Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


40. Chapter 40 - Remember

-- 5 Days Later --


He listened to me. He actually listened to me. He left. He left New York. Went MIA again. It was terrible and horrid but he actually listened to me for once and I actually hated it because I was so damn tried of thinking of him. How hard could it be to forget him completely? How long would it take? Daniel had been whisked away by his beautiful sister to his families house, apparently it was good for the bride and groom to be away from each other.

Just two years ago I was completely in love with Louis with noone else in mind. And now what am I doing? Marrying my second love. Second love. Second. Was my love for Daniel second to my love for Louis? I never thought I was going to be one of these lovesick fucking twilight girls, I mean if you saw me when I was younger you wouldn't have believed it.

"What do you mean I'm prissy?" I huffed crossing my arms 

"I mean exactly what I say," he sassed back pouting his lips at me

I widened my eyes gesturing to my overalls and grey t-shirt, I went through a tomboy stage in my younger life where I really wanted to be a boy. 

"I'm a boy!" I responded sticking out my tongue, 

"You're a girl!" he exclaimed rubbing his temples, "You have a crush on-"

"Shh!" I hushed jumping down from my rock and placing my hand over his mouth, "Shhh! That's a secret you doofy head!"

"I'm a doofy head?" he shouted crossing his arms, "You're the doofy head!"

"Well I don't like him anymore! Because I'm a boy! I don't like any boys! I will never like any boys! Ever!" I said sitting down on my rock, steam coming out of my ears, "Ever, ever, ever! Boys are icky sticky icky! I'm going to become a homosexual!"

"But I'm a boy," he said pointing to himself, "Does that mean you don't like me?"

"Oh please," I sassed back, "You're obviously a girl,"

"And you're 7 years old," he responded

"Shut up!"

I was brought out of my trance as Siobhan waved her hand in front of my face, 

"Lily?" she cooed, "Lilllllyy? Lily?" 

"Huh?" I said waving my head round a little bit, "Oh, hi,"

"So in two days you're getting hitched huh?" she said reclining in her seat,

I looked around, forgetting where I was. Where was I? Oh yeah, central park. Siobhan and I had agreed to meet at Central Park.


"And you have no regrets or lingering questions in your mind?" she asked,


"None at all?" she pushed,


"Are you lying?"

"Probably?" I offered shrugging my shoulders, "I know this is so pathetic but I just can't get the thought of him out of my head,"

"Oh baby girl, that's because you never got closure," she chuckled,

"I don't even..." I muttered, "I don't even remember where everything started going wrong I mean I could easily say it's when he didn't come back but I think it goes much further back than that,"

"Love," she said, "You're getting married to Daniel in a couple days and I'm telling you don't... don't get married if you're not 100% sure because you will end up regretting it for the rest of your life I can promise you that,"

"No," I responded tussling up my hair, "I know I'm 100% about Daniel it's... It's Louis I'm not 100% sure about because... I don't even know,"

"Well I know why," she muttered underneath her breath, I assumed she thought that I couldn't hear her so I left it be, 

"I've always thought that Daniel was the safer route," I said running through my hands through my hair,

"Yeah but isn't it funner living on the wild side?" Siobhan exclaimed leaning forward,

"Funner?" I chuckled,

"It's a word now," she stated nodding her head, 

"Oh I love you so much, you know?" I chuckled, 

"Damn straight!" she said standing up, "Because I'm the only one who will give it to you straight,"

"Then give it to me straight," I said refusing to look up at her, "Am I still in love with him?"

"Daniel?" she questioned,

"No," I responded, "Lou. Am I still... do you think?"

"Honey Bun I don't think you ever got over him," she chuckled, "And you never will and honestly, I ship you and Louis so fucking hard it hurts, like I'm not going to lie I was just scrolling through tumblr the other day and searched Louian and dear god some of those fanfics are pretty sm-"


"Like I was saying, even though you obviously still have feelings for him I think that they will go away in time," she said running her hands through her hair,

"I thought that too," I responded rubbing my eyes, "But that was 5 years ago Siobhan... It hasn't happened yet."

"Ever hear of the phrase forgive and forget?" she asked her tone dropping, "You haven't forgiven him for leaving you yet, so how are you supposed to forget him?"

"I don't want to forgive him though," I said crossing my arms, "Why should I? He has done nothing to deserve my-"

"Apart from love you wholeheartedly," she cut in, "No if's, what's or but's. He just loved you truly, madly and deeply," 

"Nice One Direction reference..." I muttered, 

"Yeah I'm pretty smooth," she chuckled, "But look at it this way, at least you can love who you want to love, I don't have a choice..."

"Are you kidding me!" I exclaimed, "You are a model and actress Siobhan Craig. You have hot guys around you every day,"

"Yeah but I'm not..." she dropped her voice to a whisper, "I'm not interested in guys,"

"At the moment...?" I said my voice trailing off at the end, 

"Like..." she said shaking her head around, seemingly lost for words, "Ever."

