Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


34. Chapter 34 - Decisions


I woke up in a pile of messy sheets, I blew the loose strands of hair out of my face stretching my arms out above my head. I pulled the sheets up to my chest as I realized that I was lying naked in the bed, I had a momentary moment of shock before the occurences of the night before came back to me.

The soft kisses placed in places that shouldn't be mentioned, the desperate grabs and moans but out of everything, I remembered the guilty pleausre. I knew full well that last night was a mistake, that it shouldn't have happened, that I shouldn't have given him any ideas. But as I rolled over in my bed, slightly peeking out from the covers I couldn't help but smile at the snoring boy that lay beside me. His mouth was only slightly open as soft snoring noises rose from his chest, his hair (significantly messier after the night before) lay messy over his face. Instinctively, I reached my hand over to his face brushing it away, my hands leading themselves as they led themselves down his jawline, all the way down to his heart. 

I lay there for I don't know how long, just feeling his heartbeat, before his eyes slowly flickered open. My cheeks flushed pink as he blinked a couple times, warmly smiling at me. His strong arm reached out to me, pulling me towards him in a large hug. He pulled me flush against his body, us still unclothed. I felt his heartbeat pick up under my hand as I stiffened up as he continued pushing me closer against him. I eventually gave in resting my head on his chest as I mumbled,


"Yeah?" he mumbled back nuzzling his face in my hands,

"I," I paused a second holding my breath, my body stiffening as I was unwilling to speak what I was about to, "You, you need to go now."

"Don't sound so sad about it..." he grumbled back, "Not like I won't be back tonight."

"But you can't be back tonight..." I mumbled pushing myself away from him, "And even if you are, this, what we are doing now, what we did last night it was so wrong."

"Shuttup," he said pulling me against him again, "You and I both know you're just putting that on..."

"Maybe," I said pushing myself away once again, "But honestly, this was a one night stand and its staying that way ok. Don't think that, don't think that I love you again-"

"I wasn't expecting anything of the-"

"Or that I don't still love Daniel."

He pushed me away this time, far across the bed. I watched his face change into a frown as he sat up quickly jumping out of the bed and walking round the room looking for his clothes that I practically ripped off of his body. The thought made me smile but when I saw the dissappointment that displayed itself so clearly on his face I frowned again,

"You're really going to do this? Give me the silent treatment?"

He remained silent as he found his boxers slipping them on, continuing his search.

"Louis." I said sternly my lips settling in a firm line, "Talk to me, at least please talk to me. Last night was the best night of my life and I really don't need you being immature about this like you are about everything."

"Huh!" he yelled slipping on his shirt, "You think I'm immature? You really think I'm immature? I'm the immature one in this conversation?"

"You're the one that was giving me the silent treatment!" I mumbled back retreating into the covers, 

"You're the one calling us a one night stand!" he shouted back, "You can't honestly say that what we have, what we did is a one night stand. Because fuck it I'll say it, we made love. Yeah not banged, fucked, hooked up, had sex, we made love ok? And making love isn't a one night stand thing for me ok!"

"Well what were you expecting!" I shouted keeping the covers wrapped firmly round myself, "For me to just dump Daniel? To cancel my wedding? For us to elope and run away together? In the sunset? C'mon Tomlinson. Things don't happen like that in reality," 

"Well then this entire time I must be dreaming!" he yelled finding his pants and putting them on in a swift movement, "Because that was pretty damn perfect ok? But if thats just a one night stand for you then we have nothing else to discuss." 

He then stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him leaving me stunned and naked in nothing but a bed sheet. I compulsively stood up, with the sheet round me, running out to meet him as he put on his shoes,

"God damnit," he spat, "The one day I decide to wear sneakers..." 

"Stop!" I shouted, he looked up from his shoes and his eyes widened, I looked to my right where a mirror was, my hair was strewn across my shoulders and there were love bites all over my neck, my lips still looked plump from the rough kissing, I looked like a mess, like a cheater. 

"I-I-" he stuttered breifly staring downwards, I met his gaze and had to stop myself from chuckling as I saw his pants bulging, "I-I- need to- don't call me ok. Not until you've come to some sort of decision but until you do just... don't." 

And then I watched him leave, I watched him stand up and leave closing the door softly behind him. 


I rammed my fists against her door continuously calling out her name knowing that I didn't have to announce myself, she knew who I was. 

"Marley!" I shouted as I continued banging on the door, "Marley!" 

