Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


29. Chapter 29 - Captured


I could already tell that this was a bad idea, as I held onto Louis's right hand tightly I took a large gulp as I lay my eyes on Lily, or Ann. I could see the attraction as I watched her move around with grace, not that I didn't, but she moved so freely as if she was flying. She smiled at everyone, I couldn't quite imagine the Ann that Louis described but when she turned around, her hair flipping back into someones face she didn't apologise. Her eyes locked with Louis and I felt his grip tighten round my hand. I looked up at him finding a smirk plastered on his face. I chuckled to the floor before playing along and looking up at her, a genuine smile planted on my face. 

I watched him give her a half-hearted wave and replicated his actions, but more whole-heartedly. I saw her give me an exasporated look and an eyeroll before walking off and talking to a blonde girl with a camera. 

"Whose she talking to?" I whispered as we slowly walked towards her,

"Uhh, Liam's ex. She's called Cherie, yeah. Cherie." he said his mind obviously elsewhere, judging by his eyes he was obviously staring directly at Lily... or Ann.

"Where are we going?" I asked stumbling over my own feet a little as I was practically being pulled along by Louis, 

"You're meeting Ann," he replied as he continued to pull me along, I looked up to him finding the giant smirk still plastered on his face, "Just smile and be yourself k love?" 

I nodded firmly, my stomach feeling as if it was about to spin, we finally reached Ann. Lou cleared his throat causing her to whip her head round. Her reaction was instant, her lips pursed, her eyebrows creased together and her arms immediately went round her body, almost as if she thought he was going to pull something.

"Why'd you bring your sex toy?" she spat, 

"Getting straight to the point I see..." I mumbled under my breath, thankfully she was so enraged with Lou that she missed my comment, but before I could rebutt her comment Lou stepped in front me me, sheilding me with his hand, causing her to take a couple steps back,

"Siobhan," he said putting an extra emphasis on my name, "Is here to help, she's a model, remember?"

"Oh yeah," she huffed, "Model. Brilliant. Hm,"

"You seen Li-" he abruptly cut himself off when his eyes fell on Lilac, "You guys caught up yet? You know? You're slow-mo run into the sunset?"

"Yeah unfortunately I'm not gay," she said putting extra emphasis on the gay, "But we did catch up, but she's looking for you. She needs to fix your face." 

He nodded his head before walking off, but not before planting a kiss on my forehead. I heard Ann scoff before walking off, I followed after her as she approached a pile of pictures, all of trees with different effects. She started sorting through them as I cleared my throat,

"Uhm, I'm Siobhan," I squeaked out, "It's really nice to finally meet you, I hope that we can be uh, friends." 

"Stop it," she spat moving on from the pile of trees, 

"Oh!" I said wrapping my arms round myself, "I'm sorry, am I being rude? Ugh! I was really worried I would like give the wrong impression," 

She walked up to a pile of pictures of the boys, all old pictures from old photoshoots. I looked down at them smiling, she began sorting them into two piles, putting most of the Louis ones in a pile, the rest of the boys in another.

"What are you doing? Can I help?" I asked as innocently as I could,

"Stop it!" she spat again, "Stop being so nice! I really want to hate you but if you're so nice I can't."

"Why do you want to hate me?" 

"Oh! Don't act like you don't know," she said, continuing to sort through the pictures, 

"I honestly don't, I mean just because of public opinion wanting us to hate each other, why do we have to bend OUR opinions of each other?" she stopped sorting through piles picking up one, the one with no pictures of Louis that is, and walking towards Cherie, "So I was wondering, coffee? Maybe? I mean I would love to get starbucks with you!"

She stopped in her tracks, looking at me harshly. I leaned back a little as she continued to glare at me before she rolled her eyes and scoffed. She reached into her pocket pulling out a card and shoving it into my hands, I looked down at it finding her contact details scrawled on it, I shoved it into my pocket keeping in mind that I had to give it to Lou. 

I walked over to the boys whom had been styled and prepped in their old signature outfits. Lou wore suspenders, a striped shirt and red pants. Harry wearing his signature blazer and bow-tie, Liam wearing his plaid shirt, Zayn wearing his varsity jacket and Niall in his red polo.

"Oh my gosh!" I squealed, "Lou! You guys haven't dressed like this for ages! Whoever came up with this idea was a genius!"

"Yeah that was me," Cherie spat, did all of these girls hate me? Ann handed the pictures over to Cherie who looked at them raising her eyebrows, "You must be Siobhan hm? I hear you're helping out,"

"Oh!" I exclaimed giving Louis a death stare, "No! I mean, if you want me to I wouldn't mind but honestly I would be fine just watching,"

"Nonsense!" I silently thanked god for Lilac coming up behind me, slinging her arm round my shoulders, "Siobhan is a pro, she can help these little boys."

