Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


25. Chapter 25 - Games


She was engaged. A thought that I was still trying to process through my head. She was engaged. She was engaged to somebody. She's engaged to somebody that's not me. Had she... I couldn't even process the coming thought in my head. Had she... slept with him? Not that I could hold it against her, I've slept with other girls but the thought of her sleeping with other men, it made me want to be sick. 

"Now we're going to go out there," all of a sudden the giant ring on her finger became a central focus point, "And we're going to act as if we just talked about what questions we can and cannot ask. We are going to be professionals got it Tomlinson?"

"I got it..." I mumbled following her out of the room putting on my best face, as soon as she stepped out of her office a certain quiet fell over the room, almost as if everyone in the room was afraid of her, judging by the smirk on her face she knew it too. 

"Sorry about the slight delay!" she said, she sounded so plastic, so fake, so unlike her, 

"No, its more than okay." Harry responded, "We make girls faint all the time."

I mentally thanked Harry for being able to voice the thoughts that I couldn't, I chuckled at her obvious annoyance at Harry's cheekiness,

"Yo Curly," did she give all of us nicknames? "Shut up and follow me." 

"Somebodies on their period..." Liam mumbled as he caught up to me, I knew that he would regret saying that before Lily... Ann flicked her head around shouting at Liam with a point of her index finger,

"For your information Egghead you don't have a right to judge me for anything I do because your personality changes much quicker than mine,"

She lead us into a white room which was wallpapered with pictures of celebrities with her that she had previously interviewed. I found myself clenching my jaw at some of the looks these celebrities were giving her. I understood that she was attractive and it really bothered me seeing other people look at her in that way. With adoration, admiration. I decided to look away from the walls and instead take a seat. 

"So boys," she began flattening out her skirt, "Take your seats, the girl who will be interviewing you is Deena," 

she gestured to a small statured girl whom wore a giant smile across her face. I was worried that she was about to burst open from excitement. She was the closest thing that reminded me of Lily, so happy and carefree. 

"I'm Deena," she squealed jumping up and down, we all chuckled at her which caused her to squeal yet again. "I'm sorry! I'm just very excited!"

I stole a glance over at Lily who was avoiding my eyes, a smirk played on my lips as she took her seat across from us next to Deena. 

"So lets start with Mr Styles," 

"Call me Harry," Harry responded flashing his signature smile causing Deena to chuckle and blush, 

"Ok then... Harry. I'm sure the world is devastated about your breakup with One Direction, what do you think you're going to miss the most about the band?"

"Definitely the memories and the friendships, I mean in the band we are all so close. I think that these are literally the best lads in the whole world." I watched Deena furiously scribble notes down as Ann began to scoff, 

"Best at what exactly Curly? Finding prostitutes to hire? Hm? You know sort of like what you did when you cheated on Marley?" 

Silence fell over the room as Harry began to stutter attempting to justify his actions. I stared over at Ann who had a nasty expression on her face. How could someone so beautiful, so pure, so perfect, so kind, so generous became so mean, so fake, so evil. 

"Deena," Cherie half-shouted through a clenched jaw taking a couple pictures, "Keep talking..."

"K-keep? Oh yes of course," Deena shook her head before continuing our interview, "Mr Liam Payne is up n-n-next. What made you guys finally decide to split..?" 

"I think that it was just a mutual feeling, one day we all woke up and just felt as if it was over..."

His response drew another scoff from Ann,

"Is that what happened with Cherie?" she spat, I glanced over at Cherie who seemed to be shooting daggers out of her eyes, "Did you just wake up and decided 'Oh I'm going to dump my loyal, beautiful girlfriend?' Did you just randomly wake up and feel like it? Like dumping her? Like shipping her off to New York? Like a fucking parcel? Hm? What do you say Egghead?" 

"I have no idea what you're talking about, I don't even know a Cherie," Liam muttered looking down to the floor, 

"You fucking serious? You're going to play that card? That you don't know a Cherie? You're that much of a dick?" she was now on her feet walking towards Liam pushing past Niall and Zayn, "You're really going to go there?" 

Liam stared at the ground, I heard the familiar clicking sound of a camera as Cherie ran out of the room causing Liam to have quite an audible gulp. 

"You're a jerk, Egghead." she spat walking back to her seat and sitting down, 

"Miss?" Deena squeaked out, obviously quite frightened from the encounter, "Maybe you should leave, I'm getting the feeling that you're quite uncomfortable here,"

"No!" she shouted flipping around and staring the poor girl straight in the eye, "I'm fine. Continue. We won't need a photographer..." 

Her scowl quickly changed to a smile which seemed almost plastered on her face, so fake, so barbie like. I hated everything about that smile, everything from the way only one side of her mouth was turned up to the way that way too much gum was showing. I felt my eyebrows crease together in frustration as my teeth clenched together. 

