"There's always divorce?"

"Lily!" I rolled my eyes at her tone,

"I was just kidding!"

"But seriously Lily!" she began, "After you say I do that's it. And before you know it little Daniel Jr and Siobhan The Second are going to be running round the house,"

"Siobhan the second huh?" I chuckled biting on my lower lip to not allow more laughter to break through, "Siobhan the second?"

"Yeah, that's part of our deal," she responded,

I cocked my head, "Deal?"

"Yeah, I'll get the girls to drop it if you name one of your beautiful children after me,"

"I am never doing that!" I exclaimed, 

"Oh come on!"

"And when did you become everyones leader?" I laughed walking away from the door,

"Come on! You must admit I'm pretty awesome! Please! Name one of your kids after me! Just one!"

"I am never doing that in a million years!" I shouted down the hallway as I moved away from her, "Never, ever, ever!"

"Come on! Siobhan is a pretty name! Just one of your children!" she shouted after me, "And don't sing fucking Taylor Swift in front of me!"

I let out a snort at that one, "I love you, you know?"

"Yeah," she said, "I know." 


"What am I even doing?" I muttered as I sat on my bed staring at my wedding dress, 

Because truth of the matter was I had no idea what I was doing. How did I get here? What all started off as a way of punishing myself, punishing Louis, ended up as me standing at the alter saying my 'I Do's'

"What am I even doing?" I repeated, "I'm a cheater. I've cheated on Daniel so many times and to what end? To what result?" 

"Maybe you'll end up finally being happy," 

I turned around and saw Louis standing in the doorway, I didn't even question how he got into my apartment and instead turned back to looking at my dress.

"I thought I was happy," I responded as he walked over to me, sitting down next to me. I leaned my head against his shoulder continuing to stare at my dress,

"You looked really beautiful in your dress," he said leaning against my head, kissing the top of it,

"Yeah that was the plan..." I joked back,

There was a moments silence as I closed my eyes, leaning against his shoulder.

"Everything is so screwed up Lou..." I said slinking my arms round his neck, I felt him chuckle underneath me, him now watching my face, burying his face in my hair,

"Yeah everything is pretty screwed up..." he responded as I continued to slouch against him,

"Could you stop agreeing with me?" I pleaded my voice breaking at the end, "It's getting tiresome, you keep listening to me,"

"Isn't that what I'm supposed to do? Listen to you?" he asked, 

"Yeah but sometimes I need you to tell me that I'm wrong..." I laughed, "Because about 99% of the time I'm wrong,"

"You're getting married tomorrow," he muttered dropping his head so that it was in the crook of my neck and mine was resting on his, I could feel his breath brush against my neck making me hum, "You're getting married tomorrow to Daniel,"

"Yeah, so?" I said,

"You have to stop dreaming about what could be and accept what is," he said kissing the side of my neck causing me to squirm,

"Dreaming?" I asked,

"LILY! Holy shit did she die? LILY!" he shouted

"Wait what?" 

"LILY! LILY!" my eyes snapped open as I sat up, my forehead colliding with someone else's.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed rubbing my forehead, upon realising that I had yet another dream I groaned realising how utterly stupid I felt. After taking a mental note to stop having dreams about him, I opened my eyes only to be face to face with guess who? "What are you doing in my apartment!"

"Just checking up on you, that's all," Louis shrugged, taking a bite of an apple that he obviously stole from my apartment and for some reason, it really irked me that that he had stolen my food, "Aren't you getting married in a couple days,"

"Aren't you supposed to be flying back to London?"

"That's beside the point-"

"It's not beside the point Lou! I thought you left!"

"Then what type of best friend would I be?"

"You're not my best friend!" I shouted standing up and crossing my arms, "And what are you even doing in my apartment, how did you get in? Why did you steal that bloody apple?"

"Will you go on a walk with me?"