"You're-" I managed to get out as the pieces came together in my head,

"Why did you think my publicist said I had to date Louis?" 

"Holy fucking Christ Shit balls," I shouted, I then saw all the eyes on my and covered my mouth, "That's, that's why you... Siobhan how come you didn't tell me earlier!"

"It's just-"

"Holy shit... I was not expecting that,"

"Please just-"

"OMG. Did I just use OMG? I'm such a... Siobhan! Siobhan? Was this your first time telling anyone?"

"Apart from my girlfriend..."

"You have a-"

She cut me off by slamming her hand against my mouth, 

"Just shut up alright," she said her face now red as she sat down on the ground, 

"How can I-?" I managed to get out between fits of laughter, 

"Do you want me to read you a fan fiction?" she spat starting to hit me with her hat as I continued to laugh not knowing how else to respond,

"Go ahead!" I chuckled, "It can't be that bad!"

"It's basically Louis and you banging, every damn one... I mean I bet your sex with him wasn't even that good..." she muttered, this made my laughter grow, "Oi! Shut up you! But honestly, do you really want to get married in two days?"

My laughter ceased as reality dawned on me, I swallowed as I muttered, 

"Yeah Sio, I really do..."

"Good!" she exclaimed getting up and offering me her hand, "Just promise me a couple things k?"

"Name them," I replied grabbing her hand as she yanked me up

"First of all promise me that you name one of your kids after me because they are going to be hot I mean have you seen Daniel. Like even I have to admit that he is-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah what's your next promise?"

She sighed smiling, extending her arms to me as she wrapped them round me in a tight hug,

"That you make up with Louis, Harry and Liam..." 

"Harry cheated on Marley, one of my best friends, multiple times..."

"And Marley is better off without him, she's now working with starving children and Harry is getting pretty serious with Deena,"

"Really?" I snorted, "God didn't see that coming,"

"Yeah, if you hadn't spent the last 5 days inside your house eating you would know he officially asked her to be his girlfriend yesterday, flowers and everything,"

"Wow," I said, "She really changed him,"

"Yeah," she began, "The right girl can change the worst of guys,"

"Don't start... Marley is coming back for the wedding I'm sure Deena will realise that Harry is still in love with her" I began, "But honestly, what Liam did with Cherie was wrong..."

"And wrongs can be forgiven over time," she cut in, "He asked if he could be her date for your wedding,"


"And she said yes," my jaw dropped at that one, "Time heals wounds Lily. And you're forgiving Louis, I mean do you even remember why you're mad at him in the first place?" 

"Yeah," I responded, "I do remember... I remember much too clearly and it... and it really hurts."

"Ever think its time for it to stop hurting?" she said rubbing the back of my head,

"Yeah," I said, "And in two days I think it'll stop."


"Why am I here?" I groaned, I looked around at 6 smiling girls,

"Well," Deena began, "I'm here since I want to get to know you guys better and Siobhan told me it was a girls night in."

"That would explain why we're all in our pyjamas..." I muttered, 

"I'm here since I just need to get away from Zayn for awhile..." Lilac said rubbing her temples, "We're having... I went to the...There's a chance we might never have children because we're having issues with... conception..."

Lilac flopped down into Deena's arms as Deena combed her fingers through her hair,

"I'm here because I need to catch up with you guys about my time in Africa..." Marley mumbled, I recognized something very different about her, not only was her skin darker and her hair lighter but she seemed... darker. Gosh, that girl was so bipolar, 

"I'm here because I have exciting news to share with you all!" Cherie exclaimed,

"Shit you're not preggers are you?" Haley said her eyes widening,

"What!" Cherie exclaimed, "No!"

"Well I'm here because the boys are all going out drinking with Daniel,"

"Even-" I began,

"No not Louis, he hates Daniel," Haley chortled, "But the rest of them are,"

"And I'm here because what's a party without Siobhan!" Siobhan exclaimed jumping up and running towards the kitchen,

"So this is a party?" I chuckled, "Or is it a therapy session because I honestly can't tell,"

"Shut up you!" Siobhan exclaimed throwing a spoon my way, "Ok so I had this idea, since I've been reading alot of fan fic-"

"Shut up!" Deena exclaimed throwing a pillow at Siobhan, "All I've heard is fanfiction this fanfiction that..."

"Hey it's fine literature!" Siobhan retorted throwing the pillow back, 

"Fine literature my ass," Cherie scoffed, "You just read it for the smut!"

"Look who has become Miss Sassy ever since she got back with Liam," Siobhan said sticking out her tongue, "And on the contrary, I like seeing how people portray me and how people portray all of you,"

"How do they portray us?" Lilac chuckled, "Am I the quiet mysterious one?"

Lilac struck a pose, her hair falling over her face. I couldn't help but laugh at this as I doubled over,

"Girls, I just realized something," Haley said shutting us all up, we all stopped what we were doing and peered at her, "We have to play truth! No dare cause truth is so much better,"

"That was my idea!" Siobhan spat, "How dare you! I got that from reading fan-"

"SHUTTUP!" we all yelled harmoniously, 

"Yeah, yeah pick on the new girl," Siobhan groaned sitting down in our circle,  "I'm starting. Uh, Deena, no! Lily, happiest memory?"

