Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


28. Chapter 28 - Lies

A/N. Yeah I hate 3rd person so... ENJOY


I sat in Cherie and Marley's living room in silence. All three of us, unwilling and unable to speak from the events of the day. Marley had revealed that Harry had called her up that night, asking her out, asking to meet up. Marley, being Marley, instantly hung up throwing it to the floor effectively destroying it. 

I felt as if her heart was beating through her ears as I shoved yet another spoonful of icecream into my mouth in another attempt to flush out what Louis had so proudly proclaimed. 

"I can't believe he had the nerve to call me," Marley muttered hanging upside down off of her couch, 

"At least your guy acknowledges your existence," Cherie groaned, "Hand me that ice-cream A," 

I handed it to Cherie, retracting myself up into a ball. I had spent the night at Cherie and Marley's, guilt ridden from abandoning my fiancé. We now sat in front of the television waiting for the latest 1D updates, almost sure that the boys would've reeked havoc on the town. Just as expected, Louis' face popped up on the T.V causing me to wince and tighten my ball of defence, 

Judging by his appearance, I assumed that he was completely shit-faced. A smile traced my lips as I remembered all of the nights that we had spent completely drunk, just laughing at nothing. But as the anchorman proceeded to talk my ghost of a smile disappeared and was replaced with a frown. 

"Mr Louis Tomlinson," just hearing his name caused me to wince, I was so pathetic, so weak, "Was photographed leaving a bar with a female last night, much to our surprise it wasn't his girlfriend Siobhan Greet, supermodel and actress. Instead it was another female who has now been identified as Alisha Rene Brennan by people at the site,"

Alisha Rene Brennan. Her name sparked a memory in me, didn't she work for me? That bitch worked for me. 

"Are you serious?" Cherie chuckled as I realized that I had just spoken out loud, "That's ironic."

"Is Ms. Brennan just a rebound for Mr Tomlinson who has recently revisited his ex Miss, soon to be Mrs, Ann Brie." I gulped at his words, soon to be Mrs. I found myself spacing out from the situation as my head flicked over to the clock, it was 6:00 in the morning. I was so tired, bags hung under my eyes and I was still in last nights clothes. Only one thing was on my mind at this time, Daniel. I had to make this up to him, It was 6:00, I figured that I still had enough time to get ready and head to the coffee shop. I stood up, nodding my thankyou's to both Cherie and Marley before exiting their apartment. 


I stood in front of our normal meeting spot, trying to convince myself to go in. I saw him there, sipping on his usual coffee topped with cream and chocolate, just like me. I made quite an audible gulp as I pushed my way through the door, it making its usual tinkilng noise signifying that someone had walked in. 

I watched him whip his head round to look at me, his eyes were tear stained and puffy. I could tell that he had been crying, I bit my lip as I walked up to him sitting directly across from him. He pushed a drink towards me, something that I didn't notice previously.

"How did you know I was coming?" I whispered, not grabbing the drink but instead straightening out my black, chiffon, button-up , longsleeve top. I looked down to my black jeans unable to look him directly in the eyes instead keeping my gaze to my lap.

"I didn't," he mumbled back, I heard a very loud sipping noise and looked up to find him placing his cup down on the table, "I just hoped that you would, thankfully I was right."

We sat there uncomfortably for a few moments before he asked the question that I knew was coming, the question that he didn't want to hear the answer to, the question of which I didn't know how to answer.

"Are you leaving me for him?"

I took a moment to take a couple of deep breaths before proceeding to answer his question, "Maybe once upon a time he was the one blowing me away, sweeping me off my feet. Literally giving me butterflies and making it hard for me to to breathe. He might've been my dream come true, called me beautiful and all that fluffy jazz but right now, in this moment I'm pretty happy with what I have." 

"Did you write that for him as well?" he asked, my eyes widened, how did he know that I used to write? "I saw the paper on the ground and I figured out that it wasn't for me." 

I reached across the table to grab his hand, thankfully he held my hand back flashing me a weak smile, "I said Once Upon A Time Danny," I chuckled at the worried puppy dog look he wore on his face, "I've never been that girl who has been unfaithful. My heart is 100% yours"

"Then why did you leave me last night?"

"I left because I was feeling terrible, I thought that I could maybe possibly still have lingering feelings and I felt like shit for that," I took a large gulp realizing that all the words coming out of my mouth were lies, "But I do love you, and only you." Lie. "And I need to get to work now, see you at home tonight?"

Judging by the look on his face he didn't believe me and I didn't blame him, I wouldn't believe me either. I got out of my seat planting a shy kiss on his cheek before exiting the cafe and heading somewhere I definitely shouldn't be.


I woke up with a massive hang-over, my head was pounding and I felt as if I was going to spontaneously combust. I made a loud groaning noise as I turned over and almost fell out of bed. A mystery girl lay next to me covered only in sheets, what did I do while I was drunk? 

"Lou I'm home!" I heard Siobhan's sweet voice ring throughout the apartment building I lived in, "I bought chocolate chip cookies, I know how much you love them!"

"Shit!" the mystery girl shot up from the covers using some pretty colourful language as she jumped out of the bed quickly putting on her clothes, I was surprised to find that she jumped out of bed in her underwear but I didn't give much thought to it, "I forgot you had a girlfriend!"

