Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


33. Chapter 33 - Change

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Sorry its not the best chapter so sorry I kept you waiting so long!! BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT the next chapter I've actually got ideas for whereas this chapter I was just sort of stumped. So the next chapter should be fufilling but I hope this one makes you laugh AND GIVES YOU FEELS!


Why was I walking to Central Park? Why was I walking to Central Park at night? Why was I walking to Central Park to Louis Tomlinson at night? My life wasn't making much sense to anyone, let alone me at the moment. 

After Louis left I purposely ignored the media for the rest of the day, twitter, facebook, gossip sites, magazines, television. I wasn't a big fan of seeing bad things about myself displayed for the world to see, so as I walked down to Central Park in a pale pink, long sleeved trench coat and black skinny jeans I had a thought.

Was I giving the world the right impression of myself? I had spent years building up an image where I was tough and untouchable. Why? I guess it was a wall of sorts so that people didn't actually know the fact that Louis left me tore me to bits. So people thought that I thought it didn't matter. In a way, I guess it was a form of torture that I put on myself.I hated my life in that time and spent my days convincing myself that I somewhat enjoyed it, it was my own form of self-punishment. But then someone popped into my head, Daniel.

Guilt washed over my body as I stopped in my tracks leaning against a wall, taking a moment to breathe. Poor Daniel had been dragged into this unwillingly, I had dragged a lovely man, a close to perfect man, into my hell hole of a life for what reason? Love? Maybe. No. Yes. Maybe. No. It wasn't love, it was a desire for love that made me drag him into my life, it was the desire to have someone in my life and now what was happening in my life? I was getting married in a month and for what purpose. For what purpose? 

I yanked my tight ponytail out of my head as it started to give me a migrain from the extreme pressure. My hair fell down over my shoulders with a slight kink in it from the ponytail. I turned around looking at myself in the shop mirror. I looked at my face, I didn't even look the same. I smiled. That wasn't the same either. I knew I had changed, I knew it a long time ago. But why did it take me this long to come to terms with? This change, this new me. He was right. Lou was right. As he often was and that pissed me off if anything.

But questions wouldn't stop popping up into my head. Why was I walking to Central Park? Why was I walking to Central Park at night? Why was I walking to Central Park to Louis Tomlinson at night? The answer is that I shouldn't be. I shouldn't be doing this. I should call Daniel up. And I will. Now. I've spent two years convincing myself that I am happy, no use stopping now. I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket and dialled Daniel's number before walking back to my apartment. 

It only took a couple of rings before he picked up, "Ann?" 

"Hey," I responded my hand shaking crazily, "Hey yeah its me."

"Why are you calling?" he asked after a couple moments of silence, "If its to break up with me please just do it now so I can cancel the wedding plans,"

"No!" I exclaimed shocking a couple people round me, "I would- I would never. I- I- really care about you."

"Still having issues saying that huh?" he chuckled, "That you love me?"

"I don't even know why..." I muttered, "I never had issues with it before,"

"It's because of him," he responded sighing, I could just picture him sitting in a corner of a room brushing his hair out of his face as he sighed, the thought of him made me smile, "Louis I mean."

"Louis is my friend," I said, "That's all he's ever going to be..."

"You can't honestly tell me that you have no feelings for him whatever," he mumbled back, "I saw you both kissing in the park, you were pretty into it and I get it."

"You get it?" I asked as I reached my apartment building, "You get what? There's nothing to get... I... I love you and no British ex-boyband member is going to change that. Got it? Now would you please come home or do I need to ring Bethany up?"

"I swear if you do!" he chuckled, "I will have your head for that! Do you remember the last time you talked to her?"

"Refresh my memory would you?" I asked as I walked into the elevator pressing the top button for the pent-house, 

"Christmas break?" he chuckled, "I decided to visit my family for a week but you were busy with work so you could only come down for the last three days. But, you forgot the address to my old house so you ringed the house expecting me to answer but when Bethany answered and realized it was you on the phone,"

"She freaked out!" I squealed a giant smile on my face as I kept the memory in my mind, "Wouldn't stop screaming about how happy she was for the rest of the day! She drove you OUT of the house. And I swear, if a fangirling Bethany is what it takes to get you back to me I am dialling right now." The elevator dinged as the doors opened and I stepped out straight into my living room, heading to the kitchen, 

"Fine, I'll see you home tomorrow, be there round midday?"

