Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


30. Chapter 30 - Waiting

A/N As a massive thank you for you guys getting me on the movella ONE DIRECTION FANFICTION app (like a big deal for me) I'm going to try shoot out as many long chapters as I can for the rest of the week! ONE A DAY! (I hope...) You can say your welcome by liking this story and spreading it round! Thankyou!


"Daniel wait!" I shouted ignoring the stares coming from my workers, I ran past the photoshoot, interupting Harry's turn. I didn't see Danny anymore, had he driven off? Had I just ruined my engagement? All that I could get out was shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. 

I tried convincing myself that it was going to work out in the end, that I would come home tonight and everything would be well, everything would be fixed. He would be there, by the fire, with a packet of marshmallows and sticks, just like every Friday Night. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't. I felt a looming presence behind me and I knew that it was Louis. I could hear his breathing, it was broken, staggered. I stood my ground, wrapping my arms round my body wanting this photoshoot to be over. 

There was this strong sensation inside of me, all I wanted was for this to be over. For this epic love saga, Lily and Louis, Lily and Niall, Lily and Louis, Ann and Daniel, I wanted it to be over. The only thing that ran through my head was what Louis said earlier, that we were endgame. I couldn't help but wonder if he was right. Was he right? I shook my head in an attempt to get the thought out of my head. And thats when it started again, the snapping noises. I was so used to them now that I remained there unphased, but I didn't want them seeing my face. I didn't want them seeing me like this and the only thing that I could think of doing, I did. I turned around quickly wrapping my arms round Louis's waist, burying my head in his strong torso. I wept into his shirt, smudging my makeup. I was almost sure that Lilac might have me beheaded for this but I didn't care, Lou had his arms up high in the air obviously not wanting to touch me, almost as if I would break. Or maybe he was scared, scared of holding me. 

"Lou," I whimpered out, I felt his chest move as he had a sharp intake of breath, surprised by me using his nickname, "Please, I just need my best friend at the moment. Please, please hold me."

His arms were instantly round my body, holding me closer to him. I could already imagine the paparazzi having a field day over this as he buried his face in my hair. 

"He'll come back," he hushed, "Don't worry, he loves you too much to let you go..."

"No..."I whispered, "I don't think he'll be at home tonight... I think I just screwed up the best thing that has ever happened in my life..."

"The best thing?" he murmured into my hair, 

I took a deep breath, nuzzling my face further into his torso before answering, "Apart from you, but that was also the worse thing I guess." 


We never finished the photoshoot. Lilac wasn't expecting the scene to explode and didn't bring any spare clothes. The boys had decided they were staying round New York for awhile longer so it was postponed for three days. We were bombed by paps as soon as we left the confines of the park. People screaming things at me like.

"Ann! What do you think of Siobhan?" "Ann! Are you getting back together with Louis?" "Ann! Is your wedding off?" "Harry, are you trying to fix things with Marley?" "Liam! Is it true you broke up with Danielle to be with Cherie?" "Zayn, Lilac! How are wedding plans going?" "Niall, are you still together with Haley?"

We ignored all of them, proceeding into our individual taxis. I watched all of the taxis go off to their own destinations, as for me I wasn't sure where to go. Back home? Surely I couldn't. Marley and Cherie's? I wouldn't impose on them, knowing that they were heading out with the boys tonight. But then I got a call from Siobhan. And that was where I was walking to now, Starbucks. 

I now sat in Starbucks, waiting for my ex-boyfriends, fake girlfriend while waiting for a text from my possible ex-fiance. I made a quick stop back home before this, changed into something else and headed out again. I looked down at myself, I looked so different from this morning. Almost, happier. 

I looked up to find Siobhan walking into the room, wearing a long skirt, making her look taller. I silently cursed myself for trying to hate her when she was obviously so good for Louis. 

"Over here!" I shouted, she instantly looked over to me running over and embracing me tightly, I was surprised by her actions but replicated them nevertheless. 

"Thank you for meeting me here! I honestly thought you weren't going to come!" she chuckled sitting down, "I mean, me being who I am and stuff."