"Wh-Who are you again?" I stuttered out rubbing the back of my head, "Sorry, hangover."

"You don't remember who I am?" she said, 


"Good!" she then proceeded to straighten out her hair in front of my mirror, I rubbed my chin itching my stubble, "How the hell am I going to get out of here without your girlfriend finding out?"

"Siobhan!" I shouted, Siobhan came running in holding a packet of cookies, "Oh! Hi! I'm Siobhan!"

The mystery girl creased her eyebrows together looking back and forth between us, I rolled my eyes mouthing to Siobhan,

She doesn't know

Siobhan nodded her head swiftly before throwing the chocolate cookies at me and smiling, 

"I'm sorry if I'm imposing, I'm a pretty open girlfriend about these things..."

I slapped my hand to my forehead as I remembered who this girl was, Alisha, she worked for Lily, I rubbed my eyes before mouthing to Siobhan,

She's in journalism

At this news Siobhans eyes widened as she proceeded to make friendly conversation, "Lou has, he has manly needs and I'm not ready for those sort of needs before marriage so I support this, assuming you're not interested into a relationship. Am I correct?" 

Alisa quickly nodded her head before starting to leave the apartment,

"Hey!" I shouted out, "I uh, I need a uh, I need a uh ride to Central Park. I have a photo shoot with your magazine, would you mind uhm... driving me there? I mean are you at the photo shoot?"

"Well yeah, but I mean, you have a girlfriend and I'm sure Miss Ann will be there..." she mumbled digging through the bag that she dropped on the floor, "And I need to make a stop at home... grab some clothes"

"Yeah I get it, shoo." I spat still trying to nurse my hangover

Alisha took one look at Siobhan before running out the door, Siobhan then picked a pillow off of the floor and threw it at my face, I fell backwards as the pillow made impact with my face and I chucked it to the floor,

"What was that for?" I spat,

"Lou! We could've been caught! I thought you said that you weren't bringing girls back home!"

"Look, Sio, I'm sorry. I was just really drunk..."

"Yeah I know you were drunk... and I get it I really do but I can't risk this coming out, I'm really sorry! I just can't!" she sat herself on the edge of the bed burying her face in her hands, "I'm so sorry that you've had to do this for two whole years... I really am. It's just my publicist thinks that this is such a great idea but its not and I feel like I'm just... just holding you back from chasing after Lily, I mean Ann or whatever her name is."  

"Hey, Hey," I whispered surprised that I was indeed in pants, maybe we didn't have sex, maybe we just had a heated make out session, "Don't feel like that, when I found out I was going to be in a fake-relationship I had my doubts but I'm happy that it was you. I wouldn't want it to be anyone else." 

"But, I feel so bad that I'm taking advantage of your fame... maybe we should've told that chick in journalism about us, I don't care if it ruins my modelling career, I'm just constantly feeling terrible... I'm like a golddigging manwhore..."

"Don't say that about yourself!" I screamed grabbing her face in my hands so that she was looking directly at me with glassy eyes, "Siobhan, I really do care for you. Not in the way that I ideally should but I do care and I just want you to know that,"

"But you love Ann, she probably hates me..." 

I smiled at her, I told Siobhan everything. She was my best friend after Lily and I loved her for that, she knew all about us and she was probably the biggest shipper of Louian that I knew. 

"You're right about Ann hating you but you're wrong about me loving Ann. I love Lily and right now she's not there, so I guess you're stuck with me." 

Siobhan chuckled flashing me a smile, even though I didn't love her like I loved Lily I had to admit that she was beautiful, not in comparison to Lily of course, but she was quite fit. I returned her smile as she wiped the tears from her eyes,

"I'll never get that split personality thing..." she chuckled wiping her other eye, "But what about when Lily comes back what then?"

"Then I'm sure the paps will have a field day." I responded giving her a quick kiss on her cheek, "But I have to go to a photoshoot, fancy coming along? I'm sure the lads won't mind and it might be fun pissing Ann off,"

"I really don't want her hating me..." she mumbled taking my hand in hers, "I don't need to flaunt you in her face..." 

"She won't care," I chuckled, 

"You know thats a big fat lie," she responded standing me up and dragging me off the bed, 

"She won't care that much,"

"You having fun coming up with lies?" Siobhan chuckled at me as she opened the back of chocolate chip cookies and nibbling on one, "You know she'll care, you're looking to make her jealous."

"Well I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything..." I mumbled,

"Ugh, just tell me what look I'm going for. Cute? Conservative? Crazy? Sexy?" she said sexy with an extra eyebrow wiggle causing me to laugh, 

"Just dress how you would normally dress," I chuckled standing up and slipping on a shirt knowing that I would be styled once I got there, Lilac always had a knack for changing what I was wearing, no matter what I was wearing "What you're wearing now is perfect," 

"More lies?" she asked standing up and grabbing one of my hats from the floor,

"Not this time love, not this time."


A/N: So I changed it back to first person! Hope you guys love it! What do you think of Siobhan? What do you think of their fake relationship? TELL ME IN DA COMMENTS! Heres all the outfits they wear in the next chapter, I figure I might as well put it out now.

Also google Ginny Gardener and Kimberly Matula, if they had a child, that would be Siobhan. Haha, my weird brain...


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