Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


36. Chapter 36 - Friends

"W-when did you get here?" I asked shuffling from side to side, unable to meet his eyes, "I mean... I thought you left,"

"Aren't you going to compliment me back?!" he exclaimed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, "And I can't miss my best mates wedding"

"Does everyone, does everyone know you're here?" I asked flattening out my dress, 

"Well I got here yesterday, said hi to all my mates then brought them all round to the dress shop," he began, "And they told me you weren't there so... SURPRISE I'M HERE!"

"You can't be..." I mumbled, "You can't be here. If Daniel finds out he will-"

"I'm sorry about the paps," he mumbled scratching the back of his head cutting me off and effectively changing the subject,

"Don't be," I chuckled back, amusement obvious in my voice, "I should probably be thankful to you for not letting it out,"

"Don't be," he offered "People asked me the wrong questions so it was kind of difficult to give them the right answers."

And there was silence. Not comfortable silence. That silence that is impenetrable and not wanted. The kind of silence that made you want to slip out of your skin. I cleared my throat trying to fill the silence. 

"But what the worst part is," he began, I mentally thanked him for filling the silence in, "Is when I became that person that asked themselves the wrong questions because I was terrified of hearing the right answer." 

"What did you ask yourself?" I mumbled feeling suddenly brave, 

He smiled at the ground, almost in defeat before looking up to me again, his face falling,

"I asked myself why I walked away,"

"What was the answer to that question?" I asked as I began to fiddle with my hands,

"That I was mad," he chuckled, "Angry, frustrated, whatever you want to call it. But honestly that didn't give me answers, thats why I didn't come back."

"Why did you come back?" I questioned furrowing my brows together,

"Because I asked myself why it hurt so much," he laughed to himself shaking his head, "And I knew the answer was because that you're that person in my life that I can't walk away from. Even though I know I should, that I have to but I don't… but I don't think I can let you go Lily…"

"Lou, I just need to to know-"

"Because you're still my best friend." The words were at the tip of my tongue. That I still love you. They were right there, but I swallowed, shoving them back down as he continued, "And I think… that all this time apart made me realise that we haven't tried being just that for ages. Friends."

"Yeah," I said gulping "Friends,"

"So," he began shifting awkwardly, "As your friend," that stung. "Anything I can do to help out with your wedding?

"Dress," I spat out. Wait what? Dress? Ok Lily, you can shut up now. "White. Uh. Dress"

"Wedding dress?" he chuckled,

"Give… opinion?" I managed to squeak out. Wait. No. What the hell was I thinking?

"Uh… yeah why not!" he exclaimed, but then a clinking rung through the air and both of our heads flipped towards Lilac who was making a speech


"I'm coming out!" I shouted through the door, it was the day after the rehearsal dinner and everyone was buzzing since the wedding was tomorrow. Most girls were sleeping all day, their excuse being that they wanted a fresh baby look to their skin, but I had better things to do. Like modelling my wedding dress for my ex-boyfriend...?

"Come on!" he yelled, "I ain't got all day. I'm a busy man!"

"Fine just…. don't laugh ok?"

"Ok!" he yelled back,


"I promise so much that I would tap your nose now if I could," he yelled back, I blushed at that one as I flattened out the dress,

"Fine." I opened the door and I could swear that I saw his face drop,

"Shit." I said looking down, "Does it look that bad? I mean my hair will be done differently and that. And I mean… ugh I look hideous don't I? It's not even the dress it's me isn't it? I'll have to return it now… shit."

"No!" he exclaimed getting up from his seat and taking a pillow with him holding it over his... no, "You look… you look beautiful… Daniel he's… lucky man. He's a lucky man…" 

"Ugh!" I shouted, "You can't just say that you think I look beautiful!"

"Why can't I?" he said gripping the pillow tighter, "I mean-"

"Look lets just stop pretending for once. Lets stop dancing around the edges just lets get down to it, lets just say how we really feel. How we really feel about each other because… because I'm just tired…" I spat jutting my hip out, 

"God someone's pissy..." he mumbled, "Are you? Are you on your period?"

"The hell!" I shouted, "You can't just ask me that!"

"Well we've always been able to discuss these things," he exclaimed continuing to clutch the pillow, "I mean we're friends!"

"But we're not just friends!" I yelled, "If we were just friends you wouldn't be having to fucking hold a pillow over your dick because you're having a stiffy!" 

"Lily you don't get it!" he shouted, "We can't be... we have to be friends ok. I'm just... adjusting, I'll be gone after this wedding and I'll never come back!"

"Look I hate to tell you this but we were bound together." I began "We were bound together when you kissed me, that first time, on that balcony on New Year's Day. Because that kiss, that kiss, that first kiss is the most crucial part in ours, in any love story and that kiss, that kiss was surrender. Surrender to each other and a surrender to knowing that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together in love so would you… just get over yourself?" 

"I don't need to get over myself," he spat, "You need to get over yourself and your feelings because you... because you're getting married and... you know what? I don't. I don't love you ok? This," he said gesturing to his dick, "Is just me being a guy because you look hot just... I don't love you ok? Friends. Friends. Best Friends. Best friends."

"I'm not afraid of your words Louis" I spat, "Because no matter how much you say that you want to be friends I know that you- that both of us- that we- that…"

He stared at me blankly his eyes once filled with curiosity now turned to ice. Almost twinkling underneath the lights as if they were glazed over with syrup. 

"You know what?" I said "I"ll see you at the wedding Lou... Please just leave."

And he did exactly that. Left again.


A/N FILLER ALLLLEEERRRRRTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! Just that :) Hope you love it, sorry its short. Wedding next chapter :D

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