"What!" the door flung open to reveal a very flustered looking Cherie whose eyes were burning holes through myself, "Oh shit she was right, it is you."

"Do we need to do this again?" I spat watching her fists clench at her sides, I licked my lips regretting the fact that her and Marley were twins, they looked so alike and I couldn't help but eye her up,

"Stop looking at me like I'm a piece of meat!" she shouted smacking me slightly across the face, "Cherie. Not Marley. CHERIE!"

"You're just pissy because Liam and you broke up aye?" I spat, her face dropped, I smirked in satisfaction knowing that I hit her at a weak spot, Cherie pissed me off.

"It was a mutual break up," she growled, "We mutually broke up, we're friends now."

"I don't give two shits what you are," I responded rubbing my temples in frustration, "But I give alot of shits- wait no that came out wrong. I really care, yeah, I really care about whose in there right now."

"What would you say if I said my grandfather was in here right now? What would you say huh?" she said jutting out her hip,

"I would say you were lying, because I think I remember it was Marley who liked listening to Taylor Swift, not old Papa Joe." 

"Smart Arse!" she shouted,

"Bitchy Blonde!" I retorted,

"Curly Haired Freak!"

"Demon Child!"

"Devil Spawn!"

"Look," I began, "Its not use to me going tit for tat, can I- can I come in?"

"Lets see if you can use your brain and figure out yourself," she spat placing her hand on her waist, "Because I swear to god if you don't I will tell you and you will hate it." 

"Let me talk to her," I grumbled my voice sounding low, I watched her flinch causing me to smirk at her discomfort so I decided to push my luck with her, "She stood me up. I don't like to be kept waiting."

"She doesn't like to be cheated on the for the second time," she snapped, "Do you not remember the day Lily left?" 

But I did remember, I remembered it so clearly as that night was so clearly imprinted into my mind and it would be forever. My fists clenched at the thought of the night. 

"Are you going to forgive me now?" I mumbled as she turned around to face me her eyes wet with tears, her cheeks puffy and red. I couldn't stop myself from slowly reaching over to her and caressing her face admiring her perfectly sculpted face, she continued to look at me with her large brown eyes, melting my heart into my stomach, 

"You won't do it again?" he whispered, 

"Marley," I started, "I love you so much. You have to know how much this means to me, I don't throw love around."

"F-for Lily?" she stuttered reaching up to stroke some of my curls out of my face, 

"No," I whispered leaning down so that my lips hovered on top of hers, "For you." 

We went further than a kiss that night, I sighed my knees bucking slightly as I remembered every detail of her body. The door slamming in my face knocked me back into my senses as I banged out the door again calling out Marley's name.

"Marley!" I shouted, "Marley! Please!"

This time when the door opened I was greeted by soft brown eyes rather than Cherie's cold blue ones, the only differentiation between the two.

"Look I'm sorry," she said not giving me the chance to speak, "I shouldn't have stood you up but I honestly can't anymore and I don't want to anymore and I-"

I silenced her with a kiss, my lips found hers easily. I had no idea why I was kissing her. Partly to shut her up, but partly because I missed the feel of her lips against mine. Her left hand slowly found my cheek but as her right hand slowly moved up my body she pushed away. 

"That's not fair," she muttered, "You can't just kiss me and then expect everything to be better because thats not how it works Harry. It's not how... Its not how it works alright? Go find... go find somebody else because I'm tired of this... tired of us."

"Don't say that,"

"I'm moving Harry." she blurted out, judging by the look on her face she regretted saying it immediately, 

"Is it- is it because of me?" I whispered leaning against the doorframe so that I was eye level with her, "Am I making you move?"

"No," she whispered, "I just found good work that I can't pass up, I'm leaving really soon and I don't need you making this any harder for me so can you please just... please just...leave this apartment building and never come back"

And then there was silence. I stared into her eyes feeling as if my knees were about to melt through the floor, tears started filling in the corner of my eyes making my heart melt knowing that  might've caused that pain, that I might've brought on her sadness.

"Just promise me one thing," I whispered brushing my fingers lightly against her lips, I took her silence as permission to move forward as she blinked a couple tears out of her eyes, "Don't forget me."


"You're choosing Louis," I muttered to myself as I applyed yet another coat of concealer and foundation to my neck, regretting having to hide my love bites. I knew that I was Louis' and he was mine, there was no decision. Just him. Nothing else but him. I looked at the time. 11:58 displayed on my giant analog clock that sat itself on top of the front door. I sighed as I scrutinised my work. There was no trace of Louis. Once upon a time there would still be love bites there, proudly showing. I would probably have something of his one, either his clothes or his beanie or his glasses. But most importantly, he would usually be standing right here next to me poking my cheeks and making me giggle. 