"You think I'm little?" Zayn teased walking over to her wrapping his arms around her taking her away from me, he planted a kiss on her cheek causing her to blush, 

"Ugh," Ann moaned, "Couples these days... go get a room."

"Hey," Zayn said keeping one arm fastened round Lilac, the other pointing at Ann, "What we're doing now doesn't even match up to what we walked in on you and Lou doing."

"Zayn you're up first!" Cherie said through a locked jaw, she motioned him over, "Would you separate yourself from Lilac for just a moment from your fiance to take a photoshoot?"

"Finace?" Ann asked cocking an eyebrow up, "How come I didn't hear about this?"

"I meant to tell you!" Lilac exclaimed, "Really, but you ran off so quickly when that Alisha girl came in that I didn't get to!"

"Oh my gosh!" Ann squealed running up to Lilac giving her what seemed like a bone-crushing hug, "I'm so happy for you! Are you getting married soon?"

"In a couple of weeks," Lilac managed to squeeze out,

"Well we have to have dinner tonight!" Ann shook Lilac by the shoulders quickly causing Lilac to stumble a little bit, "I'll invite Marley," she gestured to a brunette whom I had just noticed, she was staring awkwardly at the ground obviously avoiding eye-contact with someone, I looked round the group my eyes falling on Harry who was intensely staring at her, "And Cherie, maybe we can get Haley to fly in last minute!" 

"And maybe we can invite Siobhan as well!" Lilac exclaimed, I watched Ann's face fall as she looked from me to Lilac then back to me again, 

"Yeah," Ann said half-heartedly, releasing Lilac from her grip, "Daniel's coming round later, I really want you meeting him."

"Oh yeah," Lou huffed, "He's the one with the small dick right?"

"Tomlison. Talking now. Over there." she spat grabbing onto his wrist, "I mean only if your little blonde bimbo doesn't mind."

My breath hitched as I nodded my head slowly. 

"Yeah Marls,"

"Please don't call me that Harry, You don't have a right to call me that anymore," the brunette, Marley, spoke so quietly that I could swear only that I caught it, but judging by the look on everyones faces, everyone caught it, 

"Could we just talk?" he asked innocently, I watched her slowly nod as he led her away from the group. 

Everyone looked so stern all of a sudden, I looked at all the people looking down on me due to my height, I gulped deciding that it would be better if I left. I mumbled my goodbyes to everyone before leaving, knowing that I overstayed my welcome. The last thing that I saw was Louis behind a bunch of bushes with Ann, I wiped a stray tear from my eye knowing that I would have to come out with it sooner or later, no matter how hard my publicist tried to convince me. I just wasn't attracted to Louis. Or any boy for that matter. Any that I've met anyways.


I watched Ann drag Louis behind a cluster of bushes. I looked around realising that Marley and Harry were talking by the fountain. I walked over to a small group of trees where we were holding the photo shoot. I sighed flicking through the pile of pictures Lily handed to me, looking at all the pictures. But one caught my eye, it was of Liam. He was looking away from the camera with a large smile on his face, his eyes squinty and his hair slightly wind blown. I frowned at it, wondering how he could be so happy when I was still miserable and hung up on him. My train of thought was broken when a voice spoke,

"How are you?" I looked up to find Liam intently staring at me, leaning on his right side. He was smiling at me, he was actually smiling at me.

"Oh, so you're acknowledging my existence now?" I chuckled rudely, "Oh and How am I? How am I? If you haven't realized yet, its been two years. Two. Whole. Years. You know how I've spent those Two Years? 12 Months? 104 Weeks? Seven-hundred and something days? Well, I spent 12 whole months trying to figure out what I did wrong. Trying to figure out and understand how you could love me on day and say you had absolutely no feelings for me the next. I mean, I spent half of my summer trying to get over you, thinking about how painful it would be to see you in the tabloids. But you know what? I convinced myself that it was fine because you weren't in the tabloids that much,"

"Cherie I-"

"Let me talk! Because you know what? FUCK THAT! I did care, I do care. I'm still not over you! And you know what?" I said tapping my foot up and down,


"I didn't ask you to talk!" I shouted dropping my camera so that it hung from my neck, "But to continue, I don't think I will ever be over you. Because, as much as I try to eny it, you were and will always be the first person that I let my guard down for." my voice became shaky, as did my stance, "Because you were my first love, my first true heartbreak. And the first time I saw you, you know, at the magazine? I was just filled with rage, anger and sadness. I was just so enraged that you didn't give me any acknowledgement! I mean, you pretended that you didn't even know me!"

