Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


31. Chapter 31 - Madness


"This is so stupid you know?" I mumbled to myself as I entered some random cafe that Liam invited me too, "Going to lunch with him, its pure madness."

It was easy enough to tell when he arrived, the flashes started again. I hadn't gotten used to them like Lily had, being followed around and such. They threw me off guard, causing me to squirm.

"Pure madness..." I muttered,

"But haven't you always done the mad thing?" I turned around in my seat to find Liam grinning at me, 

"I didn't do you Liam," I spat, "Shouldn't you be in a disguise or something?"

"You go in disguise when you don't want to be seen," he said taking a seat from another table and sitting down, "When you don't want to be hassled,"

"You want to be hassled?" I chuckled, "You truly are mad..."

"Well I figure," he began tapping his fingers against the mahogany table, "That if you have the pressure of the paps right outside, you might not slap me across the face for being such right douchebag."

"Huh," I scoffed, "You honestly think a couple pictures is going to stop me from reaching across this table and slapping the shit out of you?"

"I think," he said moving his hand to stroke his jawline, I looked away not wanting to look at him, not wanting to tempt myself, not wanting to reach across the table and kiss him silly, I was soon broken out of my thought bubble when he spoke, "That if you want to protect your career, Ann's career and publicity, you won't slap an A-List star."

"Is that a threat?" I spat meeting his eyes again, his beautiful... brown... no. 

"It's whatever you want it to be," he chuckled, smiling at me, I rolled my eyes at him, pursing my lips together, he seemed to be able to still read my expression as he retreated into the back of his seat, "But that's not what I wanted to talk about,"

"Yeah, why did you even want me to come here Payne?" I spat, "What do you want out of this?"

"I want to find closure," he said, I squinted my eyes at him. Closure? What the hell was that supposed to mean.

"So you want this, us to close?" I said gesturing between us, "That's why you brought me here? That's why you wanted to talk to me. To end things? Well good news buddy, I'm done."

I got up from my seat, grabbing my bag. I didn't want to have this conversation with him. Because part of me didn't want it to end, and just like always, I took the flight rather than the fight path. I didn't want to fight, not with him or for him. But when he grabbed my wrist, I felt it. The spark that we shared. I gasped turning back to him, his eyes widened, he felt it too. We continued with our stare off until I finally buckled slinking back into my seat.

"I don't want closure," he whispered, "But I think you want closure, and if thats what you want. Thats what I want too."

"Your reasoning is mad," I muttered back placing my hand on one side of my face, regretting choosing the window seat, "You're mad, this is mad, I'm mad! I'm mad Liam!"

"You're still mad?" he mumbled looking at me with his puppy-dog brown eyes, I bit the inside of my mouth to stop me from crying as I continued, 

"Yeah I'm mad," I spat through gritted teeth, "I'm really mad, I opened myself up to you. You don't understand how big of a deal that is for me! Opening myself up, Marley has always been the open one in our sistership. I opened myself up to you. Do you know what that means? That means I was allowing myself to get hurt, and the thing is I didn't mind if you hurt me. Because I never thought that it would hurt THAT much. I never thought that you would do something THAT bad. I never thought that you would ship me off to New York and get back together with your ex-girlfriend Danielle!"

My voice had almost raised to a shout now, I was on the receiving end of some questionable looks from other occupants of the cafe. I rolled my eyes dropping my voice to a low whisper as I continued,

"And I don't care what you tell me, I don't care what reasoning you have because I'm still mad Liam! You didn't even give me a reason why! You didn't even call me afterwards to apologise, you still haven't apologised! You- you didn't do anything! I literally woke up one morning and I was out of there, out of there crying and completely heartbroken," I grasped my heart as stray tears fell down my face unwillingly, "And I don't think that its fair for you to come back here asking for closure. Because I want you to suffer what you did and I think that I should suffer too. Because in the end it was my fault, I shouldn't have opened myself up, it was stupid and I'll regret it for the rest of my life. And as a consequence, I'll have to suffer with never knowing. How's that for closure?"

"Cherie, don't you think its time to end this feud?" he asked, 

"No!" I yelled, "No! We can't end this feud Liam James Payne!"

"You remember my full name?" he chuckled, covering his mouth to stifle a fit of laughter, I rolled my eyes leaning over the table, very close to his face and whispered,

"Unfortunately Liam," I whispered, "I remember everything about you, because you imprinted yourself on my heart, pretty damn strongly. And then you ditched me and for that reason, we are never ending this feud. Got it?"

"I left you only because I loved Danielle!" he whispered, grabbing me by the shoulders and pushing me down to sit at the table, "She had just come back into my life, out of nowhere, after dumping me, and I was a little shocked. She gave me an ultimatum and I guess I chose the wrong one. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes hm?"

"What? So I'm the Daniel in the situation?" I spat trying to keep my voice down to avoid unneeded attention, 

"You're the Daniel...?"

"Yes!" I shouted, "And you're Lily and Danielle is Louis! And we all know how thats going to end!" 

"How-?" his eyes squinted together in concentration as he tried to figure it out in his thick skull, "How is this going to end exactly...?"

"Well," I began, "Mr Thickhead. Lets have a recount shall we? The situation back then is the situation now ok? Louis comes back, Lily is shocked, Daniel goes away. BUT Louis will probably do something and then Lily is going to go back to Daniel but it will be too late for Daniel then Louis will fight and then Lily is going to choose Louis in the end!" 

"Well," he said mimicking my tone, "Miss Thickhead. I'm sorry to tell you," he took my hand in his giving it a quick kiss, "But I'm not Lily, You're not Daniel and Danielle isn't Louis. I'm Liam, Danielle is Danielle and you are the wonderful Cherie and I'm choosing you." 

"But you didn't," I said swiping my hand away, "You chose her. And I don't even know why! To this day I don't even..." 

"Because I loved her!" he whisper-shouted,

"And what?" I spat, "You didn't love me?" 

"I didn't mean that!" he muttererd, "I didn't, I didn't mean that at all. I mean- I mean- I mean you know! You know what I mean!"

"Yeah," I said grabbing my bag and standing up, "I know exactly what you meant." 

And thats when I stood up and left knowing that I didn't want to continue this. 

"You're mad for walking away!" he shouted after me, 

"Well then I guess I'm mad!" I shouted back, flipping him off before storming outside of the cafe. And thats when the paps went crazy. I heard their shouts, their screams, their questions. But all I could see were their flashes and their annoying faces blocking my vision. 

"Ok here's an answer for all of you!" I shouted out, "You are mad. He is mad. I am mad. The world is mad. This is just complete madness!" 




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