I used my hand slowly stroking down my jawline remembering the soft kisses that he placed along it. I had missed his touch so much, I had missed our intimacy and until last night I had forgotten our immense amount of physical chemistry. I jumped when I heard the close. I turned to look at Daniel who wore a big smile on his face.

"Anna Banana!" he exclaimed running towards me and scooping me up in a hug, "Ooh! Its so good to be home."

He sat himself down on the couch flicking on the television,

"So whats on?" he asked, I was frozen in my spot, my eyes starting to glass over as I remained stuck in my spot, judging by his face dropping he knew that something was on my mind, he got up from his spot not bothering to turn the television off. I looked at it momentarily to find some sort of gossip show on, I ignored it meeting his eyes again, "What's wrong? Ann, what happened?"

"Daniel," I began my voice breaking at the end, "I- I- I just need you t-t-to know that-"

I don't love you anymore, I don't love you anymore, I don't love you anymore. How hard could it be to say? I stumbled over the few words I could muster, unable to speak. You're choosing Louis Lily. You're choosing Louis. Stop it. Stop leading both men on. You're choosing Louis. Louis. You're choosing Louis. 

"Mr Louis Tomlinson," 

my head snapped at the mention of his name. I looked over the the television my eyes widening in shock. No. No, no, no, no, no. No. This isn't- This can't be. No. It's not him. Its not her. Its not them. A single tear started to form in my eye, but I blinked it away my eyelashes absorbing the sadness. My nails dug into my arms as I watched an old television presenter narrate a picture of Mr Louis Tomlinson pashing Miss Alisha Rene Brennan. I watched whom I thought to be my one true love make out with some body that wasn't me. My foundation, my walls came crashing down to the floor. All of the words he had ever said, had just started making sense to me again, had started making sense to me last night. All of the words he said this morning, some bit of me opened up to them, some bit of me wanted to believe him, made my defence levels lower. But seeing that picture made me remember why I had to defend myself protect myself. Because I could get hurt. I needed an explanation, I needed reasons, I needed closure I needed him. Most of all, above all, I needed him. I looked back to Daniel plastering a smile on my face, Daniel returned my smile seeing it as genuine. He might've been a lovely man but he couldn't read me half as well as Louis could, nobody could. 

"I just need you to know that there's no food in the fridge. I'm sorry. I ate it all."

He chuckled at me wrapping me in his arms, "That's alright love, I thought it would've been something serious. Want me to go out and get some now hun?"

"Yeah!" I exclaimed instantly pushing myself out of his arms, "Yeah! Do that! Food! Lots of it! All you can carry!" 

He flashed me another smile before exiting the apartment, but not before I called out to him,

"And Danny!" I called,

"Yeah?" he responded poking his head through the door.

I love you. The words were at the tip of my tongue. I love you. But I couldn't say it, I couldn't.

"Just remember that..."

I love you. I love you. I love you.

"I love... I love y-y-yogurt."


"Strawberry yogurt." I said gulping quite audibly, "Lots of yogurt. Please."

"Ok love. I love you!" he cheerfully said closing the door and a part of me wanted to say it back but another part of me, knew that I shouldn't.


I sat in Central Park by myself with a cup of very strong coffee looking with disgust at the happy couples. The innocent girls, the happy guys. It made me want to puke. I think that Louis was right a few years ago, I didn't know what it was like to be left. And he would've been right, back then. Back then I didn't feel a tightening in my heart and my stomach, I didn't feel as if my brain was slowly being squeezed to mush, I didn't feel lonely, I didn't feel sick, I didn't feel disgusted with myself. I took another sip of my coffee as I decided to look somewhere else but everywhere I looked there was happiness and I hated it. 

"Mr Styles?" a soft voice made me turn around in my chair to find a petite girl with tanned skin and brown hair, she beamed at me as she came closer, 

"Oh hey!" I said sounding surprisingly cheerful, "Deena wasn't it?"

"Yeah!" she exclaimed her brisk walk now changing to a skip, "I was just going to ask if you were alright you seem just a tad bit grumpy."

"Deena," I began, "Has the love of your life ever given up on you?"