"About that I-"

"Shut up!" I said, "Because I'm just so angry that you destroyed me like how you did and you didn't even care! That you can look so happy! When I still can't. And finally, I'm sad. So, so sad. Sad that I'm slowly coming to the fact that I do care and you did destroy me and that I will never truly get over this!"

"Could we- Could we just get coffee? Talk about this? I can't talk about this now... with all these journalists round."

"Are you kidding me!" I shouted bursting out in a fit of laughter causing everyone to look over at me, "Coffee he says! COFFEE! COFFEE!"

He remained silent, hunching his shoulders together. My smile turned into a frown as I realized that he wasn't kidding, that he was actually serious. 

"Wait- you're serious? Look Liam, you're great and everything but I want a relationship not a relationSHIT."

"What is up with you these days?" he spat, his tone taking me aback, "You and Ann, you guys are always so mean, rude."

"Well my attitude is based on how you treat me!" I spat back, "And as far as I'm concerned you treated me like shit. I mean, I was honestly praying that you and me might end up together but I guess God has bigger and better plans for me than I have for myself because I can obviously aim higher than you." 


"Why'd you come?" he asked his deep voice sending shivers down my spine,

"I don't even know why I came..." I whispered looking down to the floor, "I guess it was a test, some part of me thought that seeing you now would be easier but... but its really not. I'm not even sure why I'm still talking to you, I should probably go."

"No!" he called out once I was two or three steps away, "Don't, please don't leave."

"Are you seeing her now?" I whispered as I felt his presence come closer to mine, 

"Who?" he asked, I could hear his breathing now, knowing that he was so close made me wrap my own arms around my body, 

"The-the-" I stuttered out, "Pros-prosti... no thats... Hoo, hook..."

"Prostitute?" he said finishing my sentence with a cheeky smile on his face showing off his dimples, I mentally punched myself in the face remembering that I shouldn't be having these thoughts. But the smile quickly faded into a frown as he answered my question,

"We were never together," he nodded his head, pursing his lips together, "It was supposed to be a one night thing, never see her again, wake up the next morning next to you, looking into your eyes, at your morning face, admiring how cute you looked, probably still look, in the morning." 

His words brought a soft blush to my cheek which quickly faded as I started walking away from him,

"Look! I miss you! I love you ok!" he shouted after me, "Love me, love me, please say that you love me!"  

"You can't honestly say that you loved me," I said back turning around feeling a certain amount of adrenaline course through my being, "You were never even there, I asked to come along to rehearsals but you always told me to stay in the hotel room! And me being the complete doormat that I am-"

"You're not a door-"

"No! I am! But even though you COMPLETELY ignored me half of the time I let it go but you know what? No matter how busy you are, if you really loved me you would find a way to make time for me! I know that now!"

"Look," Harry whispered walking up to me and taking both of his hands in mind, "I'm so sorry, but if we're being honest here, before I met you I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason,"

"Harry-" I began but was quickly cut off by him yanking me against him, wrapping his arms round my waist, his head on my head, 

"I want us. You. This." he whispered against my ear, "And I know that we might reach some stumbles along the way but if you're not willing to risk it all, then you don't want it bad enough. And I want it bad. You never know if you never try and I'll never give up on us. And you know what? I ended up liking you alot more than I originally planned, you know better than anyone Marls that I'm not one for commitment."

"You're right..."I mumbled,

"So you'll give us another shot?" he asked holding my shoulders and pushing me back, his grip remaining hard, 

"No, you're right," I replied, "You're not one for commitment and I can't,"

"Look," he said letting me go, "I'll let you go, but just give me one more chance. One more dinner. 15 East? Bouley? Daniel?"

"Harry," I whispered bowing my head, "Those places are 5 Star, in New York, I can't afford those sorts of places,"

"Who said you're paying?" he chuckled, "Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare? 7:00? Meet you there." 

And he left me there, walking off smirking almost as if he knew that I would come. Almost as if he knew what thoughts were running through my head currently. That boy...


"I can't believe you're dating Danny Small Dick... I can't believe you're marrying him..." Louis tutted, walking round in circles staring at the floor, 

"Why can't I!" I shouted, "You've got a girlfriend to! So you don't have the right to fucking judge me! You're dating that blonde bimbo-"

"Hey!" he shouted back, finally stopping walking in circles, "Don't you dare talk about Siobhan in that way!" 

"Don't I dare?" I chuckled, finding his naivety amusing, "Oh I can do whatever I want, unless you stop trashing my fiance, stop saying he has a small dick!"

I watched him audibly gulp as I said the word finace, I smirked at the fact that it made him uncomfortable, and it should make hmi uncomfortable, it should piss him off to no end. 

