Back For You

They say friendship lasts forever. Louis Tomlinson and Lillian Brie thought that this statement was completely true. But when one "yes" from Simon Cowell changes their fate together they need to find their way back together. After years of solitude, Louis comes back to Doncaster for a visit. Just as he promised. Because when two people are meant to be, they will always find their way back.


24. Chapter 24 - Willpower


My head swirled round as my eyes slowly fluttered open. The light was practically blinding, I groaned closing my eyes once again not willing to face the light.

"Miss? Miss are you alright?" I heard a small voice squeak out, in my state I couldn't identify who they were but I would have to slip an extra $10 into their pay-check for caring,

"She's still a Miss?" another voice, a british one that I did recognise, that I would recognise no matter how knocked out I was, "Hm, thought she was married."

"Well she will be soon!" the small voice continued to chatter on, "I'm very excited about it! Miss is always so busy and Daniel-"

"Daniel?" and so the british voice returned, irking me to the fullest,

"Yes, Mr Daniel Klein, he always comes and visits her at the office, almost every day bringing her chocolates and flowers, her office is like a greenhouse!" I started to wish that the small voice would shut up now, I didn't need him knowing anything, 

"Might I ask what flowers occupy her office?" the British voice asked, 

"I could just show you..." 

"No!" I shouted sitting up and knocking into somebody, I rubbed my head continuing to not open my eyes,

"Careful, you don't want to knock her out again!" A Irish voice this time, were they all here? The thought made my head hurt again,  maybe it isn't them, maybe its a new break out band with British and Irish members that sounded incredibly like One Direction. I decided that I would base my hopes on that but when I opened my eyes fully I was disappointed. I looked around, turned out the squeaky small voice was Deena. I rolled my eyes as Curly, yes I gave them all nicknames in my hatred, offered me his hand. Instead I got up myself dusting myself off, 

"So!" I began sounded surprisingly spritely, "Welcome! Who is the leader of the band might I ask?" 

Tomlinson raised his hand slowly and started shifting round, I gestured for him to follow me as I made my way to my office earning stares from my workers. They must have thought that I was weak, vulnerable. 

"HEY!" I shouted stopping straight in my tracks causing Tomlinson to stop bumping into me, "Stop the staring and get BACK to work. NOW!" 

There was loud shuffling as people got back to their desks, I continued to stare them down until the familiar sound of the tapping of computer keys prevailed. I looked back at Tomlinson whose face gave away more than his words ever could, he was judging me, but I was honestly past the point of caring. I went into my office slamming the door shut after him.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing here!" I shouted shoving him up against the wall, "Are you stalking me or something? And how dare you embarrass me in front of my workers!" 

"He brings you lillies and bluebells?" Tomlinson responded completely ignoring me, instead gesturing round the room, "Are you serious?" 

"Don't go off topic Tomlinson, what are you even doing in New York? You guys just broke up aren't you supposed to be with your families? Or did you ditch them too?" I continued shouting at him staring at him attempting to catch his stare, but his mind was obviously wondering elsewhere,

"You honestly get him to buy you the flowers that I bought for you? You think I don't remember your 16th birthday?" a chuckle escaped his lips as he continued, "And you think you're over me..." 

"Stop being a fucking dick and look at me!" I shouted, 

"I'm not going to look at you," he chuckled averting his gaze to the ground, "I just can't..."

"Why can't you look at me?" I said shoving him again, "Grow up! Look at me!" 

"I can't look at you Lily..."

"It's Ann," 

"Well sorry to tell you but Ann is sort of a bitch,"

"Well," I began, "Sorry to tell you but Ann isn't a bitch, she's just a bitch to you," 

"She also a bitch to Danny Small Dick?"

"You do not have the right to talk about my fiancé that way," I said pointing my finger at his chest, "I love him,"

"Really? You love him like you loved, maybe even love me?" he asked starting to shuffle his feet round,

"I do not love you." I spat out through gritted teeth, "Let's get that really straight. But yes I do, he makes me a better person and I know that he wouldn't leave me like you did!" 

"You don't get it," he muttered now staring at the sky,

"No I think I understand perfectly," I spat, "You found someone else, prettier and better than me and you ditched me for her. You ditched me because I wasn't good enough. You left me. And I hate you for it. I HATE YOU! What were you even apologising for! Was it sarcastic? What were you sorry for! You didn't even tell me! Two fucking words! TWO WORDS! And I felt like shit! Like absolute shit! Did you not see on the news what you did to me? What you put me through!"

"Would it make you feel better if I said that I missed you? That I regretted what I did?"

"Yes!" I shouted still trying to capture his gaze, "It would make me feel fucking better!"

"THEN FEEL BETTER!" I took a step back as his eyes finally met mine, in that single moment it was almost as if it was 5 years ago, his eyes were glazed over and seemed tired but somehow they still managed to captivate me, softening my expression and uncrossing my arms but when he spoke I was snapped out of my trance returning to my previous stance, "Because I felt so shit for what I did to you. I honestly can't count how many times I came to your apartment and couldn't work up the gut to knock on your door. And I was apologising because I didn't come, I did actually come, I came early. But then I just felt so overwhelmed, thinking of what could happen if we got back together and honestly the cons outweighed the pros and even though it was so terrible, I left you and I couldn't think of anything to justify my decision, only that I was sorry." 

I opened my mouth to say something but I couldn't, all that came out were choked coughs and strained squeaks. I closed my mouth nodding my head up and down in an attempt to not cry and further smudge my makeup. I looked down the ground breathing in and out quickly. When I flicked my head up I had a sharp intake of breath not realizing how close Tomlinson had gotten to me, his chest was pressed against mine, mine against his as I looked up at him, 

"Because I miss Lily. I miss her. And I think that I would do absolutely anything to get her back and I just got to know, is Lily, is my Lily still in there?"

I gulped quite audibly before responding, "No. No she's not. She died along with my heart two years ago,"

"It-It kills me," he whispered slowly raising his hand to hover over my cheek, "Knowing that I'm so, so close." 

It took all my willpower to whip his hand away from me and walk away from him towards the door of my office,

"Well, if it kills you so much, maybe you would like to join her."

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