"Has the love of your life ever given up on you?" she offered gesturing to the place next to me, I nodded as she sat herself down, her smile remaining constant, 

"Yeah, she did today." I mumbled,

"Mr Styles," she began, my eyebrows creased together as I slipped my sunglasses down onto my face, 

"Call me Harry," I responded reclining in the seat,

"Harry," she said restarting her sentence, "All due respect I really don't think that Marley is the love of your life,"

"She's the first girl that I ever loved..." I muttered,

"Maybe," she responded, her smile dropping slightly, "But that doesn't mean she will be the last. You're a good guy, I think, so I'm sure you'll probably find somebody. Maybe." 

"That's alot put down to chance," I chuckled as she giggled slightly, her laugh sounding like bells, 

"I think that love is chance," she said brushing a piece of hair behind her ear her smile growing once more, "And luck and good decisions."

"I don't make many of them, I've never really known how," I responded with a sad smile on my face, I peered down to the ground once more but her voice made me look up, her laugh made me smile along with her, 

"Well," she began standing up and offering me her hand, "When you find the right person I bet you'll make the right choices,"

I stared at her hand, it seemed like such a strange object to me. For ages the only hand I held was Marley's, for the longest time the only hand that I wanted to hold was Marleys but I felt a strange compulsion to grab her hand, "How will I make the right choices with the right person if I don't know how?"

"Meh," she said, "I guess you'll just know."

I smiled up at her grabbing her hand with my own. This time, I had a gut feeling that I made the right decision.


"Louis..." I muttered as I sat across from him in a cafe. He wore a shocked expression on his face as his fingers traced his lips, "Which kiss are you remembering?" 

He remained still, not giving me an answer. I took a deep breath grabbing both of his hands in my own, his expression remained the same and constant not giving anything away.

"I got to play this up ok?" I mumbled, "I have to at least pretend I'm upset you kissed Alis-"

"Don't!" he exclaimed speaking for the first time in hours, "Don't say her name just please don't say her name if you want me remaining sane."

"Huh," I scoffed, "You really think you look sane right now? Last nights clothes? Coming out of Lily's apartment? Her worker attacking you with her mouth? Going to lunch with me."

"I'm so sorry," he said taking me aback, "I dragged you into all of this shit, you don't... you don't have to put up with this. This is a loophole for you. You can break up with me now, just announce to the press I'm a dirty cheating manwhore of a boyfriend so you dumped me. I'll protect you from the backlash, you can... you can escape my shit right now if you wanted too because I'm so sorry, I haven't been level with you, I've kept so many secrets..."

"Secrets?" I asked realizing a lift in my tone of voice, "You've been keeping secrets?"

"Yes!" he exclaimed, "I didn't give you the full run-through of what happened with Lily... because I thought that you would... that you would hate me and I honestly think that you are one of the only people who doesn't hate me right now..."

"Nobody hates you," I chuckled with a smile on my face as I planted a sisterly kiss on his hands, 

"Lily?" he asked with a puppy-dog like expression on his face, he was almost begging for me to tell him that she didn't hate him, that she loved him, that she would drop Daniel in a second but I'm not the lying sort. 

"I'm not the lying sort," I gulped knowing full-well that that indeed was a lie, I lived a lie. I am a lie. And if he knew... if he knew he would be disgusted by my lie. 

"Hey, you ok love?" he asked taking one hand and caressing my cheek, us both knowing that the motion was just for show, 

"I never told you something either..." I muttered, "The reason I don't actually date guys, the reason my management forced me to date a guy, the reason why I've never taken interest in a guy..." 

"Holy shit she followed me!" he exclaimed breaking my word flow as I turned to look at Alisha who was waving through the window, "I should get a restraining order or something of the sort... First she attacks me with her tongue and now she follows me. Dear god... females... I swear to-"

"Louis! This is serious!" I said tapping him on the face to bring his attention back to me, "I feel bad for using you for this certain purpose and if we're going to publicly break up I think you have the right to know... I'm a-"

True love, true love. It must be true love. Nothing else could break my heart like-

"Shit. Its Lily. What do I do?" 

"Are you serious?" I chuckled, "Your ringtone for her is True Love, as in what she is to you, by P!nk, as in her favourite colour, featuring Lily Rose Cooper, as in her name? You are such an idiot..." 


"Please pick up..." I muttered as the phone rang, "Please..."

"What?" he spat through the phone, I instantly flinched at his face, recoiling into the back of my bedframe in shock. "I thought I tol d you not to call me unless you make up your mind, and judging by the news you haven't."

"Louis I... I don't know what you even want me to say right now."