"And who are you exactly?" I asked leaning on the table, "Do you identify yourself as Louis Tomlinson's Girlfriend?"

"No, I identify myself as Siobhan. But I think YOU identify me as 'The Blonde Slut who stole away my ex-boyfriend who I'm still hung up on' am I right?" she chuckled raising and eyebrow, 

"I-I-" I stuttered shocked by the fact that Louis told her about me, "I don't, I mean... There was no stealing involved I mean..."

"So he told you huh?" she said rolling her eyes, "Typical Louis, can't keep his mouth shut for the life of him..." 

I remained silent, pursing my lips, not willing to make conversation with her. She looked at me, keeping the smile on her face. She chuckled, briefly looking down to the ground before looking back up at me. 

"You going to print that in your magazine?" she asked, "Expose me as the fake that I am?"

"What did you want from this meeting?" I asked, my Caramel Frappuccino coming to the table and the Vanilla Latte I ordered for Siobhan, she gripped it taking a sip from it, I scooped out the whipped cream from my mine, watching her facial expression change,

"I just don't want you to hate me," she chuckled, "I mean, judging by what Louis has told me we are alot alike... And, I want to help you."

"Help me?" I asked taking a sip of my drink, "Help me with what?"

"Help you sort your life out," I snorted at this, having to cover my mouth,

"What? Are you some sort of therapist?" 

"No," she chuckled, "But, it doesn't take a genius to figure out you still obviously have feelings for him,"

And then there was silence. I gulped, feeling uncomfortable with the situation. Siobhan's smile remained on her face but slowly began to fade when she recognized the look on my face. I was happy that she could identify it because it seemed, that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't. 

"I-I'm sorry," she stuttered, "I mean, it was just a guess. God! I just made this really awkward didn't I? Ugh, Siobhan Craig, stuffing up relationships since forever..." 

"No, no!" I chuckled, this time out of fondness rather than hatred, "I mean uh- its not that well... It's sort of complicated huh? I mean... well you probably already know but-"

She cut me off with a laugh, "I like this version of you much better,"

"Really?" I scoffed, "I surely don't,"

"Why's that?" she asked me taking another another sip of her latte, 

"Because she's weak," I chuckled, genuinely amused at the conversation, "She's pathetic, she's way too open. She's driven by emotion, rather than thought. The list goes on and on, do I need to continue?"

"First of all," she began placing her latte down, "She wasn't weak or pathetic, she was very strong. Because she fought for what she wanted, no matter how many times she was pushed down. She wasn't too open, there is no such thing as too open, she let people, she let people see her as who she is, rather than a bitch."

"I'm not a-" she held a finger up as if to say, quiet, I obliged taking another sip of my drink,

"As for her drive? Well she might have been driven by emotion but that emotion wasn't just any emotion, it was love. She was driven, by love. Love for the ones she held most dear and honestly I don't see how that was such a bad thing," she smiled at me warmly before picking up her drink again and setting it down. I found myself wondering how I could possibly hate such a nice girl. "Ok, I'm done with my talk, feel free to rebut everything I said."

I observed, her face. Looking for any small piece of spite, jealousy, conceit. But all that I saw was kindness, it was written as clear as day upon her face. I couldn't help but chuckle at the ground, realising how foolish I was, 

"I'm waiting!" she cooed with a toothy grin, "Waiting for a rebuttal,"

"Well you'll be waiting for awhile," I said, returning her smile, "I don't have one... But you're right," I dropped my voice to a whisper, leaning down slightly, "I do need to sort my life out... It's pretty screwed up."

"That's the first step," she said, "Admitting that your life isn't screwed up, that you've got it pretty good. But it could be better."

"You sure you're not a therapist?" I chuckled,

"Aw, shut up!" she exclaimed, "But to continue, admit to yourself that your life is good. Say it, out loud."

"God, this isn't twilight," I muttered, 

"I heard that!" she sing-songed, I rolled my eyes at her but my face turned to a smile when she beamed at me, wiggling her eyebrows prompting me to continue. 

