Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


37. Chapter 37 - Do


I woke up with sleep in my eyes, I instantly grasped the sheets next to me looking for Zayn, disappointed that his usual warm toned body wasn't next to mine but when I realized when it wasn't a giant smile lit up my face. I was getting married to day and nobody could ruin my day. I stretched out my arms above my head as my phone lit up with a text from Zayn.

From: Zayn Sent: 6:00

Good morning beautiful. What are you wearing? ;) 

I chuckled at his cheekiness as I brought the phone to my face typing in

Sweatpants and grannypannies to suck in my fat <3 

I pressed send and almost got a reply instantly,

From: Zayn Sent: 6:02

Look what I get when I try to be romantic :P Can't wait to see you today bye love x

I brushed my hair back over my face, looking at the empty white wall in front of me which had a black bag hanging from it containing my wedding dress. 

"This is it."


How did I get here? Standing in front of my best friends door at 6:00 in the morning with a bunch of girls, a make up team, Lou Teasdale and endless amount of people. 

"Let me knock!" Haley exclaimed banging on the door thrice, 

We all put on our best smiles as we waited for a response. When there wasn't one Haley knocked again, thrice once again.

"No use," Siobhan chuckled, "She's probably having some pre-wedding fun with Zayn if you catch my drift."

"Oh dayum!" Cherie exclaimed raising her hand, "I like this Siobhan girl!"

"Hey," I spat, "She's mine." 

"Sorry Cherie, guess I'm taken," Siobhan giggled wrapping her arms round my neck,

"God why don't you both just get married already?" Lou groaned, I laughed at her as Siobhan stuck her tongue out releasing me.

"LILAC!" Haley screamed pounding on the door this time, "OPEN THE HELL UP!" 

That's when the door swung open and I swore we woke up the whole street with our voices, Lilac's face turned into a grin as we all enveloped her in a hug and rushed into their apartment. I watched as the wardrobe people ran into her bedroom, emerging with her dress and all of our bridesmaid dresses. I watched as the make up people set up in the kitchen making many stalls for us. I couldn't help but sigh thinking that Lilac, who was now seated with Lou whom was doing her hair, would be me in a matter of months. I didn't have much time to reminisce as I was pulled into hair my hair being straightened and then curled. 

As I looked into the mirror, a bright smile on my face I imagined myself on my wedding day and I hated to admit it, but Daniel wasn't the man standing next to me. 


"Damnit Mate! No bachelor party aye?" Niall chuckled slapping Zayn on the shoulder, we were all crowded round Zayn who was currently lying on his bed, a permanent smile on his face. 

"Mm mm," Zayn mumbled, staring up at the ceiling,

"Shouldn't you be getting ready?" Liam asked grabbing a pillow in his hands,

"Mm mm," Liam thwacked Zayn on the head with a pillow to no avail, 

"Oi, what happened with you and Lily yesterday Lou?" Harry asked grabbing the pillow that lay on Zayn's face and throwing at me. I caught it before ruffling a hand through my hair,

"Well after I told her that I wanted to be friends-"

"You did what mate?" Zayn said sitting up, Oh. So it talks now.

"I told her I wanted to be friends," I repeated and a wave of disappointment washed throughout the room, "God, you guys are such girls."

"Well do you think I won Lilac over by telling her I wanted to be friends?" 

"I don't want to win Lily over," I spat,

"Louis, you're never going to be happy unless you get closure," Zayn chuckled, "And I hate to tell you this but that means either leaving her alone completely, finding someone else and living happily ever after or winning her back and having you be that man at the alter rather than... rather than Danny small dick."

"You guys don't get it," I chuckled scratching the back of my head, "Didn't you see me when I left? You saw me on skype, I bet you even screenshotted some of it. I was pretty damn broken, not just emotionally man I mean... even my face looked messed up."

"Lou," Harry said wrapping his arm round my shoulders, "Sometimes we just need to be hurt in order to grow, lose in order to gain. Maybe you just need to... lose her."

"I would gladly," I responded, "But we've been through everything together. I was her first kiss man and... that, that means something to me and it means something to her... Hopefully."

"So you do want to win her back?" Liam asked walking over to me and sitting down,

"Yes!" I exclaimed, "Wait, no. I never said that. God fucking damnit... I mean isn't it clear to her we're better when we're in each others lives? I mean look what happened to her when I left. She became a CEO of a lead magazine or something like that, a pencil skirt, high bun, smokey eye-shadow wearing... barbie."

"Well when something bad happens you have three choices," Zayn said, "You can either let it define you, which it did. It defined her for a year. Or you can let it destroy you. Which it did, you destroyed her Lou I saw it whenever she decided to skype with Lil."

"What was the third choice?" I asked looking up at him rather than down at the floor,

"Or you can let it strengthen you and look at her Lou. Look where she is in her life and honestly, did you really think Lily of all people was just going to sit there and do nothing with her life? Waiting for you to come home?"

"Is it sad that..." I began, "That I sort of did?"


"You brought that little shit to the wedding!" Cherie exclaimed, the wedding had just finished and Deena had just arrived with Harry at the reception.

"So what!" Harry exclaimed, "Your twin sister dumped me and I'm just supposed to do nothing with it!" 

"Ahem!" Cherie shouted, "You cheated on her you dick face wanker!"