"Tell me that- Siobhan this isn't the time. Yes its her. Look I'm sorry just... just check on Alisha she's waiting outside for me."

"So she's there?" I whispered holding my breath for a second in an attempt to not cry, "She's there with you? Are you on a date? Did you dump poor Siobhan?"

"Hey," he spat, I heard rustling noises on the other end of the phone as he continued to speak, "I don't need to answer you ok? I'm going now just-"

"Louis!" I shouted a bit too loudly into the phone, "What do you want me to tell you! That I'm dumping Daniel for you! Because I'm not! I won't, I won't ever do that! It's been 5 years since I last laid eyes on you! 5 years! You can't be mad at me for finding someone who makes me happy and you can't march in here," I dropped my voice, "Sleep with me and then expect me to drop everything for you!"

"You couldn't have called?" I heard his voice break through the phone meaning that he was crying, I sighed into the phone rubbing my temples between my fingers, 

"I don't have time for this Louis... I really don't I just... I don't know what to do about you anymore I just... I'm not leaving Daniel. I- I really really care for him Louis..."

"See thats just it!" his voice now raising to a shout, "You can't even fucking say that you love the fucking dick because you don't ok? You don't love him! And I don't fucking care if you don't love me or if you only see me as a friend because I'm fine with that k? But don't fucking torture yourself for something I fucking did! I just-" I heard something break across the phone line as I clutched the phone closer to my ear, "I never did anything to purposefully hurt you... I just would never do that to you, I loved- no I fucking love you too much. You were- are everything to me and I just... I don't even... Bye."

"Louis!" I shouted into the phone as Daniel came into the room, 

"How did it go?" he asked coming up behind me wrapping an arm round my body, usually I would collapse into his arms but instead I stiffened up leaning slightly away from him, I remained silent as my eyes fixated on something in the room. Louis' Denim Jacket. It lay on the floor, in broad daylight now. No. No, no, no. I looked over at Daniel whose eyes were now widened, he looked from me, back to the jacket, then back to me.

His grip on me disappeared as he stormed forward picking up the jacket in his hands and playing with it, "This is- this is his isn't it?" 

I couldn't answer him. I sat there with my eyes now moving to the ground in shame, just pure shame. Daniels kind blue eyes burned holes through my soul, my dignity and my being but when he spoke,

"I'm going to murder that dick."

and stormed out the room. I couldn't help but scream pleas after him.


"Chocolate or Vanilla?" I chuckled as I fed Zayn yet another spoonful of wedding cake as we picked out our wedding cake, 

"I don't know why we didn't drag Niall along," he chuckled as I shoved a spoonful of vanilla cake into his mouth, 

"He said he's going to go pick up something important, early wedding present he said." I responded my eyes widening as they found a red velvet cake, "How about this one?"

I fed him a spoon of red velvet cake before having a bit of it myself, "You have a little something, something."

He gestured to my face, I raised one hand trying to find my something something, 

"Here," he said moving closer to me, grabbing me by the waist and pulling me flush against his body, "Let me get that for you."

He then pulled my face closer to his, pulling me in for a long kiss causing me to giggle, "Y'know theres going to be pictures of this everywhere. Hashtag Zilac is going to be EVERYWHERE."

"You are unbeileveable," he said pulling me in for another kiss,

"We have to stop," I said in between kisses as he moved down to the side of my neck causing me to shiver, "Shouldn't we be choosing a cake?"

"Mm hm," he mumbled against my skin, "But this tastes so much better..."

"To think," I said continuing to look at the different cakes, so used to his touch that I was almost unfazed by it, "Just five years ago I wouldn't stop telling you off."

"You still sort of do," he chuckled as I turned my back to him, he kept his hands wrapped round my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder as I leaned into his face, "I don't know why you took me out here today, we both know that I want Chocolate but you want Vanilla. And we both know we're going to end up choosing vanilla."

"You know me too well," I giggled kissing him on the cheek, thats when the bell to the shop went off and I flipped my head round to find the most familiar messy bun of red hair. 

"Somebody called for a PARTAY!" a bright smile lit up on my face as Haley started dancing towards me with a bright Niall behind her whom couldn't seem to stop smiling.

"Hal! I was not expecting you to come! I thought you were working in Africa for your charity!"