I opened my mouth about to explain the time when Daniel took me to the snow but another memory came into my mind,

I fanned the air in front of me, the stench of alcohol filled the air. Me, being 17 at the time couldn't drink. People were falling all over the place, having makeout sessions on the couches. However, I was looking for Louis. Knowing him he was somewhere shouting at someone for something ridiculous. I heard someone scream out,


I laughed at the person words. I snaked through the large crowd onto the balcony taking a breather. I looked out onto our humble town of Doncaster. This place was my home. The house was very big, very tall, I could easily see everything. I looked around and spotted my house. My mum had hung giant banners from our chimney reading "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" I laughed at her enthusiasm as I heard the door slam behind me.

"Aww! You dicks! Don't lock me on the balcony 2 minutes before midnight!!" I heard someone slur, I turned around to the face of a very drunk Louis.

He shook his head around slapping his face making stupid noises like "weeble weeble wobble."

"I thought you said you weren't going to drink alot," I chuckled, Lou's eyes locked onto me, he instantly straightened himself out flashing me a smile.

"I haven't," he responded very straightly, "I know my mum would kill me if I drank too much. But people expect me to be all WOOOO so I'm 'drunk' persay..."

I heard people chanting inside, one and a half minutes until midnight

"Why you all out here alone?" he asked walking over to me, "What happened to your first midnight kiss?"

I leaned over the balcony, Lou joined me there looking at me directly in the eyes. Before the party, I had this fantasy that I would get my first kiss at midnight. I hadn't found anyone worthwhile. 

"Well my goal, was to find someone that meant something to me, I'm out of luck," I sighed, he looked at me with a slight look of sympathy on his face, "I saw you making out with Hannah Walker just ten minutes ago. It looked like you were eating her face..."

"Honestly she means nothing to me, but she's been fun" he moaned, I heard the countdown begin inside. 60... 59... 58... "Honestly, you probably mean alot more to me than she ever did."

"Aw Tommo you make me blush," I said sarcastically poking his cheek, "Too bad noone else did tonight..."

"Well why don't you have your midnight kiss with me?" he suggested, 

I raised my eyebrow at him, he had a stupid smirk on his face. 40... 39... 38...

"It makes sense!" he said

"That actually makes no sense!" I exclaimed "Are you sure you're not drunk? You put up a pretty convincing case!"

"It's easy to act drunk," he said "You just flop around and talk really loudly,"

he started shouting and turning around which made me laugh. He always had a habit of making me laugh...

"Now you try!" he said pointing at me 18... 17... 16...

I started flailing around, but me being the clutz I am, fell over. But Lou was right there to catch me in his arms, our close proximity would usually make me very uncomfortable .But right there, as I listened to the chanting, I felt completely enchanted by my best friend. I cleared my throat attempting to break the silence.

"Thanks for saving me superman," I giggled "How is it that you're always saving me?"

"It's because I'll always be there to catch you when you fall," he whispered leaning in, we were so close together that our noses were touching, I could feel his hot breath against my lips which drove me close to insanity.

My ears locked onto the screaming inside. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5. But when it got to the last three seconds Lou whispered,

"3," he took his hand and cupped my cheek bringing us even closer together,

"2," I whispered back feeling suddenly exhilarated 

"1" we said in harmony as his lips pressed against mine. I heard screaming inside but my thoughts, and lips, were otherwise occupied. He broke the kiss helping me into a standing position. As we looked into each others eyes we both started to laugh. I don't know what overcame us but the situation seemed quite silly at the time.

"Lets have another great year aye?" he said completely changing his tone of voice, he poked me on the nose and walked inside slamming the door behind him. I stood on the balcony in shock for the rest of the night realizing that I had just gotten my first real kiss from my best friend.

"Lily?" Siobhan said slapping me on the cheek, "We don't have all day,"

"Oh uh," I began blinking my eyes a couple times, "Uhm, Danny he uh... took me to the snow one time it was uh... fun."

"Hmm," Siobhan said squinting her eyes, "I call bullshit but continue. Your turn Lily!"

"Yeah uh, Lilac how's married life?"

"I suggest it for all of you," she chuckled tucking her hair behind her ears, "I mean it's great the sex is so much better I mean-"

"PG!" Deena squealed, "CAN WE KEEP IT PG!" 

"Oh please," Cherie groaned, "When I visited Liam the other day I heard you screaming..."

Deena's eyes dilated and she turned very red, I couldn't help but giggle at my worker,

"I banged my uh... toe on the table..."

"I'm sure you were banging something," Another round of laughter erupted round our circle,

"God guys you realize that we're all like in or reaching our mid-twenties right?" I managed to get out between fits of laughter

"Who cares!" Siobhan exclaimed, "In the words of my babe Kesha, lets make the most of the night, like we're gonna die young!"


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