I wanted to admit that my life was good but the truth was that my life was pretty messed up. My father was in prison for beating me. My mother had just died. My fiancé is probably going to dump me after seeeing me kiss my ex-boyfriend whom I'm still hung up on. 

"So you are still hung up on him?" she chuckled, I silently cursed myself for accidentally talking out loud, "I knew it. I knew that this couldn't be over I mean, I ship you guys so much."

"My point is," I bluntly said, "I can't say my life is good because right now it is pretty screwed up."

"Ok, let's look on the other side of the scale shall we?" she asked, "You're a millionaire, living in New York. You have a bunch of awesome girl friends who totally have your back, you're talking to me, you're a success and you've got two boys completely in love with you, both whom are complete hotties! Your father is in prison for beating you. Isn't that good? I mean he's where he can never harm you again. Did I mention that you were talking to me?"

"How did starbucks turn into a free counselling session?" I chuckled, 

"Oh its not free," she said holding up her latte, "You're paying for whatever I order."

"How is he?" I asked, letting the question slip from my mouth. Truth is I didn't want to know how 'he' was. I couldn't count how many nights I had wondered how he had been getting on, but this opportunity was too good to waste. I had already started digging, so I thought that I might as well go deeper, "Is he happier without me? Sadder? Better? He tells me he's worse off but I want to hear what you have to say, do you really think he's in love with me still?"


I was taken aback by her forwardness. But, I took a deep breath before continuing, "He's not better, definitely not better. When I first met him you should've seen him, I could barely recognise him as Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, he looked more like the hobo from down the street." she chuckled to herself fondly, obviously remembering him. , "And you should've seen his face when my publicist came into our meeting room telling us that we were going to be a couple. He literally threw a chair across the room screaming out things like 'Bullshit!' and 'I'm with Lily!' 'I can't date her!' I mean it was crazy, he went on a mini rage. I almost ran out of the room."

I continued on with the story as the memory slowly dripped back into my memory,

"You have to be fucking kidding me!" he shouted, I sat in my seat, my hands crossed, I heard Liam muttering apologies to me but my eyes were fixating on Louis, the one I was meant to be dating now.

"Louis! You have to calm down!" One Direction's Manager shouted at him from across the room not daring to approach him, I had yet to learn his name but judging by the look on Louis' face, I was about to.

"FUCK OFF MICHAEL!" he shouted, "I'm still with Lily! I'm still in love with someone! I'm not dating a complete stranger to boost her popularity!"

"This is for your own good!" Michael shouted, "It looks like you've been dumped by a nobody! A NOBODY!"

"Don't you dare say that about my Lily, or I swear I will-"

"My point is you need to get back on the dating scene! She sure has!" he shouted, I whimpered as Louis stormed up to Mike so that he was standing right up against him, I gulped as he proceeded to speak,

"What do you mean she's back on the dating scene?" he spat, Michael handed him a sheet of paper, a sheet of paper that I still hadn't seen to this day. He stormed off into the corner, staring at the piece of the paper. The rest of the One Direction boys were ordered out, as was my publicist, Trisha, and Michael. This left Louis and I in the room,

"You have to know," I whispered as he teared the piece of paper to shreds, "That I don't support this one bit. I really don't and I'm so sorry for having to put you through this..."

"I can't believe it," he shouted, banging his head against the wall, "I was supposed to go out and meet her today, we were going to get back together... It was all going to go so well. How did she- How could she- Ugh, I'm such a bloody idiot. Of course she could, but why? I have to figure out why..."

"Louis," I said quietly as I walked up to him placing my hand on his shoulder, "Look, I don't know whats up with you right now but I think we should at least talk. Can we talk? Go get coffee for ten minutes tops?" 

He turned around to me, tears staining his cheeks. He nodded, but stayed there unmoving. I put on my warmest smile, grabbing his hand and leading him pass all the lads, the managers and through the hotel lobby.

"And thats when the flashes started," I finished, "And they haven't quite stopped since... I've been waiting for them too but they just haven't... But, I will continue on waiting for them until you and Louis, are back together."


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