"Oh yeah, because you would know he doesn't have a small dick..." he mumbled rubbing the back of his head, I swallowed a large lump in my throat at his words and started to stare at the floor, not wanting to tell him the truth. Not wanting to tell him that I had never been... that intimate with him before. But when I looked up, judging by his face, he knew all too well what I was hiding, 

"Oh shit," he breathed his face illuminating with an amused smile, "You don't know do you? You haven't... you haven't done anything with him? You haven't... You haven't.... Huh?" 

"Well Tomlinson," I spat looking him directly in the eye, "Not everyone goes around having sex with everyone, including random JOURNALISTS! Some people wait until we are married!"

"We weren't married," he chuckled raising his eyebrows, 

"I thought that we were going to be one day!" I shouted, "And that was a special night for me, but obviously sex isn't a big thing for you. How many women have you fucked huh? Not made love to, fucked. How many? I know the one you fucked last night,"

"How did you know about that?" he said getting closer to me and lowering his head, 

"My workers tell me everything," I spat walking closer to him so that we were chest to chest, "No matter how scary I am, I'm still respected, I'm still their friend. Did you know that I paid for Lucy's mother to get an operation for her breast cancer since Lucy couldn't afford it at the time? Did you know that I was there when Holly had her baby? That I was there for Ruby's Dad's funeral? And if you're wondering why I'm marrying Daniel-"

"Daniel Small-"

"Don't you dare Louis William Tomlinson I will rip your balls off!" I shouted, "Now, I'm marrying him because he sees BEYOND my bitch, but you're so thick that you only see what you want to see since you're obviously hung up on me. But you've got to realise that he's my fiancé! My fiance! Husband to be. Love of my life."

"Ok stop!" he yelled, "I don't need to hear all that lovey dovey crap! Not when it comes from you and when its about him"

"Fine," I said placing my hands on my hips, "You go ahead! Say some lovey dovey shit about Siobhan,"

He remained silent, crossing his arms across his chest, looking from the floor to me. I wore an expectant look on my face as I waited for him to say something wondering how hard it could be. 

"I-I can't..." he mumbled, "Because I don't feel any lovey dovey shit for Siobhan..." 

"Well then at least have the decency to dump her!" I yelled, even though I detested Siobhan, "No girl deserves to be led on! Least of all by you!"

"I can't! It's a... It's a" he stuttered at a loss for words, "Its a fake relationship."

"Oh my god!" I breathily responded placing my hands on the back of my head and twirling in a circle, "That is so you, that is so completely you. Dating someone for fame and popularity. Dating someone to keep current and interesting. Is that why you dated me? Huh? To stay in the news?"

"Look Lily, Ann, Lillian, whatever your name is!" he exasperatedly said, "That's not why I went out with you, thats not why I held you, kissed you," he then dropped his voice to a whisper, "slept with you. I did all of those things because I truly loved you, because I still love you."

"Hah!" I chuckled stumbling backwards slightly, "Look Tomlinson, I don't care if you're in a fake relationship with Siobhan or if you still love me or you think Daniel has a small dick. Because what you say, it doesn't change anything."

"Well," he said looking down to the floor slowly walking towards me so that his chest was pressing against mine, "Maybe this will."

He slowly grabbed my waist pulling me closer to his body, my breath hitched as I stared into his eyes and him into mine. His stare flickered to my lips as he licked his own, his eyes flickered back to mine as his face got closer to mine and one hand moved to the back of my neck. He then slowly moved down and pushed his lips against mine roughly.

"I've missed you so much Lily," he moaned against the kiss, I didn't even care that he called me Lily, I had missed him so much and longed for this moment for ages.

"This is so wrong," I replied, me opening my mouth to talk allowing him to slip his tongue into my mouth, 

"Yeah," the voice that spoke caused me to try to jump apart from Louis, I only managed to move my head away since his grip on my waist was like iron, "Yeah, it is so wrong."

"Daniel!" I shouted out as he walked away and Lou continued to keep his grip on me, "Danny!"

Lou's grip round my waist loosened allowing me to slip away but he instead grabbed onto my wrist. I turned around to look at him, tears were in his eyes, sadness and longing printed all over his face,

"Just look, if you weren't... engaged to Daniel, would you give me another shot? Another shot for old times sake?"

"Look, I don't want to play this what if game. Its dangerous and its only going to lead to trouble," I said a single tear slipping out of my eye dropping to the floor, 

"You know what? I get it," he said softly causing more tears to fall, "Ok, I get that we, that this is over. And I should probably stop trying but I can't walk around every day knowing that you hate me. Lilly I-"

"No." I replied before running off, "It's Ann."


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