"S-s-so Mr-Mr-Mr Louis," Deena stuttered her cards now shaking in her hands, "Is there a particular reason why you guys broke up,"

"Well-" I began before I was quickly interupted by Ann,

"Rumours say that its because of your giant inflated ego and your tendency to lie, is this true?"

"I haven't heard that rumour..." 

"Oh it's out there!" she spat,

"I bet it is..."

"Another rumour is that you were scared of committing to the band any longer, that you just gave up on it even though it was something, even though it could've been something really special. Can you confirm this?"

"Lily..." I said through my teeth bending my head low, her theories frustrated me. There was a part of me which told me to tell her the truth, it would make things easier, she might forgive you. She might leave her sorry excuse for a fiancé, but what use would it be? There was another part of me that felt as if I deserved this anger, deserved this hate for what I did. But it killed me seeing the way that she looked at me, it killed me seeing the hatred in her eyes. And knowing that it was for me, killed me. Maybe I would be joining Lily.

"Look I'm done with this interview," she spat getting up from her seat and pushing it into the wall, "I'm done with fucking One Direction," 

"Lily!" Niall shouted, a failed attempt and drawing her back into the room, 

"Shut it Irish!" she shouted before running out of the room slamming the door, 

I was done too. I was done with playing nice. I was done with taking her crap. I was done with apologising. It came to a clicking point in my brain where I was just mad, mad that she was being so stubborn. I pushed my seat out from underneath me, pushing it to the floor. 

"Hey!" I shouted down the corridor, "Hey!" 

"Stop fucking stalking me Tomlinson! Get back to your interview!" she shouted turning around whipping her hair in my face, "You have a job to do,"

"You are so child-ish you know?"

"I'm the one being child-ish?" she shouted, "Really? I'M the one being a child here?"

"Ok you know how we were playing that 'game' before?" I asked putting quotation marks in the air when I said game, "Lets continue that game to our present situation ok? Lets say that after years of not having contact you find out that my mother has died. A key person in my life has died. Lets say you wait for a couple days expecting a call, you understand that we aren't quite close anymore but you still have hope. And then you come to the funeral asking for an explanation, I over-react, I rage at you, I don't take your condolences, I get mad, I break you. And then you return to your family where you tell them everything, where you tell them everything that has happened. You cry for hours feeling like a total tool. But the next day, you are told you're being flown to New York, away from your family, in your state, you're being flown away for an interview, for the press, for the public. With a scowl on your face you go there to find what? Me. You feel so happy when you see me, as if nothing could possibly make your life better but then you come and find this. I've given you and your closet mates child nicknames, you even find that I've changed what people know me as. I tell you to not call me Lou but to call me is. You try apologise but I continue screaming at you. But little do I know that there is more to why I didn't come, there is another reason but you just feel like such a dick, such a jackass, such a bad human being that you can't tell me since you don't want to justify your reasons because you don't feel as if you deserve my love and adoration again, that the hatred you are receiving is more justifiable then any excuse I could give. And you know what? I just really need to know, is this all just a game to you? Of who can out last who the longest?" 

"Th-there's another reason?" she stuttered averting her gaze from my eyes to my lips, "You're not telling me something? What aren't you telling me?"

"The reason I left you is because of something I saw on the news-"

"You left me for something you saw on the news?" 

"Let me finish," I said, "I saw a picture of you. And you looked so... out of it. Unfocused, almost as if your mind was elsewhere."

"I looked happy since I was looking forward to seeing you!"

"Let me finish," I reiterated, "Then I started to think, what have I ever contributed to your life? I mean if it wasn't for you convincing me to go on X-Factor I wouldn't have ever been in One Direction, my life would be so different. If it wasn't for you trying to convince me to join Drama Club at school, I would've never found my love for singing. And then I thought of what you achieved while I was here and then I figured out that it was close to nothing. While I was gone look what you achieved, first time when I left you got into a high-class university, was studying for an English and a Journalism degree. And then I leave again, you get promoted in your internship in New York. And then I thought that maybe I was holding you back and that if I left, you would gain alot more. And even though it made me die inside, I had to let you go."

"You don't understand, you weren't what was holding me down. You were my motivation... I worked to prove to myself that I was worthy of you. But you know what? This is a game to me. It's a terrible, terrible game. Because every time I see a picture of you I fall for you all over again and you know what? Even though the first time you left I came back to you I can guarantee you one thing. I will never, come back to you." 

And with that she left. She left me standing there. So it was a game to her? All I could figure out in my head was that I didn't love Siobhan, I didn't. I knew who I loved and she just walked away from me, she just stormed away from me. But I knew that I was certain, I was certain to get her back, to win her back. If not for me, at least for Danny Small Dick. He had taken care of her when I didn't, he at least deserved Lily, not Ann. I would bring her back, I would. If this was just a game to her? Well Game on. 

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