"Oi!" Zayn shouted "Lets keep it G guys. I have just gotten married to the most beautiful wonderful women, can we save this?"

I watched the whole seen unfurl in front of my eyes as I sat on a lonesome table myself, stirring a toothpick through a martini that I ordered.  I hadn't a clue where Daniel was, and I couldn't care less.

I was too busy staring at Louis and then looking away quickly. If I was to rate myself on a scale of child-ish behavior from 1-10 I would give myself a 69.

"I could leave if you-" Deena said before Cherie pointed at her causing her to shut up instantly,

"Leave her alone!" Harry shouted, "Stop hating everyone that comes near me!"

"I don't hate anyone," Cherie spat crossing her arms, "I'm just not necessarily excited about many people's existence." 

"What the heck is that supposed to mean!" he shouted back, "Dear god! You're always either on your period or still pissed off from your break up with Liam!" 

"Hey mate," Liam said stepping in, "That isn't cool alright?" 

"I don't need you sticking up for me right?" she spat, "You're not my boyfriend!"

"I tried being your boyfriend!" he exclaimed, "You dumped me remember?"

"Oh! So the tables have turned!" Harry chuckled,

"OH SHUT IT HARRY!" Cherie screamed, "And you! You're the one that dumped me first you two faced son of a bitch!"

"You really want to ruin your best friends wedding for this?" Liam asked, then mumbling something to her which I couldn't catch from my spot in the room. I leaned over the table, trying to catch a glimpse of what they were whispering about but when someone cleared their throat I sat down instantly and went back to playing with my martini.

"What were you doing just now?" Dear god. Couldn't this boy leave me alone?

"None of your business Lewis." I spat taking a sip of my drink,

"Well their conversation is none of your business either," he chuckled pulling out a chair and sitting with me.

"Well their conversation is none of your business either," I muttered causing him to breathily laugh at me before suddenly turning serious, I could feel him tense up beside me, though I wasn't looking at him,

"I'm leaving tonight..." he said, 

"You're... leaving?" I managed to get out as my head flipped towards him, what did he mean that he was leaving?

"There's monsters here that I... that I can't face. I need to, I need to go back home." he mumbled now staring at the floor rather than at me.

"Then I'll help you fight your monsters!" I exclaimed grabbing his hands by instinct, he gasped at my sudden contact looking up at me momentarily before averting his gaze downwards.

"How can you when you're one of them?" he chuckled, "I'm leaving. I'm leaving New York. Going back home."

"Look," I began moving his hand up to my cheek, a gesture so familiar to us that it went unnoticed, "Even though we're... fighting or whatever we're doing I don't want you to leave New York. It... it causes me to shudder thinking of us as... friends because personally I don't think that we can be friends after all that we've been through I mean-"


"My point is," I breathed, "I don't,  I don't want you to leave."

"Well nothing is set in stone," he responded his gaze drifting up to meet mine, our eyes locking together, "I might leave, I might stay."

"Depending on what?"



"Various Reasons...."

"Reasons? Various Reasons?" I chuckled thinking of how childish he was being pushing for more information, "Name three."

His hands left mine as one of them made their way up to my face brushing a loose strand of hair, the other one placed round my waist pulling me towards him,

"I can only think of one reason at the moment," he said quietly, so quietly that I was surprised that I could hear it,

"Mm?" I mumbled, suddenly becoming distracted, 

"And I'm not sure if she's worth it..." 

"Don't leave..."

"I've already got a reason to leave," he chuckled, "Why don't you give me three reasons to stay before I give you three reasons I should leave?"

"Dance with me," I breathed, Whoa, where did that come from?

"Even with World War III on the dance floor?" he chuckled moving his hand so that it was under my jaw, pushing it upwards making sure that I was looking up him

"Dance with me..." I repeated not quite sure of what I was trying to achieve.

"No," he breathed stroking his thumb against my jawline, "Not unless you answer me something..." 

"Anything," I responded, my anger slowly melting away, 

"Why are you marrying Daniel? And don't say because you love him because I know you don't."

"Well Lou, my whole life was planned out before you... before we lost contact. I think the whole town pretty much planned our lives the exact way we planned ours and though this is alot more exciting that our initial plan of being an english and drama teacher with little Tommy Tomlinson," I chuckled, "After you... after you didn't come back and I met Daniel I just thought of something that a wise man once said."

"What was that?" he asked. 

"That you must give up the life you planned to already have the life that is waiting for you and Daniel is... Daniel is the life that is waiting for me." I responded, 

"Lily I-"

"Ann?" I pushed myself away from Louis as quickly as I could, moving my head round so that I was staring at Daniel rather than Louis, "Should we skip the drama on the dance floor? Lets just.. lets just go home. Say goodbye... say goodbye to everyone."

I smiled and nodded my head wrapping my arms around Louis' neck.

"You asked me to stay," he whispered in my ear as my arms remained locked around him, "Stay."

I froze there for awhile, an inner battle rising up inside of me and I had no idea why I let go and started to walk towards Daniel. But before I did I could swear that I heard him say,

"Reason 2." But I wasn't sure if it was to leave or to stay.


A/N Apologies for the slow, slow, slow, SLOW UPDATE :( But I hope you like it!!! xox

BASICALLY if you're confused chuck me a comment or scroll through the comments to see what just happened :)


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