"I'm not bloody going on walk with you Louis William Tomlinson I thought that you- I thought that you-" that was when I pulled him in for a hug, I'm not quite sure why I pulled him in for a hug, I'm fairly sure it's a weird mixture between missing him and not knowing what to do but either way, I hadn't felt safer for ages as he wrapped his arms round me and for some unknown reason, in the end, I obliged. And I had decided that I was either crazy, desperate or obsessive, I decided to go with both.


There isn't anything worse than waiting in a hospital room. And if there is, I pity the person that has to go through that awful, awful situation. Grey walls, clear windows, empty corridors, it was awful. And being in a waiting room was even worse, the name waiting room couldn't be more fitting. I didn't fool myself by saying that whomever decided to come down that hallway would bring good news, I was too smart for that, it would be bone crushingly depressing and would bring nothing but a death note, a death wish. I saw the crash happen. There was no way that they would make it out of that alive. A choked sob left my lips, as I covered my mouth with my hands trying to hold back the tears that would come. My eyes were fixated on the ground, my knees curled up to my chest, my arms wrapped firmly around them. There was only one other person in that waiting room, a man, looked fairly old. He had been crying this entire time and I hadn't an idea what was more heart  breaking, imagining why he could be crying so harshly, imagining who he was waiting for, or imagining what news the doctors would bring. Once I had decided all three were much too painful I turned to look out of the shockingly clear windows, at the trees below that seemed almost threatening at twilight, 

"She was my wife," his words caught me by surprise, my head instantly turned looking at him, my eyes wide as I prompted for more information, "Cancer." 

My lips tightened in a line as I nodded my head in acknowledgement, my eyes turning back to the road. It had just turned to rush hour and I began making up stories for the cars that I saw drive by. The blue jeep? A teenager with a bit too much time and not enough money on their hands. The swanky limousine? Some lovesick couple on their way to prom. The four-wheeled-drive? A mother driving her kids back from some sort of party. After a long period of silence the man cleared his throat again,

"How about you?" 

I didn't answer. I simply kept my eyes set on the road, but as traffic died down, I turned to him, clearing my throat instead,

"Best Friend," his eyes replicated my actions, widening, almost prompting for more information, "Car Crash."

"Were you close?"

"You could say that." I wasn't giving as much as he would've liked, that much you could tell. 

"Have you known each other long?"

"You could say that." 

"How come you're not telling me much?"

"Because it hurts."

"Because you loved them?"

"You could say that."

We continued exchanging small talk like that for awhile, I wasn't in the mood to talk but apparently he was.

"What's their name?"

"I'm not saying."


I remained silent, gulping as my eyes fixated on a small crack in the wall. I just wanted him to leave me alone, let me dwell in my own thoughts. 

"I recognise you, y'know? You've been photographed with that boy all over my grand daughters walls, you're always all over the news for breaking some sort of record, cracking some sort of story."

"You could say that."

"Did you know that your nickname is the Ice Queen of Journalism?"

"You could say that."

"Is it true?"

"Are you some sort of interrogator or something?"

"Is it true? Are you the Ice Queen?"

Months ago I would've said yes, without hesitating. Without missing a beat. But instead I sat there, my eyes fixated on the wall, I didn't answer him again. I didn't care if I appeared rude, if anything I was most likely confirming his suspicions about me being the Ice Queen, though a part of me begged for him to stop, I slightly enjoyed the company as I heard resonating footsteps echo through the halls, I stood, turning to the noise as a doctor with a much too high nose and furrowed brows looked at me, his lips pursed and tightened, I got to my feet by instinct, my body working quicker than my mind, 

"Miss Brie?"

I remained silent, simply offering a small nod, my arms wrapping round my body as a gulp worked it's way down my throat, 

"I'm sorry to inform you that-"


My head whipped round at the sound of a familiar British accent filling my ears, I instantly turned to be met with blue eyes, brown meeting blue as his name escaped my lips,


I ran to him, his pace quickening as he embraced me in his arms, his lips carefully being placed on my forehead as he guided us once more towards the Doctor. There was something that was somewhat comforting about being in his arms, something that made me feel safe, but as I looked up at the Doctor, tears filling my eyes, I dragged my tongue against my bottom lip, 

"Miss Siobhan has left us."


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