Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


27. Chapter 27 - Drunk

A/N So guys I'm making a giant decision to change the story into third person. I hope you guys don't mind, please don't hate me. I'll change back into first person if you guys want me too, just put it in the comments. Love you all xox


When Daniel came back home, to their home, he just held Ann. He dropped their food to the ground running over to cradle her in his arms on the floor. He let her almost rip his t-shirt as she gripped onto it, wetting it with her tears. He just continued to quietly shush her, whilst stroking the hair that now fell down her shoulders loosely. 

They stayed like that for a good half an hour, before Ann felt well enough to go eat. Now they sat on opposite sides of the dining table, in silence, eating their Chinese food.

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" he asked as she continued to pick at my food, refusing to look at him out of guilt, instead she shook her head in response, not willing to talk. Knowing full that if she did she would surely do something she would regret.

"I think I know what happened..." he mumbled, this made her stop picking at her food, instead causing her to slowly place it down on the plate finally looking up at him, "I know who's back in town. I watch the news too A," 

Ann continued to stare at him, her eyes becoming glassy. She started to worry, thoughts running through her head about what possible lies the media could have concocted.

"Look, I know Louis is back in town," 

Ann cringed at his name shaking her head. No. Not that name. she thought.

"Look," he repeated, "I know that Tomlinson, your ex is in New York. And I know that your magazine landed an interview with him. But what I don't know is why you didn't tell me, why you don't want to tell me. Did I- Did I do something? Or do you... do you... do you still have, some sort of feelings for him? But I swear if I did something I will fix it. If it means you not being able to open up to me like before."

"Look, you did nothing alright? Its just my own issues..."

"Then tell me about your issues, I want to help you,"

"But you can't help me!" she shouted banging her hands on the table, "You can't do anything for me, right now!"

"Then what is this about? Is this to do with you or to do with him? What was I doing all day, planning things for our wedding? Is there even going to be a wedding? Because if you aren't 100% ready for this I don't want to be pushing you into something... I'm not that guy who's going to pressure you into being with him, and I don't want to ask this but are you? Are you 100% ready?" 

"I-I-"  she stuttered out, "I'm going to go stay with Cherie and Marley tonight. I'm really sorry but... I just can't." 

And with that she threw the napkin, that once rested on her lap, across the table. She practically ran towards the bedroom grabbing anything that was close enough before heading towards the door. Daniel remained seated at the table, the whole situation confusing him. But then it clicked, just as she placed the key in the door it all clicked in his brain.

"It's not you is it? It's him. He still loves you doesn't he?" 

His words caused her to stop in her tracks and from this he knew he hit a nerve. He continued to speak, keeping check on himself to not lose his temper.

"Do you, do you reciprocate those feelings?"

"You have to know," she began, "That I'm doing my best to assure myself that I don't."

"Then don't leave me," he whispered getting out of his seat and slowly walking towards her, "Not tonight, please. Stay with me."

"It's nothing to do with you," she sniffled tears now pricking the side of her eyes, "I just... I've had a long day and I just want to spend the night with my best friends."

Daniel sighed, closing his eyes and his fists. He felt as if he was so powerless, he had never seen his Annie like this before. Stupid was the only word that managed to formulate itself in his mind, he should've seen this coming. He had seen the pictures, the pictures that were plastered all over his little sisters walls, the way she looked at Louis, she had never looked at him that way. And he felt so stupid, so pathetic to think that such a girl, his own vision of perfection, would ever go for a guy like him.

"Then go," he muttered, "But just remember, that whenever you feel right again I'll be a phone call away a'right?" 

She nodded her head turning the key clockwise, exiting her apartment,

"And A?" 

"Mm hm?" 

"I love you. Don't forget that."


Meanwhile, on the other side of New York, Louis Tomlinson was sitting in a bar drinking away his sorrows. The familiar burn of alcohol running down his throat somehow made him forget how much he screwed up such a lovely girl. His thoughts were soon drowned out by loud music and a girl tapping him on the shoulder. 

"Hey! You're Louis Tomlinson right?" 

The girl had long, wavy dirty blonde hair with brown eyes. She wore a frighteningly tight red dress causing him to lick his lips in his drunken state. 

"What's it to you?"

"You probably don't remember me from before, you probably didn't even see me. But I work with a magazine, the one you were interviewed by today?"

"Eh, you're right I don't remember you. But you seem quite fit, take a seat love."

He couldn't quite make out her face, no matter how hard he tried he wasn't able to focus. He took another swig of his beer wiping his mouth with the collar of his shirt.

"So, tell me bit 'bout yourself, make me interested. Tell me something interesting."

"Well my name is-" 

"Did you know!" he said cutting her off by lightly placing his hand on her mouth, "That a bunny with no ears was found in China? GOD DAMN ASIANS,"

"Uh, thats really fascinating but like I was saying my name is Alisha, Alisha Rene Brennan..."

"That's fascinating! But you want to know whats more fascinating? That this dude called Daniel... HE'S GOT A SMALL DICK!"

"You mean my bosses fiancé?"

"Daniel Small Dick," he chortled waving his hands around, "I bet its as big as my pinky toe! MY PINKY TOE!"

"He's actually a really nice guy I reckon, he does her good,"

"I don't see what good!" he shouted, "She's sort of a bitchy, itchy pitchy bitchy twisty, Oh yeah, I remember... she's twisty.. Are you twisty?"

"Excuse me?" Alisha spat crossing her arms, now regretting approaching him,

"You twisty?"


"Yeah twisty, like in the bedroom?" 

"You serious?" she chuckled, "Are you serious?"

"Well if you want I can check for you," 

"You pig!" she shouted throwing his own drink at him and storming off, "What ever happened to British Boys being classy..."

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