"Welllll I got a call from Mr Horan right here telling me that you guys were getting hitched. So I knew that I had to come over, but then I got a call from Marley asking if she could come out to Africa for awhile, something about clearing her head. So I just handed the charity over to her for a couple months while I'm back here!" she squealed, 

"But wait- does that mean Marley won't be here for my wedding?" I asked my face dropping, I felt Zayns hand at the low of my back, 

"Don't worry aye," Haley said shooing Zayn off as she wrapped her arms round me, "She told me she'll come back for the day but after that she's heading out again, I think I might've found an apprentice!"

"Not that you need one," Niall murmured wrapping his arm round her waist and taking her away from me, I smiled at them as Niall kissed the tip of her nose causing it to scrunch up and her to squirm, 

"I've particularly missed you," she said wrapping both her arms round his waist, 

"I came down just last month," he chuckled kissing her nose again,

"That is one month too long," she responded flashing him a bright smile causing everyone in the room to smile, I found myself wishing for a love like that but as I felt a warm presence behind me I realised that I already did.


It was a stupid decision. I knew that much. Turning up in Lily's apartment building. Why would I even...? I waited on the bottom floor pacing up and down almost willing myself to leave. But I couldn't, knowing that she was here and with him, I couldn't convince myself to leave. 

"Hey man!" I turned my head around to be greeted by a fist to the face, I fell to the ground by the impact and as I placed my hand to my face I recoiled in pain.

"The fuck..." I spat as I heard a girl screaming my name, followed by the name Daniel. I looked up to find him staring at me with the utmost hatred in his eyes,

"The hell are you doing sleeping with my girl! Why would you throw yourself on her like that? Thats sexual assault! You sexually," he yelled kicking me in the gut, "Assaulted my soon-to-be-wife!"

I looked up to Lily who was now hiding behind Daniel, I could see her tugging at his arms and whispering in his ear. I tightened my jaw as I remembered the things that I whispered in her ear last night, about how much I loved her, how beautiful she was. I wondered if he ever whispered those things to her but a kick in the gut quickly snapped me back into the game. 

"Did you-" I began looking at Lily straight in the eye, "Did you tell him that, that I forced myself on you?"

She shook her head.

"Did you tell him that I didn't?"

She shook her head again.

"Well?" he spat flipping around to look at her straight in the eye, his change in tone evident, "Did he or didn't he?" 

She looked at me, she watched me get up, her eyes locked with mine. I shook my head, a subliminal message to her. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came up. Instead, she nodded her head. 

"You're a liar," I spat my body filling with anger, how dare she. "You're a liar!" 

Thats when I jumped for her, but my body was soon pushed back by Daniel pushing me to the ground shouting, "Don't you dare touch her! You're going to leave New York, change your number. You're going to go off the grid you hear me? And you're going to leave my fucking finace alone or I will call the cops you got it mate?" 

I stood up to my full height, matching Daniels eye level, I looked just pass him at Lily who had her arms wrapped round her body, her hair falling over her face. I savoured my last few moments with her trying to memorize her features, no matter how worn down they looked. Her eyes slightly puffy from the tears she had been crying, her bottom lip under her front teeth as she tried to hold back further tears, her pleading eyes. I couldn't take it anymore.

"I hope you know I love you," I said straightly, 

"Louis I-"

"But just so you know," I began pointing a finger at her, which was soon hit back by Daniel, "I've given up ok? You've made your decision."

And then I walked out, bashed throughl. I hoped that the world saw how I felt inside. I knew that she would have to make a decision sooner or later, I just hoped that her decision would be me.

A/N In case you didn't catch that here is quick re-cap of the chapter: 

Marley is moving to Africa for Haley's charity, Harrry was sad and was comforted by Deena, what a sweetheart

Cherie and Liam have decided that they're not going to get back together and remain friends. HEALTHY BREAKUP HERE K?

Lilac and Zayn are just the frickin cutest thing to walk planet earth

Niall and Haley are still together and she's back for their wedding

Lily thought that she was going to choose Louis but then when she saw Louis kissing Alisha she chose Daniel, then Daniel beat the shit out of Louis because he thought Louis raped Lily and now Louis has gone god knows where and is sad :(

BUT I didn't tell you guys one thing, I KEPT YOU HANGING ON! What is up with Siobhan? D: She was close to telling Louis but SHE DIDN'T! 

And yeah I didn't quite make it to 369 but I felt inspired (and bored) so I wrote and I hope you lurve it <3

So tell me in the comments:

1) What do you think is Siobhan's secret?

2) Do you ship Heena!?!!?! (Deena and Harry)

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5) What do you think of the Chiam break up?

6) General comments about feels and that :D

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