Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


38. Chapter 38 - Support


There's different things that support people, some people are supported by pillows, some people are supported by people, some by food. I however, I am supported by the sunrise as pathetic and cheesy as it sounds. I sat on my living room couch staring out our floor length windows watching the sun peek out over the tall buildings with Daniel's arms wrapped round me. I leaned against his shoulder, closing my eyes and inhaling. 

"Mmm," I mumbled feeling the sun slowly rise on my face, "I'm so tired from the wedding..."

"What happened with you and Louis?" he asked, I felt his tense up next to me and I knew that he could sense me tensing up as well, "The atmosphere felt pretty dense..."

"It was nothing..." I mumbled back burying my face further into his shoulder. It wasn't like I was lying, I didn't fully understand what he was trying to get me to do.

What did he mean three reasons? Did he honestly want me to give him three reasons to stay in New York? Did he honestly want three reasons to stay from me before he came up with three reasons to go? It was so stupid... so child-ish yet so weirdly brilliant it was so... Louis. 

"Hey," he muttered lifting my face from his shoulder with his index dinger, "I know I'm not the first person to kiss your lips or make you feel on top of the world. And I know that I can only ever retrace the lines that have already been drawn with kisses and love. And I have never tried to fool myself by saying I'm the first here but Ann,"

Ann. Not Lily. Ann. "Yeah?"

"I want to be the last but you have to be straight with me because I can't compete with a fantasy and I can't compete with him,"

"I thought I told you I chose you," I repeated, 

"And I thought you were fighting with Louis," he retorted,

"I am fighting with him," I said grabbing his hand within my own, my phone then bleeped, I squeezed my eyes closed cursing the world for its bad timing. I picked up my phone with my other hand and on the screen it read

From: Louis Tomlinson

wllllilly i hurt meself, i alone dun remember phun numb3rs u lst thng opn on ma ph01ne. halpp me. i at bar smthn waterfront. ma hed hrtz.

I rolled my eyes throwing my phone onto the couch, laying my head in Daniel's shoulder again. But then the phone vibrated again,

From: Louis Tomlinson

hlp me. directionhhhaters r hre. hah i clled u willy. ur a willy. willy, alcohol

I ignored it again refusing to acknowledge him, I couldn't. Not now. 

"I have a work conference today," Danny sighed, "I really don't want to go," 

"Your work sucks," I pouted, "It sucks big time,"

"Shouldn't you be getting to work?" he chuckled, "You've taken at least 3 days off..."

"I'll call Cherie," I muttered back, "She can take over for me today. I'm just so tired..."

"Yeah I bet you are," he responded kissing me on the forehead, "What do you reckon you'll get up to?"

"I think I'm going to go down to... Waterfront Bar is it?" 

"On 3rd Avenue? Yeah, what are you doing there?"

I took a moment to silently groan before responding, "Seeing an old friend"


"What the hell are you doing hiding in the bathrooms?" I spat as I watched Louis hide in a corner, his hands over his face, "And I thought that you tried to stop drinking after..." a nasty memory washed through my mind causing me to flinch, "After y'know."

"Flower," he mumbled his hands dropping to his sides,


"I think it was a flower..."

"You're talking about lillies aren't you?" I sighed, "Ugh, what did that flower do? What did that flower say?"

"Flower make me cry, Flower broke my heart, Flower..." he dropped to the floor and curled up into a foetal position, "Make me lie in the cold hard ground... OHHHH! Oh oh... trouble trouble... trouble."

"Stand up," I muttered offering my hand, him taking it, me yanking him up. I pulled him up so quickly so that his face was in my neck, "Just when I thought we wouldn't be in this position ever again…"

"You smell nice," he cooed moving his head round so that it was nuzzling into my neck. 

"Let's just get you home…" I tutted dragging him outside and shoving him into my car, 

"Thats a little forward…" he chuckled, "Do it again!"

"Put your damn seatbelt on," I groaned,

"Want to know what else the flower did?" he shouted as I got into the drivers seat, "Flower got with dick. Dick I thinks is smelly."

"Shut up," I spat as I continued to drive, "Do you remember your address?"

He responded with something unintelligible but thankfully I could understand it enough to put it into my GPS.

"Lily?" he whispered, 

"Yeah?" I spat back keeping my eyes on the busy roads, 

"I miss you sometimes," 

I remained silent, which apparently meant say more to him in his drunken state.

"Whenever I miss you, alcohol seems to make it better and... that's really sickening to me. I'm sorry,"

"Yeah well-"

"Is that a butterfly?" 

Way to ruin a moment. I spent the remainder of the drive attempting to shut him up as he burst into random fits of laughter and random outbursts of song,

"I want to fly, can you take me far away! Give me a star to reach for, tell me what it takes-"

"We're here Macklemore," I groaned jumping out of the car to open his door to only find him tumbling out,

I led him up to his front steps grabbing the spare key from under the mat, so predictable. I dragged him into his house, his body pressing flush against mine as I dragged him upstairs to his room, he laughed into my neck.

"What?" I spat,

"You still smell soooo gooood," he chuckled the smell of whiskey causing me to scrunch up my face,

I poked and prodded at him, forcing him to fall on his bed.

"If you wanted me, you could've just said so," he said giggling at his own joke, curling up on the bed, 

"Now go to sleep," I spat,

"Aww!" he exclaimed pouting, "Please stay with me! I have a boo boo from falling over."

And he did indeed, he pointed to his face when a bruise was starting to show. I rolled my eyes as I ran to his mini-fridge by his bed, grabbing a bag of ice out and pushing it against his head, 

"I'm so coooool," he laughed, "Get it? ICE!"

"Yeah, yeah mr funny, chill out," I said pressing the ice further against his head causing him to wince, 

"You're really beautiful," he slurred his lips turning into a grin, 

"And you're really drunk," I chuckled removing the ice and grabbing his knuckles which were also lined with bruises,

"Yes I am drunk," he responded his voice starting to drift off, "But I'll be sober tomorrow morning and you'll still be beautiful,"

"Actually you'll have a major hangover. God Louis, what time is it were you out all-"

He cut me off with his lips against mine. I could taste the alcohol on his breath, it tasted gross and foul and no matter how much I wanted to pull myself away I felt myself inching further towards him. I had forgotten all of the physical chemistry we had, but it was so clear as our lips moved together in perfect sync. I pulled at his hair, earning a groan from him But when I paused to take a breath, pulling his head back from mine my eyes widened. Shit, what did I just do?

"You taste like how you smell," he chuckled collapsing onto the bed, "Like strawberries."

"Yeah," I managed to get out, "Well you taste like alcohol. It's gross."

He responded with a loud snore. I looked out his window and noticed that the sun was setting, there went my support.





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