"See you then, I lo- HOLY MOTHER SHIT!" I jumped in the air as I saw Louis in the kitchen with my apron on and Daniel's chef hat, hovering over something egg-ish looking in a saucepan, I mouthed at him What the fuck are you doing here? Before talking back into the phone, "Sorry it was a spider, I'll see you soon. Bye!"

I hung up abruptly before throwing my phone on the kitchen table and screaming at Lou, "Why are you in my home! How did you get in my home? What are you doing cooking? Oh and get that off of your head! It's my finace's not yours," I ripped the hat off of his head before continuing my rant, "You do not have a right to be in my house right now! Shouldn't you be in Central Park? Which was a terrible idea by the way! I mean-"

he silenced me by grabbing my face, with his oven mit hands, and pressing his lips against mine. I melted against his body, this experience feeling so natural. But when I opened my eyes, half-expecting it to be Daniel, I squirmed out of his hands screaming insults,

"The fuck! You can't silence me with a kiss! This, us, wait no. THERE IS NO US MR! You can't kiss me! Engaged! E-N-G-A-G-E-D! Like to be married! And not to you! You can't kiss me! You're not allowed to kiss me! IN FACT! I forbid you from kissing me so keep your lips to yourself and your DICK in your pants!"

"Look Lily-"


"But I thought I told you in the note that I didn't want to see Ann tonight?" he said with a pout on his face, I rolled my eyes at him before continuing,

"Well I'm sorry Mr Tomlinson but you're not always going to get WHAT YOU WANT!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means whatever you want it to mean."

"You think I always get what I want?" 

"I know you always get what you want,"

"I don't,"

"You do."

"I don't."

"You do."

"You think I want this? Us to be fighting? Cause I don't! I mean honestly sometimes I wonder what would've happened if I didn't audition for X-Factor, I mean where would I be in my life. Where would we be in our lives?" he shouted ripping off my apron and throwing it at the bench,

"Our lives would probably end up EXACTLY how everyone planned they were going to ok?" I shouted, "We would be married, you would be a drama teacher, I would be a stay at home mum and I would dreadfully overcompensate due to my mothers neglect. We would have two children, one would be a boy called Tommy and the other would be a girl called Lena because you know I love that name. Everything would've played out perfectly Lou but you know what the key difference would be?"

"What?" he snapped, his eyes pulsing and his neck vein showing,

"You wouldn't have lived out your dream," I said my tone instantly changing, "You wouldn't have been able to use your gift, use your voice. You would've spent your life doing a job that you would do half as well in with half the pay half-heartedly"

I watched his face soften as he slowly walked towards me,

"So Lewis William Tomlinson," I began, "Don't ever doubt your choice to go audition for XFactor. Because us being together wouldn't have gotten you even half as happy as what your job did,"

"No," he whispered tilting my head up to look at him, I felt my heartbeat quicken as he did so, "You're right, I love my work but if I had to choose between you and One Direction... You know who I would choose."

"Huh," I chuckled in an attempt to ruin the moment, in an attempt to stop my cheeks flushing pink, "I guess only you can make me change moods in a matter of seconds huh?"

"Haha..." he chuckled halfheartedly, "Yeah, guess so... Is he, Is he, Is Danny Small- is Daniel. Is Daniel. Is Daniel coming back tonight?"

"Yeah," I mumbled back as he walked towards me intertwining my hands with his sending sparks flying up my arm straight to my brain causing me to flinch slightly, "Round midday I think."

"In that case," he huskily whispered before attacking my face for the second time tonight. I jolted a little trying to pull away but he held me there with his strong arms, one against the back of my head keeping my lips to his and the other slowly moving down my back. 

I kept my resistance up, using my hands to push against him. But when he bit down on my lip, gaining entrance into my mouth, when he pinned me against the wall sucking on a spot under my ear which only he knew about, when he led me to the bedroom, throwing me down onto the bed, my clothes long forgotten, I knew that I was a goner. 

In that singular moment, as he continued to kiss me roughly, I wasn't Ann. I was Lily. And in that singular moment as his hand explored my body I realized that I could change. But when the kisses became more soft, more delicate, more passionate I realized something else. Louis William Tomlinson, was the only one who could change me.


A/N: ANYWAYS! Next chapter all shit is going to break loose. I mean, well I'm not going to spoil it or anything but Lily and Louis did just sleep together, Daniel comes back, Harry confronts Marley, We find out why siobhan isn't dating guys, Zayn and Lilac discuss their wedding, Cherie and Liam get together and talk as well, HALEY COME BACK OMG, Alisha enters the picture and it turns out that Lily's mum didn't die, but what happened to her? HOLY SHIT OF A CHAPTER!

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